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Jeter and A-Rod -- Stand-Up and Standoffish?

12/4/2007 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Baseball hotties Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez are both Yankees, amazing ballplayers, toweringly handsome, expensively moisturized and extremely well paid.

But they were distinctly divergent this weekend in New York, when TMZ spotted Jeter filming a spot for Gatorade's new lo-cal G2 energy drink, and A-Rod getting his morning paper from a local newsstand. While Jeter gabbed and signed for everyone in sight, A-Rod kept his distance, though oddly enough, so did fans. Aloof, party of one!

A-Rod did reveal that he's not a New York Post guy -- he's a Times man, thanks very much.

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People who know them know that A-Rod is an A-Hole..........who would has guessed?

2524 days ago


A-rod obviously did NOT learn from his father's mistakes.

His father abandoned his mother and kids.

A-rod saw 1st hand the hardship that his mother lived thru.

Now that A-rod is a father, instead of being a genuine "family man",

he deliberately "CHEATS" on his wife.

David Ortiz is exceptional in every way.

The Boston Red Sox would be minus 2 World Series Champs in 4 years if

David, along with his team mates, did not give their 110%.

Another important ingredient is TEAM CHEMISTRY.

A-rod on the other hand, walked away from the Mariners knowing that Ichiro
was going to be part of the team.

Instead he ran to Texas All for the $$$.

Claimed that the Mariners front office showed him no respect.

He insisted that the Mariners were not a winning team.

The very 1st year that he left, with Ichiro on board, the team won 116 games.

Who knows what would have happened had he stayed.

Since he left the Rangers for the Yankees (he swore he was never going to be a Yankee
a few years back) he still doesn't have a World Series ring.

GREED has gotten A-rod no World Series ring.

If he was so Great then why has the Yankees not won another title???

2524 days ago


i would be in miami.

2524 days ago

debbie partin    

Jeter is a very well spoken MAN. Nice to the public . Great baseball player. A-Rod should not be aloud to even live in New York. OR wear the Jersey of the Yankees... Don't give him is # or anything eles.

2524 days ago

Jennifa O Jenny    

#17 - funny how you have nothing to say in response to why Ortiz can never be an MVP or sought after for worldwide campaigns - guess you know Ortiz, at the end of the day, has nothing to offer but being a nice guy. He's actually good friends with A-rod - they hang out when blosux play against the yankees. So apparently your "hero" doesn't share your opinion of a-rod.

A-rod has not abandoned his daughter - being faithful to his wife has nothing to do with his being thier for his child. You're just scraping at the bottom of the barrel trying to find something to say about a-rod. And A-rod was with his wife off and on for 9 years prior to getting married. Cheating isn't a new issue for them in the least - she knew what she was getting into BEFORE she married a-rod. She knew he wasn't good at being faithful and apparently has come to terms with that.

It's not greedy to want to get the best deal you can get - every player does it. A-rod only gets slammed for it because he was fortunate enough to have the talent to demand the largest salary in baseball and get ground breaking deals.

2524 days ago

just another person    

I think it is funny, that even when these guys aren't playing, people continue to write articles, comparing them like they are twins joined at the hip. I don't know why journalist continue to compare and contrast them and continually put their relationship under the microscope. I would think, somewhere in here, it would get old. I guess it still sells a paper or two. Jeter, though, doesan't sign every autograph he is presented with, is known to be quite nice to his fans-even speaking with them when he is up in the ondeck circle, something, most players would never do. He once commented that often, people approach him and he will sign 30, 40 autographs at a time, esp kids, but inadvertently, if he doesan't sign the 41st, some one will get mad. He said, people dismiss the 40 that you took time to sign, they only concentrate on the 41st that you didn't. He also went on to say, that at times like this he has been cursed by fans, even though, some repeaters he is sure are just selling his signature, or items he has signed on ebay, or sites just for this purpose. I don't think Jeter is God. Someone commented on him cheating on girlfriends, I don't know about that. I never heard any of his ex's complaining about how he has treated them. He just seems like a nice guy who tries to be nice to everyone. We need more like him in the world.

2524 days ago

Jennifa O Jenny    

Oh & # 17 - Blosux have won 7 world series in the club's history where as Yankees have won 26. I wouldn't get too excited about how great your team is. And it takes more the one good player to win a world series - you can't pin the lack of a win on a-rod. In fact, if it weren't for a-rod, Yankees wouldn't have made it to post seaon a couple of times.

And you're right about Ortiz being a great hitter (esp. since he doesn't have to play a field position). But the thing about the Blosux is - without Ortiz and Manny, the team would never even make it to post season let alone win a world series. Once Ortiz and Manny get injurred or retire - Blosux winning record goes straight in the crapper.

Whereas the Yankees can get by when their star players are out. I remember toward the end of this past season when Manny was out for a bit and the Red Sox started losing games left and right without him (even with Ortiz's bat). Blosux doing well is going to be short lived because it relies on two players instead of actually being a good team.

2524 days ago

Jennifa O Jenny    

#22 I've never heard of a-rod's wife complaining nor any of his exs complaining about their relationship. Doesn't mean it didn't happen. Papers don't report bad things about Jeter because they'd get a backlash from the fans. In short, it doesn't sell papers. Whereas bashing a-rod sells papers.

Just because the papes don't report it - doesn't mean it doesn't exist or happen. I like Jeter and I'm confident he's got a lot of great qualities. But I also know he has attributes that aren't great. Like most people - he's only human.

2524 days ago

just another person    

Jennifa O Jenny-Arod may be a nice guy-but his mouth and his agent's moves help to make him a man with a mark on his back. A-rod has made some seriously blundered remarks. The machinations of his agent this year, and with his last contract. His wife's shirt at Yankee stadium, His running around with a woman who is not his wife and his need to be loved which is very evident in what he says him come off as some what fake, insincere, magazine articles in which he says things about organizations and his teammates and then back tracks....well you get the picture. I like A-rod when he talks less and lets his bat do his talking for him. All 3 teams have complained that A-rod talks too much and brings with him a certain level of drama that he claims he doesn't like, but up until this year, continued to court. Over all the guy is know to contribute to his community and seems to love his child and family. But with all 3 teams, he has given off the aura of being a lonesome and singular kinda guy. Maybe this is a perception the press pushes and perhaps is not true.

2524 days ago

just another person    

You are wrong-if Jetes was treating his girls bad, it would be reported about, and it would sell papers. You are WRONG!

2524 days ago

Sarita P.    

to just wonderin: You commented that all you know is that Jeter is a nice guy. How do you know that Alex isn't? We don't know any of these men from Adam. This is all press talk. I've heard he's cheated and just because they "meaning the press" hasn't reported it or had anyone follow him like they did Alex doesn't mean it didn't happen. You personally might not declare Jeter a good but others do. Jeter is just a fake as Alex even more so. Always saying the right things to keep your image good to me doesn't tell me that your true. Just like you are not tell us how you really feel about Jeter and Alex. You won't ever here Jeter tell how he really feels now about his ex-friend. That to me is fake. He's lied on SportsCenter saying he's over the Esquire article and he obviously isn't. But since Jeter is praised so much, none of his faults are printed out. Some of the things that happened to Alex is on him, but to say because Jeter is a nice guy and not really know him an overstatement.

2524 days ago



2524 days ago


This is going out to everyone that has written about how A-Rod didn't deserve the MVP. First off when it comes to charities and helping his people down in the Dominican Republic, the man has heart. If he seems cold blooded then oh well... As long as he's helping out the community that's what matters. If anyone demonstrates care but does not do a thing for others its David Ortiz... If you wanna know, go down to the Dominican Republic, the Town of Haina and I'll bet you'll be shocked.

2524 days ago


Oh and this is for Tweety....You really need to get your facts straight... David Ortiz also left a daughter in the Dominican Republic. Came into stardom and money and 4got his daughter. So he's no family man either. Don't be fooled by the scenes you see here. B4 you start talking crap verify your 411. .

2524 days ago


This is a ridiculous posting--there is a huge difference between the video of Jeter walking down the street dressed in a way that makes him easily recognizable and ARod wearing winter clothing complete with a skull cap on a freezing afternoon, obscuring who it is. As for the Red Sox fan, it is amazing that a city that is home to so many educational institutions, the fan base is still s obviously consumed by mouth breathers.

2524 days ago
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