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From Brit to Liza, Fur Flies for Femmes

12/4/2007 4:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Looks like some celebs still aren't hiding from wearing a dead animal -- in the name of fashion.

Even as the anti-fur movement gets more vociferous, TMZ -- in just one weekend -- spotted Britney Spears, Liza Minnelli, Eve, Mary J. Blige, Sharon Stone and even Madonna fur-nished with all manner of fur-ish coats. We're told that Britney proudly took her shagerrific (and very real fur) coat at her birthday party in Bel Air.

PETA, as ever, took Liza to task for her outerwear, telling TMZ in a statement that it "hopes that Liza, who abstained from fur for years, gets back on the wagon of compassion." As for Sharon Stone, the anti-fur brigade was less charitable, saying, "Put your fur coat away, Sharon."

Reps for Eve, Sharon Stone, Liza and Madonna haven't yet gotten back to us about the provenance of their clients' coats.

One notable exception -- Sarah Jessica Parker, wearing a lovely Star Wars-esque fur coat, usually, we're told, wears fake fur.
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Sorry people, but I think fur coats on ladies are actually pretty attractive and appealing--especially the right coat on the right woman. In fact, I find fake fur to be cheesy looking, like someone is trying to be something they are not. The fur industry has been entirely misrepresented by PETA and other organizations. These people spew a tale to the masses that is designed to invoke an emotional response (which it does quite often). This is how they raise funds to pay their employees and well-paid officers. The problem is that emotional responses very often have little basis in reality. Legitimate fur industry practices are actually approved by the American Veterinary Association. Wild animal populations are controlled, in part, through the fur industry. Without regulated hunting and trapping, many animal populations would grow to unhealthy levels, resulting in disease, starvation and even additional deaths on our highways. Learn the facts and do not get all of your information on this, or any, topic from one source. PETA was already found guilty in Europe of faking its videos; they were taken to court over this and lost. In other words, people, they fabricated their "evidence".

2495 days ago

smartypants #93 is paid to post    

smartypants #93 is PAID TO POST

1. The fur industry is not misrepresented The fur industry has tons of money, and pays people like smartypants to post all over the internet in favor of fur. Don't be fooled. The fur industry has much much more money than any animal group that depends on donations.

2. These celebs are not wearing deer skins. They are wearing chinchillas, foxes, and even large cats. 'Controlling the animal population' is not a factor in making Eva's fur coat. The person who posted as smarty pants is paid to post for the fur industry

3. Most fur comes from China where the animals are kept in tiny cages until they are electrocuted or strangled. Chinese furriers also have no problem with skinning animals alive. I have been to the live animal markets in China and have seen this first hand.

4. Most people who speak out on animal causes, are also the same ones who speak out for human issues. Anyone who has ever seen a fox in real life, knows that they are beautiful creatures. It makes many people sad to know that these animals were in tiny cages for month after month, barely able to move, and then electrocuted, gassed, or strangled, just so that Eva Longoria could wear a coat made of its fur.

2455 days ago


2514 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

Sarah = class

the rest - oh how heartless you are in the name of fashion. most of them are washed up anyway. glad I never bought blige's album - looking for the free download as I speak (hahaha!)

2514 days ago


Madonna's "fake" fur is probably "racoon dog" as we call them...not fake at all...

2514 days ago


As a Member of PETA (People Eating Tasty Animals) I applaud the fur.
Animals were put on this planet for us to exploit!

2514 days ago



2514 days ago


who cares! animals are on earth for us to USE as we see fit! Eat-em Wear-em Who cares

2514 days ago


Faux can look real. But, it must be from France where they make tissavel fur.
Pam McCoy makes it. I have one and people swear it's real. I got so many
people looking I felt like putting a sign up saying this is faux forks!

The faux I was wearing cost 900.00 yes they can be expensive. But, it is warm and
looks good! You never know who is wearing what. I love furbabies. So, it's faux for

2514 days ago


People have no idea what PETA is all about. If given the opportunity, they'd rather slit the throat of your lovely kitty-kat or puppy dog and KILL them, rather than see them as a "pet." They're SO not what they make themselves out to be. I work for a dog rescue, and boy could I tell you some stories. Once when rescuing dogs from a closed-down shelter, PETA was called to help with the rescue. All dogs were healthy and adoptable. They offered to send an employee there with enough drugs to put all of the animals down. That is how they "help." Uh... no thanks. Freaks.

I'm just saying.

As for the fur thing- before you big mouths start bashing Sharon and Brit, just remember you are probably no different than they are. Anyone wearing leather shoes, carrying a leather wallet or purse, have leather seats in your car, a leather belt etc., etc., or if you take ANY kind of medicine for anything (which is all tested on animals at some point).... then you are just the same as them. So shut up.

2514 days ago


I want a double meat sandwich on PETA bread. Yuuummm.

2514 days ago


if y'all don't like fur, then go completey shaved like Paris and Brit bitches!!!

2514 days ago


When I read the comments for pro fur it makes me so sad. I don't know why people are ok with torturing animals. Why are people so selfish and cruel?

2514 days ago


Oh who cares? I am so sick of these shallow celebs who preach against wearing fur and killing animals, and they could care less about humans killing off each other.

2514 days ago
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