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Coroner: Pimp C May Have Died of Natural Causes

12/4/2007 8:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Pimp CCapt. Ed Winter of the L.A. County Coroner's office tells TMZ that it appears as though rapper Pimp C died of natural causes in a Hollywood hotel room today.

We're told no drug paraphernalia or other drugs were found in the room. The rapper, we've learned, was found fully clothed on top of the bed. He did not seem to have fallen or injured himself and he was positioned on his side.

Winter said it did not appear that there was anyone else in the room at the time of his death. An autopsy will be performed and toxicology test results will be available in six to eight weeks.

Pimp C, whose real name is Chad Butler, was one half of the Houston rap duo UGK.


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H-town Proud    



2492 days ago


The caucasian & latin & asian rap label owners are not black slave masters - though may be laughing all the way to the bank - amazed that some black women are okay with the rap lifestyle that degrades, defiles & enslaves them.

2492 days ago

ms chin    

Im truly not understanding some of these comments....A man has passed away and some of you are saying things like u truly knew one knows exactly what happened in that hotel room but Pimp C and God and for the people who are pre-judging this man for what they hear or read must be 1 of these individuals or u just are some ignorant evil people....just let him rest in peace...also know karma comes back 10 fold and just think about what people would say to u once u pass away

2492 days ago


mc jones, white people are black people's worst enemies, black people have enough sense to know rap music is just that , music. white people are the one's who are scary and paronoid about what some people say, rappers are entertainers who makes edgy music that white people were not supposed to interpret. if you take what a rapper say and believe it, i guess harry potter is coming over for diner tonight. yall live in fantasy land ALL black people live in reality.

2492 days ago


for everyone that is puttin pimp c down,i hope when yo stupid azz die other people put u down the same way.rappers dont make the world go wrong dumb comments like some of u made some respect. treat people the way u wanted to be treated.

2492 days ago


This whole thing is disgusting. Another no talent off the radio? Get all your white actors/artist that get constant DUI's putting everyone's lives at risk . Then you got a rapper who made money doing something he enjoyed not hurting anyone. Your all a bunch of racist, jealous haters. If anything you need to get rid of lindsay and everyone else. They are role models for kids and are straight up coke addicts. R.I.P Pimp C.

2492 days ago


Rest In Peace Pimp C....
That early UGK sound laid ground for some real "Riders"...
UGK for Life!!!

To the Haters/Cowards;
I've never seen such a gathering of "Cowards". To disrespect someone in this way is truly a "Cowardly" act. Some of you "Cowards" want to talk about "Us" and "Education", and all this other nonsense, when in fact, its you "Cowards" that twisted American History in the first place. Because of the way a man chooses the way he presents himself or provides for his family, doesn't always mean he is ignorant, stupid, or uneducated. The man did what "Wanted" to do and made things happen. You "Cowards" do what you get a chance to do and sit back and watch things happen.

So for all of you lame and lonely "Cowards", thanks for reading all of our tributes, memories, and posts about the Underground Legend - Pimp C.

P.S.: When its your turn, "Coward", who will remember you? What will you be remembered for, other than being a "Coward"? Think about it. Trill...R.I.P. Chad!!!

2492 days ago

equal opportunity offender    

rappers dont make the world go wrong dumb comments like some of u made some respect. treat people the way u wanted to be treated.

um...actually Gravity makes the world go around... yep.. look it up. its true.

2492 days ago


Equal offender . You are right! Everybody assumes it's a white person..... As for "KATE" don't need your "white girl guilt"! That can cause you to get drunk on Ebor and the first thing that comes out of your unconsciously mind will be the n-word. You're also the "Lohan" type. When S%%T hits the fan you say the word. Stop with your" guilt tripping " behavior . Don't say things because you think it is PC to do so. Or maybe, you think it somehow makes you a better person. It doesn't. You are making things worst and feeding into Hood sympathy! Not good ok!

2492 days ago

Tyrone Howard    

I'm disapointed in you readers out there, wishing death upon fellow human beings, tsk tsk. On the lighterside I do wonder what Bun B is going to do now with it hangs in the balance.

2491 days ago


white people are some of the most sickest people in the world, if a rapper calls a woman a name, he wasn't talking about a particular person unless he said their name. Arnold Swartzenegar killed a combined 5000 people in all his movies, does that make him a killer. white people try to use rappers as a excuse to be bigots, if a rapper hit me , that's something different, he's not speaking he's physically assaulted me, that's not a rap SONG. i guess when Christina Aguilera song ''genie in a bottle'' she wasn't talking about making three wishes, she was talking about sucking somebody off.

2491 days ago


You know, white america has got to be the most under educated group of people that walk the face of the earth. Regardless of your race, a life is lose. Lucky for you, we cant track down your little white scare self and see if you would repeat those same words in a black guys face. Nether the less, you all are the idiots that amerians go and fight for. but dont worry before i die, i will make sure to make a couple of you white slaves, drag you through the streets, and screw your grlfriends, your old ass mother, and your little daughters.

Much love Chad (Pimp C), I have rocked your music since you were underground, screwed and chopped baby. I helped lead the free Pimp C movement from Korea, Iraq and Afghanistan. I promise that my kids will know who you were and rock the PA tracks the same way I have.
RIP Sweat James Jones

2491 days ago


i agree #15. lets all chill maybe ya hated him but death is nothing you should wish on anyone.

2491 days ago



2491 days ago


its so sad how so people think (white) this is someone father or son and thats what you say have some respect if you have nothing nice to say move the hell on to the next story

2491 days ago
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