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Coroner: Pimp C May Have Died of Natural Causes

12/4/2007 8:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Pimp CCapt. Ed Winter of the L.A. County Coroner's office tells TMZ that it appears as though rapper Pimp C died of natural causes in a Hollywood hotel room today.

We're told no drug paraphernalia or other drugs were found in the room. The rapper, we've learned, was found fully clothed on top of the bed. He did not seem to have fallen or injured himself and he was positioned on his side.

Winter said it did not appear that there was anyone else in the room at the time of his death. An autopsy will be performed and toxicology test results will be available in six to eight weeks.

Pimp C, whose real name is Chad Butler, was one half of the Houston rap duo UGK.


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aawwh! The air is so much fresher! The music is sounding so much better.

2493 days ago


Some of you imbeciles are so disrespectful & judgemental. Seriously. People show no respect for the dead anymore.

My condolences to his family & friends. I'm sure that behind all the glitz and glamour of hollywood there's a family mourning the lost of their friend, son, nephew, etc.. you catch my drift.

2493 days ago

kim suck    

that what he do!

2493 days ago


wow i am white and am absolutly ashamed at the majority of these comments. this was a human being that died, and individual with a family and friends. you all wished anna nicole well once she died, you all gave her the respect yet she pretty much killed herself with the way she abused her body...yet you are bashing this individual because he writes and produces a style of music you don't like, what a sad bunch you all are.

Rest in peace Pimp C.....I never heard of you until today, but just like everyone else you deserve to rest in peace, may God help your loved ones in this time of need!

2493 days ago

kim suck    

that what he do

2493 days ago

kim suck    

Bid Dad E --haha nice name!!! ha ha ha

2493 days ago


Who really cares anyway? It seems that you hear about another hip hop artist dying young or dying violently almost every other week or so. Hip hip is such a tired genre of music anymore (along side most pop and rock music for that matter). Rap and hip hop were extremely innovative forms of expression when they first emerged back in the the late 70s, and up until about the mid 90s or so. Since then, that whole genre of music, that whole ideology, has done nothing more than further perpetuate negative black stereotypes: akin to what Blaxploitation films of the 70s eventually did. The guy did name himself "Pimp C" and I would bet he probably tried to live his life like one. There doesn't usually seem to be much of a message behind that music anymore, other than: I'm gettin' paid, I'm rollin' on 24s, an' all the bitches are on my jock, so you best bow down and recognize, or I might come and gat ya! Its no wonder that people who live by this rationale continue to experience excessive strife. Pull yourselves up, and quit acting like criminals if you don't want to be treated as such! Have any of you hip hoppers ever heard of the term, solidarity? You guys are your own worst enemies!

2493 days ago



2493 days ago


AMEN !!!

Of course rap was his passion, all these morons know that's the fastest, easiest way to make a buck and keep their drug habits and ho habits sustained. It's all about money with them, and the fact that they can make millions and not even have enough talent to carry a tune for 3.2 seconds.

2493 days ago

H-town Proud    


My heart goes out to his family and BUN-B.

2493 days ago

Home of tha Hogs-- Soooooooooooo!!!!!!    

It's a shame how people have no respect for the dead. Just remember you have to die one day and what will people have to say about you---if they even remember you at all. If you don't like Pimp "C"/rap music,hell don't listen. If you wasn't so curious about the sound of it maybe you could keep your negative comments to yourself and let Pimp "C" family, friends, & friends morn/remember him in peace. Most of all let the man REST IN PEACE----He finally FREE. FREE PIMP"C" LOVE YA PIMP, Your #1 fun

2493 days ago


now he is god;s pimp.

2493 days ago

ms chin    

Im trying to understand y in the world some of yall are hatin so much....This is a tragedy and no matter how you all view or see it no one knows what actually happened except Pimp C and God and regardless of his past you should not pre-judge this man.....right now no one knows exactly what happened...but you should know Karma can come back 10 fold so b4 you decide to belittle someone that u dont know just by what u hear just think about what people would say about u when u die....

2493 days ago


Thank you, #63. My thoughts exactly!

2493 days ago

H-town Proud    

Most people who dont like rap dont understand it. Haters come in all shapes and colors.

When a celebrity especially a rapper dies....people tend to think the worst of them. They are human beings and there are people out there doing worst.

I think you all are just mad because he got rich off something he enjoyed doing and he excelled in it.

2493 days ago
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