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Ex-Fiancee to Helio: Lights, Camera, Split!

11/29/2007 1:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ooh, snap! The split between "Dancing With the Stars" champ Helio Castroramalamadingdong and ex-fiancee Aliette Vazquez is getting good!

Sources connected to the couple tell TMZ that the reason the duo split was simple -- Helio "went Hollywood!" We're told his newfound "fame" was too much for his longtime gal, who just couldn't deal. As his popularity grew, so did his ego! That's when Aliette alley-ooped and hit the road.

We're told she is much happier and "over him." Our spies saw her selling her jewelry line yesterday at the swank Biltmore Hotel in Miami.

We've heard she's waltzing on with her life.


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honestly, i don't think helio could ever "go hollywood". personally i don't think he seems like the kind of person who could get pulled into that kind of thing, he's just to nice! and honestly, i don't think he's doing anything with julianne, she's 19! what is he, like 30??? i dunno, it also seems weird that they were going out for 6 years and nothing happened, that should tell you something.... just my opinion...

2527 days ago


He is aBrazilan....they are alll gay, like most men that can! DOH!

2527 days ago


Helio is so extremely talented & unique with an amazing natural flare for the dance, very hard working with a tremendous happy personality, bubbley, enjoying life! I admire him immensely! Give him credit where credit is due! His dancing was absolutely magnificent, so get off his back. Let him have his 15 minutes of fame, he deserves a lot more! He has it all as a racecar driver and now a champion dancer, well deserved! Not enough people like him as he earned it all himself unlike many others! I would really enjoy seeing more of his dancing.

2527 days ago



2527 days ago


Not celebrities??? Win Indy twice, that's more than famous. Remember athletes are pretty well known, Helio is only WORLD famous! Racers have the biggest egos of all, goes with the fear factor.

2527 days ago


I love the "sources close to the couple". Yeah, they would be giving TMZ the scoop.
You're all making assumptions about something you know nothing about
including TMZ!!!!
How the xxxk do you know what these two people are thinking??
Don't make me laugh. What a bunch of losers.

2527 days ago

Mr Prove it    

I just hate it when people "assume" things without any proof. Whether there is anything going on between Helio and Julianne is pure speculation.

2527 days ago


Helio won dancing with the stars cause he is that good He is a great race car driver and now he can dance Come on people get off his case

2527 days ago



hit me up Aliette !!!!!!!

2527 days ago


It's nobody's business what went on in Helio's life and nobody knows for sure what kind of relationship they had. Maybe she's the jealous type or maybe he's a player who knows. Bottom line is they are all going back to their normal lives and who knows what will happen . I guess the media will stay on top of that!!!

2527 days ago


I doubt he went Hollywood, In his sport he is a superstar with all the money, fame,attention a person can have. I think he got a little to cozy with his dance partner.IMO

2527 days ago


I have been to nearly every Indy 500 race since 1965 and I have personally met hundreds of Indy drivers over the years. Helio ranks near the top as the best and he is a fan's driver. He has been the best driver for Indy racing and Indianapolis that has ever come along. If you listened closely he thanked the fans in Indy for voting for him many times and knowing him I knew he would put 110 percent into trying to win DWTS. I believe the trouble with his ex-fiance started long before DWTS. Anyone here saying this was his 15 minutes of fame on DWTS does not know Indy racing. He is far more famous than any dancing show but it has never gone to his head. That smile is genuine and he takes the time to talk to the fans unlike many other drivers. He took the time to talk to my son, daughter, son-in-law and all three of my grandchildren while signing the autographs they wanted so badly. We hope he never goes to NASCAR and are looking forward to his return to the 2008 Indy 500. That personality that you see is the real thing.

2527 days ago


Guess he didn't give her enough spending money this week.

Way to go Helio, you deserved to win and you are one heck of a race car driver. By the way, we all know you are the one who said bye bye.......she will be fine and hook up with another rich guy. Earnhardt 's still eligible....yuk.

2527 days ago


I watched the whole season of DWTS and thought that Helio & Julianne were awesome! Marie was terrific too, and I mainly voted for her! I also do not feel she "faked" her fainting spell!!! Helio was my next choice and I say more power to them, they did great and they deserve the championship! Alliette sadly could not handle the pressure of him being away from her side, and I also think she had been considering breaking the engagement off long before DWTS & Julianne even entered the picture!

Helio & Julienne, GREAT JOB and don't pay any attention to these naysayers! it was a huge pleasure to watch you both dance and win! CONGRATULATIONS, HELIO!! =^.^=

2527 days ago


to #10 "forgot something" - and you know this for a fact HOW??? Apparently you have forgotten that you just can't say something like that w/o having proof - believe it's called slander - was it so important for you to comment here that you just mouthed off w/the first thing that entered your mind? Be careful what you say - it just may come back and haunt you in the form of a lawsuit.

2527 days ago
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