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Brandy Parties As Clock Ticks

12/3/2007 2:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

More than 11 months after getting into a car crash that killed a mother of two, Brandy was out clubbing again in Hollywood.
The 28-year-old R&B singer hit up Club National on Friday, celebrating brother Ray J's new CD. I still know what you did last year!

The L.A. City Attorney's office has until December 30 -- the one year anniversary of the crash-- to decide whether to file criminal charges against the former "Moesha" star. Brandy could skate just in time to celebrate the New Year. The victim's family -- not so much.


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To #87- You'd sure care if it was your mom who died in the accident- It is human nature to feel remorse for those you've killed....whether by accident or intentionally...

2485 days ago

Just Cruzin Thru    

Oh my people!! There are terrible accidents that happen every day. The person (s) who are involved DO feel badly etc. Brandy has been laying low for quite some time. Just because she was out last night doesn't mean this does not weigh heavily on her. She may be smiling on the outside, but do you think MAYBE she's also crying on the inside? She has to live with the fact she was involved in an accident that killed somebody for the rest of her life. That (from what I'm told) is a very heavy burden to carry. Some of you people act as if she has not been charged because she is a celebrity. I hear of fatal accidents all the time near where I live (YES I live in So. Cal.) where no charges are filed against the driver.

P.S. Doesn anybody believe in forgivness anymore? Is it ALWAYS about the $$$?

2485 days ago


Dude. Not cool to keep bringing that up. Incredibly disrespectful to both families involved. Talk about bad kharma...

2485 days ago


just reading some of these posts makes me wonder, first, why are some of yall focused on Ray J and Kim K, that right there let's me know where some of yall's heads are at, you're worried about other people's sex lives, what' wrong, do yall have one? second, who cares how much money someone have or don't have, if she found to be negligent then she should compensate the family of the deceased ( god bless the dead ) but to wish someone goes to prison is not going to bring back the dead, it doesn't work that way. the reason why charges haven't been filed is because they are trying to determine whether she was negligent which she wasn't because all of you talk on your cell phones when you drive and if you say you don't, you a damn lie!. because if it's wrong to talk while driving i guess all of us are guilty . Brandy could have been killed and i bet TMZ would have been honoring and remembering her. and one more ? are any of yall that's hoping to see brandy go to jail related to the deceased? why are you displaying so much anger over someone you don't know or has ever met? because yall acting like she killed one of yall relatives. yall need to get out of that lynch mob mentality and follow the lord because he is coming soon.

2485 days ago


TMZ when did you become judge and jury?? You guys are IRRESPONSIBLE!! Do you seriously think that the contrite bs you guys write (if thats what your calling it now), is doing society a favor?? You wouldn't give two craps if it was a welfare mom, but you seem to think that because you are 'ratting out' the celebs, your doing the community a favor. Go get a real job!! Your all warts on the a** of humanity.

2485 days ago


She is a goofy looking bitch, reminds me of cartoon! YUCK!

2485 days ago


OK - I have compassion for the guy who lost his wife --- BUT what does he expect Brandy to do?

Does he want Brandy to come to his house and perform "wifely duties" for him now!!??

Leave Brandy alone. If he wants money, her insurance company will pay later. As for now, let her enjoy her YOUTH.

2485 days ago


First of all if you were in the other families shoes you sure wouldn't be expressing yourself that way... first of all yes accidents do accure but for whatever reason she caused it whether she was drunk or sober, she cause someones death. If she wasn't Brandy the Singer and Jane Doe the girl next door she would have been charge with something.... all these famous people, drink and drive, do drugs and nothing ever happens to them. That's not fair for anyone... I think the only reason the family is making an issue out of it because no one is bringing chargers against her for killing a women just because of her status...

2485 days ago


I agree with the last sentence of #89. This does not mean I agree with the entire posting but its one of the few that reflect the inconsistencies of the LA prosecutors office.

This was "reckless driving". Brandy was clearly in the wrong and was inattentive to the road, a violation of the law in ALL of North America. Brandy was the direct cause of this wife and step-mother and must be charged. I'm not advocating jail time, thats up to the judge to determine sentence but Brandy should be charged with, at a minimal "reckless driving".

If the prosecutors office does not lay charges by December 31, Brandy will have, in effect, gotten away with killing someone. She is by definition, not a "killer" but she did cause a death.

I do not suggest she sit at home and have no life, that would be wrong and she is far too young for that but she should show some respect to the spouse of the woman she "accidentally killed" and stay very low key.

I myself will look up the LA Prosecutors office website and send an e-mail requesting why no charges were laid or even a ticket given.

2485 days ago


I doubt she will be charged with anything since she was not drunk and probably not really speeding. It was just a careless moment that turned tragic. I am not making up excuses and my heart goes out to the victim's family but she was not the car that delivered the fatal blow. Let's not pass judgement as this type of situation can happen to anyone at anytime.

2485 days ago


Brandy should be drunk if she is friends with the 2nd guy to the right??? Isn't he a pimp??? Pimp Perry!!!!!! LOL!!!! And RayJ ...look out Brian looks up to something ;)

2485 days ago


It was a tragedy and an accident that Brandy was -- to a degree to be determined -- responsible for. It was not deliberate, aggravated or grossly negligent. She is trying to be strong and face her punishment while going on with her own life, which is frankly her first and foremost responsibility.

2485 days ago


what is she supposed to do sit around the house gosh people it was an accident let her move on with her life if i was someone else there wouldn't be anything said about it that much you act like she's out every night like these other celebrity whores drunk with her ass hanging out for the world to see

2485 days ago


41. I hate her with a passion.

Posted at 2:05PM on Dec 3rd 2007 by BubbleGumPrincess

Ditto !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2485 days ago


This world wouldn't be such a bad place if we all would just live and let live. It's horrible to know that if you get behind the wheel and an accident happens, you should be imprisoned or scrutinized your whole life. Hasn't anyone made a mistake before??? Even something small that humiliated you? It's not like she got in the car & did horrible things!!!!! This should be none of our concern anyway... We are not the family of the Mother that passed. We should be the people STAYING OUT OF WHAT'S NOT OUR BUSINESS!!!!!

2485 days ago
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