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Foxworthy Nixes Victoria's Secret?!

12/5/2007 5:49 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jeff Foxworthy may not be smarter than a fifth grader. He doesn't want Victoria's Secret models on his show?! Is he nuts? Doesn't he want ratings?

TMZ caught up with the proudly redneck host outside of CBS in NYC, where Jeff said he didn't think it was appropriate for leggy ladies in G-strings to match wits with his pint-sized prodigies. Well, gosh darn!


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Jeff made a commendable decision. There will be other opportunities for the VS models in a more appropriate setting.

2514 days ago

He's cool.

2514 days ago


Kudos to Jeff! He's a down-to-earth homeboy and I like him even more now.

2514 days ago


Hey #17-he has been known for the last 15-20 years.

2514 days ago

Got A Life    

TMZ has no morals - remember Totally Moronic Zits is what TMZ stands for.

2514 days ago

Thomas Crown    

What a group of moralistic pompus judgmental people you are. First of all women wear underwear. And like any other garment someone has to market them. The fact that these women pose for a retail catalog does not diminsh their moral caliber. They are no different than the women in your J.C. Penny catalog or local sales circular in you Sunday paper. Second. They would NOT be on the stage in a g-string. If an athelete appears on a show is he/she in their uniform? Do actors come straight from wardrobe as their latest character? Grow up! None of these women have been involved in ANY scandals--sexual or otherwise--that should subject them to the majority of your insults. What it really sounds like we have here is a lot of JEALOUSY parading as morals. If your husband, boyfriend, etc. can't put down the CATALOG blame him, not these women trying to put food on their table.

2514 days ago


While I agree while Jeff's decision on this one, he has said things in the past that so country hick and biased it is unbelievable that no no one picks up on it. I am sick of southerners thinking it is their way or the highway. The US belongs to all 50 states, not just the sounthern states.

2514 days ago


Good for you Jeff!!!! I finally found a show my kids and I can watch together!! I'm sick of the shows with the models' skimpy clothes!!!! Keep up the great job!!!!

2514 days ago


I have more respect for Jeff Foxworthy now and totally agree with his decision!! He should not be made fun of by TMZ, but should be praised for having some decency in this crazy messed up world we live in!

2514 days ago


Wow, I am impressed! Good for Jeff, this country is going down the toilet lately and it is about time people started to stand against it...

and for all the DISGUSTING people making jokes.... get a life- he has children... totally inappropriate.

2513 days ago


This is for 'Thomas Crown':

Looking at your post, I'd have to say that you're the moralistic pompus judgmental, arrogant, opinionated ass. (and btw - check your spelling)

Evidently it never entered your vacuous cranial cavity that the juxtaposition of preening, self-indulgent whores next to a bunch of innocent children is a no-no. The VS sluts can go juggle their silicone sacks and gurgle on some porn channel - and not in prime time with kids as the main focus.

Save your lesbian politically correct rant for Rosie or Oprah where I'm sure the collective audience intelligence are too backwards to appreciate Jeff's morals but who would applaud you as the next best thing since garbage bags....

Try - just once - to think of what's good for children instead of shoving PC indoctrination down everyone's throats whether or not it's right.

You are part of the problem if you don't see what I'm talking about - you (and the rest of the Hollyweird crew) have completely lost their moral compass and it took a down-to-earth 'country boy' to remind everyone that some people still do have morals.

Too bad there aren't more 'country boys'!!

2513 days ago

HI Resident    

I am very happy to hear that he values morals & what's right over ratings. My daughter is in the 3rd grade gifted/talented program & we watch the show together. Being a teacher, I see the show as a valuable learning tool for every elementary school age child. My daughter will receive the board game for Christmas. It would be sad & unfortunate to take away such a fun way to learn.
My daughter has already asked me if what she was wearing looks sexy, & I am very careful about what she watches on TV! Kids are exposed to so much sex just by seeing commercials & magazine ads that it is nearly impossible to protect them from all of it.
Foxworthy makes being a "redneck" something to be very proud of. Hopefully he will continue with keeping one of the best educational shows on TV a fun, family learning experience.

2513 days ago


Good for him although I'm not surprised about this decision as he seems like such a nice guy.

2513 days ago


Way to go Jeff Foxworthy!

What a stupid question to ask TMZ!! Who in their right mind would think it would be appropriate to parade Victoria Secret models in front of a bunch of 5th graders. Maybe that would be the only way those air head models could win. Distract the kids with their boobs. Speaking of boobs, did anyone see Kelly Pickler on the show?? OMG. How stupid an one person be!!

2513 days ago


i can see jeff's point, but if they are in regular clothes it shouldn't matter. and for all these people bitchin about the fashon show, turn the damn channel! Just bc they model underwear, doesn't make them dumb or whores.

2513 days ago
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