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To All the Haters: Jennifer Loves Her Body!

12/1/2007 4:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Love Hewitt would love to focus on nothing but her recent engagement -- instead of focusing on the ghastly whispering about her butt. Alas, it's her ass that's on everyone's mind.

Recent photos of JLH looking ... um ... a tad fleshier than usual have Love fighting mad. She posted a blog on her site this week that says, "I've sat by in silence for a long time now about the way women's bodies are constantly scrutinized. To set the record straight, I'm not upset for me, but for all of the girls out there that are struggling with their body image ... Like all women out there should, I love my body."

If you say so.


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Brentwood Baby    

Jennifer, you look gorgeous. Please stay vocal about women's body issues. I have a fantastic looking 20 year old daughter who struggles with being a size 4 in a world trying to sell her size 0. it is crazy. You are divine perfection.

2455 days ago


Great Jennifer! I think you look fine. I love my body too! Everyone is not meant to look
like Kate Moss. Kate is great looking. But, that is not for everyone. Jennifer is by no
means FAT! Please it's good to have some curves to show off. JMO!

2455 days ago


what is wrong with you tmz.
you probably think kate moss and her anorexic behind is "beautiful"
is there anything wrong with women with curves?

2455 days ago


She looks great!

2455 days ago


Next time you want to post an article like this, could you post a slide show of the hideously fat hairy Armenian paparazzi? How about Harvey Levin's pasty doughboy physique?

Go screw yourself, TMZ, you smug little tards.

2455 days ago


I LOVE Jennifers body as well. Marry Me Jennifer!

2455 days ago


Jenn "she looks wonderful" - maybe to you - scary to me if I'm a fiance - she is unhealthful @ that weight & it is an ugly unfit look. Her bodyfat is easily 25%.

Obesity epidemic in the USA & who are these people showing ribs you mention? I don't see them at Golds Gym or anywhere else. 35% USA obese - .005% anorexic.

She should have to sign a pre nup to stay in a certain weight range or all bets are off. I have that in a pre nup - the health & wealth factors to make us a success.

2455 days ago


Shame on you TMZ, for continuing to perpetuate the dangerous and ridiculous idea that all women must come in one size. Jennifer is beautiful, and has a real body. I sincerely hope a woman didn't write this story, because it makes me sick just thinking about it. Thanks for helping to make a the world a little bit better!!!

2455 days ago

Left Coaster    

Her body's a Wonderland (or did you all forget) Ask John Mayer to refresh your memories.

2455 days ago


Great !!! I think we should all aspire to being fat and unattractive!!! Maybe we can all develop diabetes and high blood pressure together. That would be wonderful. Meet me at McDonalds and we can Super Size everything!!!! My grease and animal fat are currently considered trendy and healthy. Oh, and put extra cheese on everything. And please can figure out how to fry butter, I think fried butter on my pancakes with cheese would be wholesome tasty treat. Can we make being obese added to the Presidential Fitness test. Just walk up and have maybe, 50 to 60 percent body fat, catch your breath, and accept your award. Or, maybe the fat hogs posting should order a really big slice of shut the hell up!!!

2455 days ago


JLH looks like most of us with a healthy weight, are very white (I think that's why we're prone to cottage cheese), she's stunning! Inside and out.
Beautiful curves. Small waist. Adorable! She's a true role model.

2455 days ago


Barb is fat too. And very strangely attracted to other fat women..........

2455 days ago


I would really like to see what funhouse mirrors some of these men are looking at themselves in that they think they are still so hot as time goes by and gravity hits their nasty asses! Men age too from potbellies, to saggy asses (that's if they had one in the first place), to hair in their ears but not on their heads. Get over it guys (I won't call you "men" because real men see beauty in real women even after age takes its toll), and grow up. Beauty is more than just looks but you ignorant fools are too stupid and BORING to see that. Enjoy your beer in your Lazy Boy all by yourselves.

2455 days ago

Chuck Collins    

I'd tap that!!!

2455 days ago


Jocelyn is fat too, and strangely not attracted to men, except maybe those in the nursing home.

2455 days ago
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