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To All the Haters: Jennifer Loves Her Body!

12/1/2007 4:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Love Hewitt would love to focus on nothing but her recent engagement -- instead of focusing on the ghastly whispering about her butt. Alas, it's her ass that's on everyone's mind.

Recent photos of JLH looking ... um ... a tad fleshier than usual have Love fighting mad. She posted a blog on her site this week that says, "I've sat by in silence for a long time now about the way women's bodies are constantly scrutinized. To set the record straight, I'm not upset for me, but for all of the girls out there that are struggling with their body image ... Like all women out there should, I love my body."

If you say so.


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LOL Tom, you're seriously cracking me up with your...'blah blah blah, you're fat too'.
I bet half those chicks you're calling fat who are defending is JLH. She seems really upset about this photo...'bad angle' she says. Show me a better angle JLH. And remember this guy's, the closer to the bone, the sweeter the meat.

Jennifer you taste tough and foul.

2518 days ago


Bravo Jennifer!! You are a beautiful REAL woman. This is what real women look like. A little curvy and bumpy. This is what reality is. She is secure and not vain by changing anything. YOU GO GIRL!!!!

2518 days ago


FIBiker, is correct. All fat chicks get off my planet!!! The earth is tilting way to far on it's axis. Or, maybe we can equally divide the fat chicks between the East and West coast. That would help correct the tilt.................

2518 days ago

Redneck Messiah    

hmmmm....i have the strangest craving for cottage cheese.

2518 days ago


You know what Tommy Boy, I just so happen to be overweight after giving birth to my son who has been raised to see the real beauty in women. I also happen to have an illness that makes it difficult for me to lose weight. I'm also married to a wonderful man who loves me just the way I am and thinks I am gorgeous, just as I do him as HE ages. But do describe yourself physically to all us women because we are dying to know just how perfect and gorgeous YOU are. You are big and tough behind a keyboard but I bet the reality of your manliness just doesn't exist. Thank God there are men other than ones like you or all women would have to be celibate or lesbian. Oh, and It's amazing how when I put out my initial response, I didn't specifically address it to you so why do you feel it was? If the shoe fits-wear it!

2518 days ago


So what if she's probably a size 2 rather than a size 0 right now. Who cares, she not shooting a movie in a swimsuit right now, is she? Throw her in a pair of jeans and you'd never know the difference. She has a naturally womanly body...she looks damn good, it's just a really unflattering photo.

And for the person who said that a woman should be at 12%, you are just stupid. Only female triathletes and gymnasts should be near that level. Then they look all boyish and weird and stop having their periods because they are so malnourished.

2518 days ago


Robincred is FAT too.

2518 days ago


Jennifer has always had large thighs and saddlebags. It is probably a genetic trait. Ya, looks like she may have gain a few pounds, but she isn't fat. Her arms, waistline and tummy are still trim. This is just how her body is. She looks fine.

2518 days ago


"Love" is a beautiful, talented woman....she isn't a girl

she has a woman's body and she inherited a specific body type as did all females

celebrate the body that you are

you can tell by her waist size that she isn't overweight

glad she isn't starving herself like some are

and TMZ's comments should not put a dent in her celebrating her engagement to the man she loves

thrilled for her and her hubby to be!

you go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2518 days ago

College Gal    

Good for her. We all get fat. We all lose weight. Why do we have to be stick thin? Most of these guys making these stupid comments are nerd who jerk off to laura croft on the PC. Like they could ever get a girl in the first place. Ha!! I have big lovely boobs (real) and a nice body. I workout 5 days a week. Sometimes it's not enough!! Some consider me curvy. Some say just right. Women should have curves. Those "boney" chicks are not attractive. Who wants to see ribs? If I wanted to see ribs I would go to Tony Romas. Good for Jennifer!!! You go girl... tell those bastards to kiss your ass!

2518 days ago


Sally is FAT too. Jump Sally, oh wait, you would need a crane.

2518 days ago


Love, I am very proud of you, you grew up under the spotlight and managed to keep your integrity and morals in tact. You did not go the way of the other celebrity women who are in so much trouble today. That only comes from having a good parent(s) who set good examples for you and family members and friends that are truly supportive.
You are a true class act.

2518 days ago


There is nothing wrong with loving your body if you have a good body. She used to have a great body. She is overweight for her height/body frame. She needs to get back into shape. The only people who think she looks good are probably fat themselves.

2518 days ago


Being obesse and read again OBESSE is not good just as being ANOREXIC extremes are never good and she is clearly not obesse, she may have some extra pounds but honestly WHO HASN'T? or who does not have an ugly nose or ugly ears or whatever else????? NOBODY is perfect if not look more closely at yourself or at the ones around you and then you'll see.......even when you look at a thin girl you can also see she doesn't have a very pretty face etc.......everybody has something good and special about them and also something not that good or special......the secret: EMBRACE YOURSELF whatever you look like and if REALLY there is a health problem going on or you are not happy about something then work on it!!!!

2518 days ago

TMZ Hater    

Screw you TMZ. You're the reason there teenage girls all around the world killing themselves because they don't like the way they look, be it from suicide or from bulemia or anarexia. Stop with the sarcastic and negative remarks and begin to praise and encourage others so this world can be that much better.

2518 days ago
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