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J.Lo -- Muy Grande!

12/3/2007 2:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Despite sagging record sales and box office flops, Jennifer Lopez is still a huge star!
Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony
The 38-year-old mamacita-to-be, with mousy hubby Marc Anthony at her side, showed off her beautiful, bulging belly at the Movie Rocks concert in L.A. on Sunday. Doing it well!

After months of silence, Jennifer finally admitted she was expecting -- during a Miami concert last month.


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Yall just mad cause she ain't gettin' fat, just big where she's suposta be. Looks great.

2495 days ago


I hate her, always have. She says she is "Jenny from the Block"
Perhaps she should help all her block friends living in the projects and buying dollar store food; I love how celebes forget where they come from. I hope her baby kicks her in the stomach..

She is such an ugly skank no talent. Give it up J-Lo, no movie or album you have done has gone good for you!

2495 days ago


"Yall just mad cause she ain't gettin fat"

What are you, some backwoods, sixth grade drop-out , twit?
Learn to speak English before making an ass out of yourself with your sophmoric comments.

2495 days ago


Although I'm not a Jennifer Lopez fan, I have to admit she is beautiful. I just wish her makeup artist would stop caking on soooo much makeup. I've met her in person with no makeup (or maybe just a little) and she was so naturally pretty. Her makeup is borderline drag queenish.

2495 days ago


she looks great, he looks like he just smoked a fatty...

2495 days ago


I sure hope those kids look like her!!!

2495 days ago

Dog is a racist mutt!    

Very preggo and I hope it works out for her fine and everything, but I still HATE that HORRENDOUSLY CHEESEY, poorly produced, throwback to the 80s 'Doing it Well' commercial that's stinking up the cable signals! That has to be the worst looking video I have seen! Poor costumes, poor sets, crappy dancer vs. dancer bs, lame cookie cutter song, and to top it off, the hand wringing thingie at the end! Sorry J-Lo, you may still look decent, but the 80s are over and so is that look, video, and song!

2495 days ago


He is mousy unbelievable what she saw in him, but oh well

2495 days ago


I think she is lookin very pretty here. Although alittle to much Make up.

2495 days ago


Oh GAWD ! she is so old ! Whats going on ? 40 is the new 14 ? Menopause is the new puberty. Making a new human being inside you then pushing it out through a small hole is a young womans game. Unlike young women these middle age women have to have a full hospital staff just to keep them alive during and after the birth. C-section is not about vainity it's becoming the only way many women can survive child birth after twenty something. The health care cost of middle aged women having children is selfishly destroying health care for the less fortunate. National health care now !

2495 days ago

Not Looking Good...    

Who cares....the pregnancy was a hush hush until Roberto Cavallari spoke out publicy about the challenge of designing maternity costumes for her...So in the end, if she wanted the media to be part of this beautiful event in her life and celebrate with her she would have publicly address it as oppose to hiding and lying about it...So again i say whatever...who cares...I lost all respect for her at that point..

2495 days ago


wow she IS getting big! its almost like these people all of a sudden EXPLODE with the pregnancy belly.....she looks good, though.....good luck ot her!

2495 days ago



I think funneling millions of dollars into the hands of ganster rappers, pro-athletes who like to knife and shoot people, as well as millions of dollars into the pockets of 10-21 year old actors/actresses is the problem with America. Our priorities are all wrong in this country.


2495 days ago

I Love Rock n' Roll    

She much be eating a HELL OF ALOT of tacos and frijoles!

That kid is going to come out with a burrito in its mouth!

Hopefully the kid won't look like him, what a DOG! ------- WOOF, WOOF! LOL!

If he didn't have money bet your ass she wouldn't look at him once let alone screw him. Can you imagine having sex with that guy? What a 2-bagger!

2495 days ago


Tired...and a sad publicity stunt.i bet he's beating the crap outta her every chance he gets.lmao

2495 days ago
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