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Hulk to Linda -- Pay Your Own, Woman!

11/30/2007 12:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hulk Hogan wants to put a headlock on his own assets -- and doesn't want estranged wife Linda sponging off him. Back off brother!

The Hulkster filed a petition yesterday in the couple's divorce battle, reports Florida's Herald-Tribune, in which he says that Linda can support herself -- and should help support their minor son, 17-year-old Nick. What's more, he thinks that Nick can decide for himself which parent he wants to live with, but Linda has requested that Nick's primary residence be hers.

Nick's primary residence could end up being somewhere else altogether -- he's facing charges of reckless driving after the Aug. 26 crash that left his friend, John Graziano, in a vegetative state.


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2498 days ago


lmao at # 12 Beth the Bounty Huntress

2498 days ago


Where's Britney Harv?

2498 days ago


i think nick's proven he's not capable of deciding/making the right decision about anything.

2498 days ago

Jen R    

Good Job Hulk! She has been sponging off of you for years!

2498 days ago


Fly on the wall

will explain ALL ABOUT what TMZ stands for.

2498 days ago

death on a cracker    

Linda is one leg drop aways from looking at the lights.....

whacca gonna do BROTHER when the Orange Goblin come crashing down on YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2498 days ago


stands and claps for # 6

2498 days ago


Wow- that''s a bummer, Hulkster;

Still, you're having a better day than John Graziano, huh?

By the way- since you're no longer funding your wifes Beverly Hills shopping sprees, why not step up and BE A MAN and pay for John's stay at a private facility, like you promised?

Or are you still too busy buying beer and partying?


2498 days ago


Linda needs to grow up. She is out drag racing young kids like she is a teenager, and this, right after her son (Nick) crippled someone for the rest of his life. She is 46 years old not 16. She got a bit of stardom and now wants to dump the very person who gave her fame. (What a Bag). She wears so much makeup she looks like a troll. Linda, why don't you grow-up? You are nothing! I know you and Brooke think you are the-cats-meow, but you too are the only one (Linda is ugly) Brooke is Boy Crazy and Nick is one spoiled brat who needs to pay for what he has done. No one feels sorry for him. He needs to go to jail and Linda needs to pay her own way. Go Hulk!
Yes I am a female and Linda makes us all look bad (As females)

2498 days ago


She can get her lazy ass out and find a job to support herslf and that loser son.

2498 days ago

Insert comical name here    

Good about the money and Linda, too funny about NIck....He already decided where he'll be living when he drank, drove, raced and it wasn't a luxury estate with either overindulgent parent. Time for a actual reality show for Linda and Nick. I doubt Hulk will get to keep his money in the end though.

2498 days ago


I'm sure with all of the steroids that Hulk has taken over the years that he has no libido.
That's why he was so jealous of Linda when she hired that young bodybuilder dude to train her. He was scared that the young gun was packing heat.

2498 days ago


This is sad but i’m on TEAM HULK. He was a loving husband and I hope and pray the will work this situation out someday.

Nick and Brooke have to be divestated since they only know their parent together. When the meet the new significant others that is going to be hard.

To the poster that said he is not going to support his children anymore...No way in hell, he loves those kids and we can all see it.

They are going to be in Court a lot over the next year with the Divorce and Nick.

2498 days ago

paddle pusher    

too old farts, don't do it anymore, you annoy me, let's say goodbye, I only stay for the money and I do not have to live with you and smell your farts to get the money. So GOOD Buy HULKSTER and I do mean a good BUY.

2498 days ago
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