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Shows Off Boobs Again

For the First Time

12/4/2007 4:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Adrianne Curry already posed once for Playboy -- but her new knockers get their first public viewing this Friday! Hello girls!

TMZ caught the "Top Model"/"Surreal Life"/"My Fair Brady" star outside Winston's last night with Brady hubby Christopher Knight -- and Curry went to work pimping her upcoming Kubrickian spread.

Surprisingly, Christopher doesn't seem to mind sharing his wife's assets with the world -- calling the pics a "Christmas gift from me to everyone." Ho, ho, ho!


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I heard they look like mannequin boobs.............

2522 days ago


10. Hey #8 a "hoe" is not a "ho". A HOE is a garden tool you use to dig up weeds and dirt, a HO is slang for WHORE.

Posted at 4:36PM on Dec 4th 2007 by tina
Okie dokie tina --just had to make me do it .According to the term Hoe has a definition as follows :
hoe 1. A skank
2. A woman that is too loose in the booty.
3. Woman or man that f*** anything with two legs.
4. A promiscuous person.syn: slut
So although you may be right regarding "hoe" being a tool you are correct but as far as your spelling the dirivitive of whore as "Ho" you are incorrect .If your going to use slang or act as self appointed slang police at least get your slang straight .

2522 days ago


Oh btw "tina" ..."Hoe" is also a korean dish of fish case you were wondering !

2522 days ago


Peter accidentally sticks one of her fake boobs with a hair pin. It deflates and she's afraid to go to the school christmas party because the other kids will call her cyclopes. That a show right there...........................

2522 days ago


she doesn;t need nu boobies.

2522 days ago


omg their relationship is sooo fake but then again who cares about this slutty no class loser!!! skank and her husband who is twice her age old enough to be her father, NASTY WHORE!!

2522 days ago


I agree with the poster who said she is crass. I get the impression she is not a very moral person as well. She has a filthy mouth on her and she was the person that incited a fellow looser Danny Bonaduce to hurt that little dweeb guy at the reality awards show.
Not cool Adrianne, grow up and start acting more responsible!

2522 days ago


She will do anything for attention.

2522 days ago


She's an stupid high school drop out who does drugs, has no talent and is a self made pig. So uncouth, vulgar and an imspiration to morons everywhere!

2522 days ago


I agree with what you say "She is a pig". She is on the road to nowhere. She will never be considered anything worthy.

2522 days ago


Those "Wow isn't she beautiful comments" are a farce set up by her pathetic friends, fans and family thru Adrianne's myspace where she tells her followers support her. Come on.....puleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeZ!!

2522 days ago


She is a total loser wack job druggie and she has her fans come on here to stick up for her pathetic porno "career"

She needs to see a doctor to see why she is always belching. Something is rotting inside of her. Ewwwwwwwww

2522 days ago


You know... all you dorks who are calling her crass, a ho and a whore wouldn't know what to do with yourself if she sat down next to you somewhere... You'd probably prematurely ejaculate in your pants if she spoke to you... she's beautiful... the only reason people diss her for being crass is because she's just like a girl that grew up in your neighborhood and would probably hang out at the corner bar... not some coked up celebrity who thinks her $h*t doesn't stink...

2522 days ago


Adrianne Curry is a self confessed crack addict, recovered supposedly but she's never completely given up drugs! She is a pot head stoner, and an alkie, ciggie smoking pig. Seriously folks, she has no redeeming qualities.

Hence the reason she can only do porn. Oh well her plastic boobs payed off I guess. Too bad she couldn't get a brain and personality transplant!

And for the love of God someone get her speech lessons! lol

2522 days ago


What I think is funny is the story she gave about why she was getting her plastic boobies in the first place, lol, only her dumbass fans bought that one. Yeah right her boobs were different sizes so she had to get that corrected. LOL What by 3 sizes bigger? haha

Clearly she was buying herself a job into porn, it's all she has a talent to do, take off her clothes and spread 'em. Too bad she didn't get rid of that bulbous nose she has. She must be related to Rudolph the red nose reindeer! LMAO

2522 days ago
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