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Suri Plays Hyde and Seek with Paps

12/5/2007 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Despite some eerily matchy matchy parental units looming ominously overhead, Suri Cruise looked as adorable as ever yesterday at Hyde Park in London.

At 19 months, Suri has already been to California, New York, Germany, France and Italy. England is just one more stop on her quest for world domination.


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#8 -The reason you don't see the other kids with Tom is probably because they are in school like most kids their age are. They live with Tom and Katie....we see lots of pics of Tom and Katie at their soccer games, etc. You need to get out more. Why the focus on their height? Is that important or something....weird that anyone cares about that.

2522 days ago


C'mon people. She just ran a marathon. I'm sure part of her thinness is due to that. I have never seen any heavy marathon runners. Have you?

2522 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

I think its so sweet and how Tom and Katie don't mind Suri being photographed..Unlike Julia Roberts who has a real problem with that..Maybe her kids just aren't as cute as Suri.

2522 days ago


That mediocre Dawson's Creek actress thinks shes Jackie freakin' Kennedy.

2522 days ago


And Tom is just a jackass. Ick.

2522 days ago

Christy Fisty    

How pointless.
How sad that I'm as sick as the rest of you that frequent this site.
Go read real news. All of you.

That said, I hope someone directs Suri here when she's old enough -

2522 days ago


The matching hair is kind of creepy but they seem like a nice family.

2522 days ago

The Marian Movement    

2 things I can't handle (1) people who compete over a child's
"cuteness". All children are special and closer to perfect than their parents (2) people who don't understand that some celeb's are more private than others. Some use their family as publicity, to create a false image, others put their children's safety first. Some children may be afraid and moms choose to keep their faces out of the press incase some sicko wants to harm them.

As a mom I can understand that. At work I leave my family out of things, everyone's always trying to kill me, imagine what they'd do to my children. If someone wants to hurt you they hurt who you love.

Yeah that does look like the omen and still wearing that wig. Hell's version of the Kennedy's. Think it's time for Mel and Julia to do a sequel.

2522 days ago


I think Kate has turned herself into an anorexic Jackie-O.

2522 days ago


I think Suri is a beautiful child. Nicole Kidman recently did an interview where she talked about her kids being told to call her Nicole, and how Tom has insisted that they be raised as scientologists. I dont have an opinion on Nicole, but this is Toms third marriage, and he does seem like a control freak with money.

2522 days ago

Miss Behave    

These people don't give a RAT'S ASS about the planet. It's ALL about the mighty$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.


Oh, I forgot, you people are VERY IMPORTANT, doing VERY IMPORTANT THINGS.

Suri's carbon footprint is ALREADY bigger than the LIFETIME of the whole population of a small TOWN.

Oh, and how's about taking in some homeless people into all your EMPTY, ENERGY BURNING MANSIONS??????????????????????????????????????

2522 days ago


I see the Scientology drones are busy with their blogging duties, must suck to be chained to a computer trying to come up with nice things to say about aliens. You can tell the drones BS from the over-the-top compliments that anyone with half a brain can see is crap.

Tom and Katy live in seperate bedrooms (Katie herself admits this is true in Star Magazine ) and that says it all about how happy this couple is. I am betting Katie has been "implanted" in Germany (by some means other than Tom) and left pregnant. That's a wig Katie is wearing. She appears to have had something done to her face that has altered her features, and she has been wearing this wig for a while. It is similar to her own hairstyle, so not so noticeable when she doesn't need it anymore. She can just say she changed her hairstyle/color again. Wait for the change "back."

Everywhere Katie goes, she has one or several Scientology handlers hovering up close and personal, but they move out of sight for PR photos, or when paps are around. They haven't been perfect at this, and sometimes several of them are photographed surrounding the Cruise fam. But at an InTouch interview, one Scientology handler would not leave Kati'es side while she was being interviewd. She AND Suri are captives in a dangerous, evil cult, and if Katie brings anymore children into this horrid life of hers, she will prove what a selfish, money-grubbing b#tch she is. Bad enough for Suri, but Kati's initial infatuation with Tom and money and fame can partially excuse Katie's bad choice there. Now Katie KNOWS what she got herself into, knows that Tom is not the adored super-star she mistakenly thought he was, and she should refuse to be Tom's Scientology's baby-making machine. Tom's other children spent the summer at a Scientology camp, that's why you never heard from them, and they are "Home"-schooled in Scientology. Not at Tom's home, though, or Nicole's, so the "Home" is another interesting aspect of their whereabouts. From

Travolta, Cruise and other celebrities con fans and media
FACTNet alert October 15, 1998

A director of FACTNet recently spent 20 hours interviewing former high-level Scientologist Jesse Prince . Jesse was second in command of all Scientology's operations worldwide. In these conversations, Jesse disclosed information never previously revealed on Scientology's celebrities.

The following synopsis on Scientology's celebrities is a condensation of information from Jesse Prince and other Scientology defectors.

Celebrities' Endorsements of Scientology a Scam
Scientology's celebrities are running a global scam on their fans and on the media. Stars like John Travolta, Tom Cruise, Chick Corea, Kirstie Alley, Nicole Kidman, Kelly Preston, Priscilla Presley, Lisa Presley, and others are secretly being given lucrative compensation for endorsing Scientology. In the recent film The Truman Show, Truman's wife incessantly pitched ads for household items, while her unaware husband was convinced she was simply stating her sincere fondness for the goods. In the same way, star Scientologists have betrayed their fans and hoodwinked interviewers by acting as though glowing endorsements of Scientology are strictly from the heart, of their own accord, and certainly not paid Scientology advertisements.

In reality, Scientology's celebrities are compensated richly for endorsements with:

Free Scientology services costing up to $1,000 dollars per hour. John Travolta alone has had in excess of $100,000 of free services in compensation.

Commissions of up to 10% for bringing people into Scientology (who subsequently pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for Scientology's services).

One or more Scientology staff being sent to travel full time with celebrities as "support," at Scientology's expense.

Free luxury accommodations and carte blanc use of the finest Scientology facilities and properties. Scientology's current leader David Miscavige learned that after Tom Cruise divorced Mimi Rogers, he was persuing Nicole Kidman. Miscavige also learns that Cruise has a fantasy of running through a field of tall wheat grass with Kidman. So, Miscavige orders a section of Scientology's desert compound in Giman Hot Springs to be plowed under and planted with wheat. At a cost of tens of thousands of dollars, and through the slave labor of cult members who work all day and all night for weeks, a field of tall wheat grass is grown in the desert so that Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman may run though it. During their visit, Cruise and Kidman are provided the additional luxuries of a specially prepared suite, maids, and two four-star chefs, all at scientology's expense as a quid pro quo exchange for Cruise's endorsements of Scientology.

Marriages and Divorces Arranged
Scientology actively helps arrange celebrities' divorces and marriages when Scientology deems th

2522 days ago


Where are Tom's kids from his previous marriage? I guess because they are adopted they aren't in the pic anymore?? Sad. Suri is weird looking though.

2522 days ago


Tom's kids are being raised and home-schooled by Scientologists.

The Scandal of Scientology, by Paulette Cooper | Next | Prev | Cites | Index
Chapter 19

The High Cost of Scientology
It's the only Church I've ever seen with a cashier's booth.
-- a woman who quit after one session. -- Time{1}
When people first enter this exciting world of the totally free, they rarely realize just how expensive it is going to be. After all, the first course costs only $15, and for that price one gets close to sixteen hours of Scientology. What people usually don't realize is that they will never see this $1-an-hour rate again. Later it'll be more like $25, and sometimes more. One man who paid $1,200 in advance for a 50 hour course completed it in 20 minutes, which meant he spent about $1 a second for auditing.{2}

Scientology has two goals, and two types of courses to match: "auditing" people or "processing"; and teaching people to audit others or "training." The first series on the Hubbard hierarchy, auditing or processing, consists of several courses or grades, which enable a "preclear" to become a "clear." If each course is taken separately, it costs approximately (the prices are always changing) $750 just to go from O-IV grade, $500 for the next one, $1,200 for Grade V ("Power Processes"), $775 for Grade VI, $600 for "Solo" (in which you audit yourself) and finally $800 for the final "clear" or a total of approximately $4,625, although package deals bring the price down a bit lower.

But that's not all, since one can also go eight levels beyond "clear"to achieve the state of "Operating Thetan VIII" -- for only $2,850 more.{3} An Operating Thetan, by the way, is someone who can function apart from his body,{4} and OTs (Operating Thetans) are said to be able to lift telephones off the hook in another room and read books while some distance away from them.{5} The value of this accomplishment may not be readily apparent, but one practical Scientologist claimed she could visit her parents in Texas while her body remained in Washington, D.C.{6} Fortunately for the travel industry, not too many Scientologists can do this.

But processing or auditing is only half the story. Scientology also trains its followers to audit others.To qualify for this doesn't even require a high school education -- just another prescribed series of Scientology courses.{7} Scientologists generally suggest people start with this series, and, in fact, unless specifically asked, they don't even tell them about the prices of the other group until later.

This second group starts at a modest $15 for the first course, $30 for the next, $45 for the third, and then suddenly leaps to their more typical rate of $1,300.{8} It generally takes at least a couple of months to become an auditor, although Scientologists have boasted that they can train some people to become auditors "in less than twenty minutes."{9} Those who wish to take more courses must go to the special Scientology academies in Los Angeles, Scotland or Saint Hill and pay additional expenses for room, board, books, equipment and transportation besides.{10}

In addition to the price of the courses, there are many other expenses. A Scientologist must buy many of Hubbard's books, and often attend special lectures or Congresses, which usually run tapes of Hubbard, or speeches by top Scientologists. In addition, a Scientologist may take extra auditing (at about $25 a session) or additional courses that are outside of the prescribed levels of treatment or training.{11}

For example a number of the Orgs used to offer a special "Money Processing Course" which was supposed to increase the Scientologist's "money making potential."{12} (This course consisted of having the person think of a number of ways in which he could waste money, probably under the principle that one must find what a preclear can do and then "better that ability.")

If a preclear complained that he couldn't afford the Scientology rates, he was told to take this course for only $35 to help him learn how to earn more.[*] The "Money Making Potential" course may have helped many Scientologists but one wonders how. One man who took it said it was so worthwhile, he "made $5,000" a few days after completing it. When he was pressured to tell how he had done this, he finally admitted that after the course was completed he had gone to a bank and taken the money out on loan.{13}

[*] Footnote:
At one of the Scientology lectures I attended, someone asked "If the goal of Scientology is to help the world, why is it so expensive that very few people in the world can afford to be helped by it?" The person was told that "nothing is expensive when your happiness is at stake," which, of course, did not answer the question.
Usually, the Scientologists will refer to their free "Personal Efficiency Course" as an exam

2522 days ago

Amy Silverman    

Very cute child too bad mom & dad are freaks and that's not her dad Chris Klien is! Tom does not touch pootang only peters

2522 days ago
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