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Avril Lavigne -- The New Britney?

11/30/2007 12:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Last year at this time, it was Britney who was enjoying some panty-free nights with Paris Hilton ... now it's Avril?

TMZ caught the wannabe punk last night at Hyde, Goa and Villa, where she exclaimed, "I have no underwear on!" and then we spotted her later -- chatting with Paris in the back of an SUV.

Avril at least kept what little dignity she has -- by not actually flashing the goods.


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Wow, just when you thought there were no more real women in the world. I love it. I'm so tired of prudish, sweater wearing, conservative, little girls. I hope she had her heels on with the commando look. Avril, stay away from the prudes, you have the goods, show them off, you only have one life, go for it!

2517 days ago


Avril has always been a no talent brat..seems to me that Paris is perfect for her

2517 days ago


Wasn't Paris dating Avril's husband? Sick....

2517 days ago


It sounds like A vril was being sarcastic when she said the "no panties" thing.

2517 days ago


I'm no old fart, fuddy-duddy (Okay, so maybe I am ~ "fuddy-duddy?" ) ~ but you guys (meaning, TMZ) really do need to get a life.

Harvey, I've seen you filling in for Larry King a few times, and I think you do a swell job. Though, I've never felt Larry set the bar very high for aspiring talk show hosts. In fact, the next time I hear Larry King ask or say something original or intriguing, it'll be the first.

But that's beside the point.

Here's the reason I'm writing: Harvey, it's obvious to me you're a smart guy. I mean, I'm fairly certain you didn't start this gig for your health.

Unless, that is, one's health can be measured by how fat their bank account has grown. No doubt, yours is morbidly obese by now. Again, beside the point. Mea culpa?

My concern is with the "dumbing down of America."

It's bad enough we've had a President the last six years who, though he's been described by some as an extremely intelligent guy, all evidence observed thus far clearly indicates the opposite. You know, "No Child Left Behind" is working, says GW, because records show that, "... childrens do learn."

It really bothers me that an entire generation apparently sees the stars of your realm, the Britneys, Lindseys, Nicoles and The Paris Hilton as, GOD HELP US ALL ~ role models.

Now, I understand that you folks don't necessarily do anything to put these women (or other pseudo-celebs) on a pedestal, per se, but that doesn't seem to figure into the equation anyhow.

Evidently, in our "American Idol" celeb-obsessed culture, being famous, be it for 15 minutes or even 15 seconds (Yoo hoo, YouTube?) really and truly is the ONLY THING THAT MATTERS.

The message to America's kids is clear, whether it is intended or not...

"Get your mug on TV, kid. Or the internet. Whatever it takes, just get the exposure. Because frankly, it's better to be famous for a day and, let's say, get killed in a spectacular car crash before you're thirty... than never to have been famous at all."

A recent study out of Princeton revealed two things about today's young people. The first one didn't surprise me. It was, that American youth, as defined by those between the ages 14-28, are the least well-informed and educated generation of Americans in the last 100 years. No big shock, at least to me.

The second finding, however, is not only shocking, but disheartening beyond comprehension. Again, for ME.

That conclusion was that even though there is this huge void in the minds of these young people regarding their knowledge of current events and a grasp of recent as well as past history of this country and the world as a whole...

Even armed with the understanding that they are, in practical terms, the most ignorant generation of Americans since the early 1900's, or Generation Duh, I suppose one might call them...

The kicker is: THEY KNOW that THEY DON'T KNOW (stuff!). They also know that the sum total of stuff they don't know is vast, and covers every subject from basic science to being able to locate Iraq on a globe.

They just DON'T CARE that they DON'T KNOW.

"No biggie, right? I mean, WHAT-ever, dude."

They appear to lack even the most instinctual curiosity about life. The innate capacity and desire to learn what it is they don't know already.

That, to me, is the saddest thing I've come across in quite a while.

Look, I'm not trying to say that TMZ is the root cause of the dumbing down of America. I can't fault you for wanting to make a buck. That's what made this country great, right?

And if pandering to "the illiterati" and shoveling empty calories into the mouths of the willfully ignorant is the best way (or the only way, perhaps) for you to support your loved ones, hey ~ so be it. I mean, the appetite of these people is insatiable, they can't get enough of this crap, am I right?

Hey, look ~ I know exactly what you're thinking: "If Harvey Levin doesn't do it, you can rest assured that someone else will. That's... a no-brainer."

Yeah, you're right. I reckon it is, huh?

2517 days ago


This has to mean that Paris is obviously bi-sexual. She wants all her female friends to be less than dressed so she can have her way with them whenever the time's right.

2517 days ago


Hmmm okay how "cool" does she sound yelling "I have no underwear on!"....freaking idiot. It's like being famous gives you a license to be an idiot.

2517 days ago


you lay with dogs you get up with fleas

2517 days ago


Ha! She was probably being sarcastic, fully expecting exactly what was written in the article...and by others.

2517 days ago


People this dumb shouldn't be rich!

2517 days ago


Yet another attention whore and an ugly one at that.

2517 days ago


I don't think anyone besides April LaVene or her publicists and some skateboard geeks truly think of her as sexy. Are you kidding?

2517 days ago


Hey we have no right to judge because nobody really knows.
Its hard out here for everybody, but its extra hard for these hoes.
Ya know?
Please give these Bs a break! Let em do what they do.

2517 days ago

Ron J.    

When you lay with dogs, you're bound to catch fleas!!!!!!!!

2517 days ago


This April whatever always claimed to be rebellious and alternative.

But for all of her vicous criticism of Britney Spears (wow, real tough kicking a train wreck when its down)

-she basically copied Britney-Christina-Jessica-Mandy-Paris-Nicole-Lindseys' stripper look.

She's so sell-out that she was on "Dancing with the Stars" two weeks ago.

Total phony.

2517 days ago
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