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Avril Lavigne -- The New Britney?

11/30/2007 12:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Last year at this time, it was Britney who was enjoying some panty-free nights with Paris Hilton ... now it's Avril?

TMZ caught the wannabe punk last night at Hyde, Goa and Villa, where she exclaimed, "I have no underwear on!" and then we spotted her later -- chatting with Paris in the back of an SUV.

Avril at least kept what little dignity she has -- by not actually flashing the goods.


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I cannot believe I'm saying this but this is the first time ever that I have felt bad for Paris. She's really desperate to hang in there if she's with April What's-her-name.

April copied Christina Aguilera's look but she actually looks like that middle-aged country singe, Lee Ann Womack. April hit the wall EARLY.

2519 days ago


April Lavene looks like Nicole Kidman's OLDER sister.

2519 days ago


I can't stand her. I hope her non-career ends soon.

My generation had great talented sexy singers who at the ages of all these bimbos - Beyonce, Rianna, April LaVene, Christina, Britney , Jessica, Brandy were making awesome music. None of these talentless tramps will ever be like Linda Ronstadt, Pat Benatar, Stevie Nicks, Cher, Donna Summer, Olivia Newton-John, Diana Ross, Gladys Knight or Heart. Even Madonna and Janet Jackson and Cyndi Lauper were better.

I feel bad of this generation.

2519 days ago


to be young and stuipd one day years from now she wont know the young lady who wore no bloomers she will look in the mirrow and shock will take her on to the chest or drawers and she will not only ware panties she will were a panty sheild lol

2519 days ago


All you people in here need to lighten up!!!!!!!!!! Cant anyone take a joke anymore????
Geezshhhhh!!!! I guess every one of you in here are perfect. Get a life all of you and stop spouting out what you think people should or shouldnt do. Who made you people in here Gods gift to the world???? Start looking at your own lives, and at the mistakes youve made, unless you are perfect stop criticizing other people. We live in the land of the free remember. If Avril wants to shout out at the top of her lungs that she isnt wearing any panties, it's her right of free speech to do so. Just like its your right to add your stupid comments in this blog. Grow up and leave other people alone. Mind your own p's and Q's so to speak.

2519 days ago


Hey-hey .. you-you .. I don't got no panties .....

2519 days ago


So now Avril Lavigne is suddenly washed up? Funny, wasn't she just at the American Music Awards a couple of weeks ago? How is that "washed up"?

2519 days ago

Russell T. Nyfe    

No PANTIES is better looking than GRANNY PANTIES. I like my women white trashy,skanky, and willing to be themselves no matter what others think. You Go Girl !!

2519 days ago


did anyone else notice that whoever hangs out with paris hilton becomes a cookoo druggie?

lyndsay lohan, britney spears, nicole ritchie...these are only a FEW examples...

2519 days ago


I am totally sick of reading about ignorant females, either over paid, with little talent, or those just lucky enough to inherent it, party, get drunk, do drugs and then announce, "I have no underwear on.". Wtf cares? If this is AOL's idea of news, bye AOL. And thanks for tanking my stock.

2519 days ago


DFB, and your life is? Sorry, but drinking, using drugs, etc. is NO joke to me. Maybe you need take off the rose colored glasses and see that sick world for what it is. BTW, you commented.

2519 days ago

Ci Ci    

Great... I used to respect Avril but now? Spending her time with the no-class, spoiled, uneducated, trashy Paris is a huge disappointment.

2519 days ago


AOL - this is worth posting, and WHY? It's pure trash.

2519 days ago


Whopeee! Kelly Clarkson doesn't wear underwear either. She has admitted it several times. I think it's digusting. Don't they care about hygiene??

2519 days ago


i saw her on dancing with the stars..she stinks...

2519 days ago
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