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Two Teenagers, Man Detained in Taylor Murder Case

11/30/2007 2:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

sean taylorMiami-Dade detectives are questioning three people in connection with the murder of football star Sean Taylor.

According to the Miami Herald, the suspects include two teenagers and a man in his 20s who are all from Fort Myers, Fla. The cops believe the men set up a burglary, after investigators were told that they bragged about the football star's money.

Miami-Dade police did confirm that they have investigators on the case in Lee County.


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ESPN said that they "overheard" a guy who put in an intrustion alarm at his house bragging about how much he had. Little WANKSTA'S took it from there.

2488 days ago


from reports that i have read the local police did not have anyone.if this info is true then i hope they can get something from them,a confession would b nice.

2488 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Florida, sharpen up your needles, that is unless you want them to go to jail for a few years and then come out angrier, better trained, and more dangerous!

2488 days ago

Andy H    

They should die and I had a blast with Sean. He is/was a nice guy, and he loved the game and the fans. RIP 21 We love you man..

2488 days ago


That comment you sorry sacks removed from earlier was RIGHT ON IT & anyone with a clue & the mind & ability to admit & confront the truth TOTALLY & COMPLETELY get that. The only thing I would disagree with in their statement was that "black on black crime is much more prevelant than white on black crime" - it is actually more accurate that black on any race at all crime is much much more prevelant than any other race on black crime....look it up, google it, ask ANY law enforcement officer (I am one)- it is the indisputable truth - everywhere in this country. sad, hurtful, shameful but still true.

2488 days ago


I used to work for the Redskins. I hope whoever did this burns in hell for all eternity!

2488 days ago



2488 days ago

equal opportunity offender    

"Lovely Me " you must be new to TMZ... im sorry but your words me nothing to the ones that make rude comments... suck it up or leave.. thats your choices in this situation... people make rude comments here... that show it goes.

2488 days ago


to #16 - kat - do you seriously think that the rate of black on black crime is
actually in any way, shape or form law enforements fault? that
sounds exactly like that meathead rampage saying Sean bled to death
because they (EMTs) were slow to respond intentionally because the
caller was black (HIS term - not mine) - do you realize you have
placed yourself on the same level as that dumbass!! & it has since
been revealed that the person making the call wasnt even african
american - now who is the ignorant one(s)? That is not taking the
responsibility to help fix the problem, like you so adamantly assert
your wishes to be in your comment. So why dont you & lovely put the
malcolm x flags away & actually work at putting some real effort into
helping to solve this hugely understated problem. Volunteer at
boys/girls clubs in anti-gang programs in your neighborhoods, work
the shelters, volunteer for church related outreach programs - DONT
JUST TALK IT & PREACH IT - WALK IT & LIVE IT - if not - you are part
of the reason why it is like it is & you validate the reality behind
the stereotypical perceptions people of all races have.

2488 days ago


Rap /hiphop robbed him!!!!!

2488 days ago



Didn't I say that Black on Black crime was a serious issue and up to us (Black people) to correct it? And the truth is the truth whether you like it or not. Law enforcement simply does not respond in the same manner to Black on white crime. It's treated as if it were an outrageous sin and a shame for Black to victimize white people but not so outrageously sinful and shameful for a Black person to be victimize by ANYONE of another race. (Jena, LA) We as Black people know it. We live it everyday. Say what you want but when Black kids turn up missing police say tell the families they probably ran away. When white children turn up missing, they get Amber alerts, CNN and Bill O'Reilly. Don't believe all the hype in the media. Not all Black people are bad, not gangsters, not murderous rappers, not unemployed, not welfare queens and not racists. Oops! But I could probably say the same thing about white people, too! Yep, as a matter of fact, I can. think.on.this.IF.U.CAN, Jr!

2488 days ago


Black on Black crime its a shame

2488 days ago


Yup - you sure can say that about white people, kat - the majority are not! go ahead - ask that cop in LA that commented about the ratio of race on race crimes committed - maybe he'll tell you the reason you dont hear about even a minority of all the outrageous # of crimes resulting in doa'd or missing "peeps" is cause there just arent enough minutes in the damn day or night to report all that, even a fraction of them - I live in a Chicago suburb & if they reported every time someone got shot in a ghetto neighborhood - we wouldnt ever catch the weather news cause there just wouldnt be time left in the day or night for ANY OTHER NEWS - maybe - just maybe that is why you dont hear about it as much as when it happens to any other race - it's just not that constant or continuous. Otherwise, ya just might. That is not because George Bush or any other race or class of person hates any other race or class, it is simply because that is the real world millions of somebodies just like these thugs have worked so diligently creating. Imagine if just 1/4 of this effort was put towards positive activities by these very same millions of people, what kind of difference it would make in the way the whole world sees & feels it - only a change in action will ever change these views, which are truly, solely based on these continuous types of events. You should look into putting your resentment about this to good use somewhere else girlfriend, IF.U.CAN.

2488 days ago


This is so sad.

There was a guy where I live that murdered his family and was caught because he was bragging about it at a local restuarant and a woman overheard him and called the cops. It was the ex-husband of the wife that was murdered. People are nuts - it is scary.

2488 days ago


How about white on white crimes. You know the ones where the stupid white guy kills his wife? And who's in the news right now, some white cop who has kill YET ANOTHER WHITE WIFE. They say he has killed more than one wife.

And how about the little white girl over in the united kingdom who is missing. They say her white mother and father killed her.

This stuff happens every freaking day but no one calls it what it is, WHITE ON WHITE CRIMES.

This country is so racist.

2488 days ago
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