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To All the Haters: Jennifer Loves Her Body!

12/1/2007 4:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Love Hewitt would love to focus on nothing but her recent engagement -- instead of focusing on the ghastly whispering about her butt. Alas, it's her ass that's on everyone's mind.

Recent photos of JLH looking ... um ... a tad fleshier than usual have Love fighting mad. She posted a blog on her site this week that says, "I've sat by in silence for a long time now about the way women's bodies are constantly scrutinized. To set the record straight, I'm not upset for me, but for all of the girls out there that are struggling with their body image ... Like all women out there should, I love my body."

If you say so.


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There's not one thing wrong with that butt.........just missing me from the rear.

2455 days ago


Holy Cow! That's one humongous ASS! Kirstie Alley and Taira Banks have nothin to fear. Yikes.

2455 days ago


She is clinically obese - that is far too much body fat ... exercise 30-50 minutes a day & crave it - that is love for the body - keep bodyfat @ 12% or so for super fit women.

Too many carbs & fat & no exercise "love the body" fantasy - & you'll be obese in no time.

She used to say her "boobs had a career of their own" - now it is her fat ugly unhealthful giant backsiden that is takin' her for a low class ride.

2455 days ago


If her boyfriend really loved her he should get her a gastric bypass, tummy tuck, or liposuction for Christmas.

2455 days ago

name withheld    

Ewww, I can't believe there are actually men on this thread commenting about her cellulite!

I can imagine the epitome of your lives.

Jennifer Love Hewitt is and always has been a lovely actress and will continue to be successful. She has a positive outlook and loving support that make her stronger than some filthy stolen private photographs.

Trust me, women don't give a crap about their cellulite when they have the love of their lives with them.

2455 days ago


Jennifer, Good for you...
BTW, Your a great looking woman, mind, body and spirit.

2455 days ago


eNewsflash - entertainment people are paid zillions for tiny amounts of "work" - the least they can do is stay buffed out as show people - and yes as a public person paid for by fans she'll be justly mocked to hell & back for that super ugly backside.

I try to stay super buffed because the body is a divine gift on loan so to speak.

2455 days ago


jj, you are fat, I am sure, maybe a size 10. Or is it bigger and your target is a size 10? Mark you are a woman trapped in a mans body. FIbiker, you are funny, keep it coming.......

Oh, and she is a fat pig, not Jennifer, but jj. You should see how big the prints are she leaves at the beach!!!!

2455 days ago

Susan B    

okay, then lets promote obesity.........if Jennifer doesn't want others talking about her fat ass, then she needs to cover it.

2455 days ago


At least she balances out and isn't just top or bottom heavy.

2455 days ago


It's a shame that all fat woman have to feel obligated to speak out about their body - it's amazing how much low self esteem this curling assazoid has... that's just to bad. Woman - get over it... from the start of time - us men like a curl with a bubble ass.. (that doesn't mean big) look it up.. it just means with curves and that does mean.. yes, that does mean curves but with a nice and toned (but not overly toned body).... GET OVER IT... you know what we like.. stop trying to defend your patheticism - work out, run, watch what you eat - it's not hard.. and who likes super model bodies? I don't get why those always refer to the waif type models... I dont' know one man that likes those bodies either... get a clue dumb whores.. learn, live and do it. work out, eat right.. not tough.

2455 days ago


Whoever did the copy for this was as degrading as can be and should be ashamed. Women have more worth than their looks.

2455 days ago


Some of you peeps out there need to shut yer pie holes. As far as I am concerned Jen is beautiful and Jen Jen's body IS still a WONDERLAND. Lord knows I'd travel up and down her valleys.

2455 days ago


Uh, guys, while you are all at it cutting Jennifer down, also note that women don't like fat out of shape guys either, so keep yourselves toned, don't let your butts get flat and try real hard not to let that gut hang over your belts.

2455 days ago

Lone Texan    

Is Jennifer alergic to silence? After she "sat in silence" there seems to be some swelling...

2455 days ago
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