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Aretha Gets No Respect from Her Stylists

12/3/2007 3:49 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin turned up at the Kennedy Center Honors in D.C. on Sunday, wearing the curtains from the White House music room!
Aretha Franklin
Sporting "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?" makeup, the 65-year-old living legend was draped in an unnatural amount of yellow fabric!

Say a little prayer!


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I thought the "Say a little prayer" comment was clever - until I realized you had the wrong singer! I think that was Dionne Warwick.
And Joseph, #10, you obviously are seriously misinformed about the distinction between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Type 1, or juvenile diabetes, is an autoimmune disease in which all the insulin producing cells in the body have been killed off by the person's own immune system. It has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with diet or lifestyle factors, nor can it be controlled that way - in fact most people with type 1 are UNDERWEIGHT when they are diagnosed. It is also the more serious form of the disease, not some kind of precursor to Type 2 as your comment suggests. Without multiple daily insulin injections these people would lapse into a coma and die within days to weeks. Even with insulin, the disease is very difficult to control. It is such misinformed individuals that can make it so difficult for children with this disease who have to endure comments such as "Oh, you must have gotten diabetes because you ate too much candy."

2484 days ago

Me in GA    

R estaurants

E xtra helpings

S econds

P ile it on

E normus

C alories

T hirds

2484 days ago

What took so long    

Dang Paula! You didn't have to get all serious!

2484 days ago

Lady 87    

I have been seeing her on award shows and she is a Mess in distress in a DRESS! Come on Ree-Ree. In her day she was the GIRL.............. She knows that some of this stuff is just not APPROPRIATE! I WANT TO CONSIDER HER STILL THE QUEEN OF SOUL& NOT THE THING OF SOUL! I AM SURE SHE HAS A MIRROR.......:(

2484 days ago


ewwww. Looks like Linda Blair vomitted all over her.

2484 days ago


You guys remember Christo, the artist that put the yellow umbrellas up the canyon near the Tejon Ranch? I think he gave some of the umbrellas to Aretha and she recycled them as a, well, whatever you want to call it!

2484 days ago


#20, you've traumatized me.

2484 days ago


She's a living legend, rich and a damn good cook.. Let her have fun and live her life.

2484 days ago


I'm from Detroit and am embarrassed for this woman.
She can't even sing well anymore-remember her performance at the Super Bowl in Detroit??

Retire to the farm, girl.....

2484 days ago


Aretha parachuted into the Kennedy Center just in time for the presentation.

2484 days ago


It's a shame because somewhere a Circus is looking for their tent.

2484 days ago


Do you suppose she's wearing a fur thong??

2484 days ago


'Yes ma'am...the sign does say ALL YOU CAN EAT, but we don't allow overnight guests.'

2484 days ago


It's so sad. People see weight only. There is some depression of some sort. I'm sure it's not that easy people, show some compassion where something or someone is not the same as you!

2484 days ago


How sad that we live in such a depraved society that you judge Aretha by her gauzy clothes rather than the talented human being she is. Child abuse is not funny; in some children, they develope "mental illness" ..... yes, what you see in Aretha is what you get when this disability strikes. Aretha and her siblings were abandoned by their mother. She would never again see her mother because her mother died back when Aretha was ten years old. Hence, the destructive, alcohol fueled life-style, and, the chain of pain and suffering for the rest of her life. Here are a few paragraphs about her. Educate yourself and build some compassion:

"Aretha was born March 25, 1942, in Memphis, Tennessee, to Reverend C.
L. Franklin and his gospel singer wife, Barbara (reportedly Mahalia
Jackson's favorite gospel singer). Aretha, her two brothers, and two
sisters moved with their parents first to Buffalo, New York, and then
to Detroit, Michigan, in 1948, where the Rev. Franklin soon developed
a large and devoted following at the New Bethel Baptist Church. When
Aretha was six, her mother left her husband and children. She died
four years later, when Aretha was only ten...The most beloved and
respected members of the African-American community stopped by when
they were in Detroit. The reverend, a powerful and charismatic man,
was a celebrity who associated with other stars, many from the world
of music, including Clara Ward, Mahalia Jackson, Rev. James Cleveland,
the Staples family, Dinah Washington, and Sam Cooke. Rev. Franklin and
his family were also close friends with Dr. Reverend Martin Luther
King, Jr. Whether it was playing piano with her sisters on the back
porch, for guests at home, or at church, Aretha was always singing."

Aretha's Bio, Part II
"While fame tumbled down upon her, Franklin led a personal life of
hardship hidden from the world. Her troubled eight-year marriage to
White ended in 1969, after they had a son, Teddy Jr. That same year
her father was arrested for possession of marijuana and she was
rumored to be drinking heavily, but Franklin did not allow her
personal strife to shut down the hit factory. "Bridge Over Troubled
Water," "Don't Play That Song," "Spanish Harlem" and "Rock Steady"
were just a few of the hits Franklin scored in the early '70s, during
which time she also gave birth to a fourth son, Kecalf, out of
wedlock. "

"After an unforgettable 1987, Aretha backed out of the spotlight in
1988.This was the year that her dear sister Carolyn, her brother and
her manager all died...[March 1999 Grammy Awards] The classical legend
Luciano Pavarotti was ailing during the night of the telecast, so he
couldn't perform his 'Nessun Dorma' piece.Well, the audience was
stunned to see Pavarotti's friend Aretha on stage to perform the opera
standard, and she tore it up!Everyone talked about Aretha, and Eddie
Murphy was so touched by her performance, that he sent a bouquet of

2484 days ago
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