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Jeter and A-Rod -- Stand-Up and Standoffish?

12/4/2007 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Baseball hotties Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez are both Yankees, amazing ballplayers, toweringly handsome, expensively moisturized and extremely well paid.

But they were distinctly divergent this weekend in New York, when TMZ spotted Jeter filming a spot for Gatorade's new lo-cal G2 energy drink, and A-Rod getting his morning paper from a local newsstand. While Jeter gabbed and signed for everyone in sight, A-Rod kept his distance, though oddly enough, so did fans. Aloof, party of one!

A-Rod did reveal that he's not a New York Post guy -- he's a Times man, thanks very much.

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just me    

a-rod's always been an @ss...remember when he got punk'd by ashton kutcher and he refused to sign the release, so they never aired it?! he wouldn't sign it because he was being a jerk to someone and it was filmed and he got caught. he's no jeter! a-rod has no class!!!

2492 days ago


The KEY to the Redsox's success is TEAM CHEMISTRY.

It also helps to have excellent players, both position & pitchers,
however the Yankees have so much $$$ players that are supposed to be
cream of the crop.

David Ortiz as well as many other Red Sox team mates

Do NOT have B-I-G Egos !

They are Genuine.

David puts his arms around his teammates and gives them a big Hug.

The pitchers support each other.

There is COHESION.

Go RED SOX !!!

2492 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

Tweety, you're absolutely right but I think that if we and the Yankees fans want to continue this discussion (and I love cussin' out Yankees fans) it would be better to do it on one of the baseball sites. The TMZ fans are probably more interested in the gossip about A-Rod and Jeter than our fights with Yankees idiots, I mean fans.

2492 days ago


OK when was the last time Derek update his journal in his website? Aug-27-2007 and they said is for his fans...... at least A-rod's journal is update pretty much every month.....besides Derek can not keep a woman for more than a month.....i wonder why?>......maybe he is gay after all !!!! and the other hand Alex got a wife and kids. Derek got alot stories about fans been upset about his reaction....he is getting old and ugly, he needs to find him self someone to keep him warm and finnally come out the closet.....HE IS NOT ALL THAT....DEREK CHANGE YOUR HAIR CUT, YOUR HEAD LOOKS LIKE AN EGG!!!(for the last 10 years)

2492 days ago

just another person    

Lara, personally, I couldn't care less when Derek or A-rod or you last wrote in their journals. If this is what you use to judge a person, you need to get a life, quick and in a hurry hon! And if you think that the measure of wheter a guy is gay or not is based on the length of time with girlfriends, or that he has a wife or kid....then I am sure you don't get out of the house. You need to do more than look for blogs to make silly comments on. Not that I'm saying A-rod is gay or not....Another thing I personally don't care about....but there are lots of men fronting with wives and kids and BOYFRIENDS, and gay lovers on the side. Uhmm...occasionally read some real news...start with Senator Craig.

2491 days ago

just another person    

Laura....sorry ....I had to go back and read your entry....you sound like a kid...going on about Jeter's looks....he has a receding hairline hon....most guys are sensitive...in order to change your haircut...you need something to work with. If he let it grow he'd probably look like that guy from Kid-n-Play...but you are probably too young to know what I am talking about. You really got upset about something someone said about A-rod....it's okay....He's making big bank...I'm sure everything said in these comments he will soon forget when he lays down on that pile of money on his golden bed. Oh yeah, Jeter is stil cute enough for me. Looks aren't the end all....Nice personality, great money, great bod...when he's ready, I'm sure he find a hell of a beautiful girl, who will love on him all night long!

2491 days ago
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