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Britney Boys - She Ain't Preggers, Y'all

11/29/2007 9:23 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

All that kerfufflin' yesterday that Britney Spears had a lil' bun in the oven? Not true, say two guys who should know.

One is the guy who is supposedly the baby daddy, music producer J.R. Rotem, who tells People, "There is absolutely no truth to this." Then there's ever-present manager-guy Sam Lufti, who sent a text message to Ryan Seacrest's KIIS-FM radio show with this response: "B.S. Don't know who made it up. J.R. doesn't even know what's up. It's fake. Completely fake."

It's unclear what Britney had to say about all this.

No Sparks for "Idol" Winner on Charts

She's not playing the Juniors section of her local Dillard's, but it might not be too far off for Jordin Sparks.

The latest "American Idol" champ unveiled her new self-titled album this week, and it was the weakest "Idol"-winner debut yet, with just 119,000 units sold, reports MTV. Kelly Clarkson did nearly 300K, landing at number one, while Ruben Studdard did 416,000, also tops. Even Ol' Grey Hair Taylor Hicks ('memba him?) sold 298,000 albums. Jordin's release opens at number ten, behind even "High School Musical 2," which has been out for months.

Party Favors: Xtina to Paris – It's OK ... Love Engaged ... Charlie Sheen is Problematically Dull

Christina Aguilera doesn't seem overly miffed that Paris Hilton spilled her baby beans last month. "People thought I was trying to keep it this big, bad secret, and that's not the case at all," she tells Marie Claire. And, oh yeah, the chan-tease poses nude in all her gravid glory. ... Jennifer Love Hewitt (yes, her) is engaged to actor Ross McCall, reports ... Charlie Sheen got his fiancée, Brooke Mueller, all hot and pissed off last week, reports the Palm Beach Post, when he kept her waiting for dinner for an hour and a half, while on vacation in South Florida, and spent their vacay mostly watching sports on TV. Men.


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HOW GROSS!!!!!! Who wants to see that?C A needs some clothes

2518 days ago

New York    

Of course Charlie was watching sports the entire time he was on vacation - that's what pathetic, compulsive gamblers do.

2518 days ago

Brit is pregnat - oh no she is not.

Brit isw adopting - oh no she is not.

Brit went to the bookstore -opps we mean starbucks.


Brit stopped at Harvs house - he wasnt home though.

2518 days ago


TMZ; If you are going to use Southern terminology, please learn it and stop making stuff up. I am a 50-year-old MS native. Britney grew up on the MS/LA state line. Kerfluffin' is not a word I have evr seen or heard.
If yo're going to do soemthing, at least do it right.
We southerners are going to get enough of this BS soon-and that's a lot of readers you'll lose.

2518 days ago


Britney's own camp and Sam Lufti her manager probably started the pregnancy rumors in the first place. The two of them are always seeking the most public places so the paparazzi can follow them and have their photos taken and create the fiasco frenzy for publicity and money. I agree, American Idol is getting old and passe. I wish Christina Aguilera all the luck in the world with her future baby. She is one of just a handful of top music stars that have some class ie--Alicia Keys and Beyonce.

2518 days ago


I think it is a dosgrace and both of them should be ashamed of themselves. These celebrities do ANYTHING for money. Even if it will embaress their kids in the future. I never liked her anyway. She put latinos down doing this.

2518 days ago

Merry Christmas    

Jordan should have NEVER won. The proof is in the pudding!

2518 days ago


#5 and #23.

Agreed.... Pregnancy is a personal, beautiful, and wonderful time for most women and should be kept in the family environment. I do not understand why these stars feel the need to display their pregnant and nude bodies to the world! Proudly bearing one's womb to the world does not attest to how great a mother the woman will be once the womb delivers, i.e. look at Britney Spears, et al.

2518 days ago


Britney is a disgrace, why keep wasting ink and paper on her?

Jordin Sparks put her CD out at the right time, just had less viewers. Last year's winner put his CD out after a 3rd place idol. Idol winners should go first before the others and Jordin did. American Idol is not getting viewers like before, people are fed up with the all the red tape and bs that goes on.

2518 days ago

Susan B    

Christina looks JUST GROSS............. why would she such a cheap shot?

2518 days ago

Susan B    

Christina has a fat ass disgusting.

2518 days ago


Cristina YOUUUUUUUU ARE A SICK................,,,THAT'S NASTY !!!!

2518 days ago


2 things:

1) Slutney Spears is a RETARD. I've never seen so many awkward & ugly pictures taken of one person in my entire life. God, she just doesn't know how to get graceful. Please stop taking pictures of her, TMZ.

2) Enough with celebrities thinking "I'm pregnant, so I have to show off my body". YUCK. My eyes are already damaged with pictures of dorky slutney; please, for the love of god, no more pics of knocked up chicks.

2518 days ago


Well I must say that #14 is very smart. We "are" all ready for the next season of American Idol now, and she "is" very bland. So y didn't anyone bring up race this time as you all usually do???? Is it because Fantasia did so well, so "you couldn't pull the race card this time". --Ha Ha.

2518 days ago


This is getting too much here... First Britney is pregnant, then her "handler" Sam says its BS... then you hear that Britney is "Furious" and is thinking about suing the tabloid that printed the story about her being pregnant... then she tells x17 that she is mad that they are saying that she is pregnant with JR Rotem's spawn, when She is pregnant with KFed's twins..... I have a novel idea, why dont all 3 of them, Sam, Rotem, and Britney put their heads together and get their stories straight.. I feel Britney should work more on getting her life together instead of all this gossip crap...

2518 days ago
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