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Suri Plays Hyde and Seek with Paps

12/5/2007 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Despite some eerily matchy matchy parental units looming ominously overhead, Suri Cruise looked as adorable as ever yesterday at Hyde Park in London.

At 19 months, Suri has already been to California, New York, Germany, France and Italy. England is just one more stop on her quest for world domination.


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Kate Homes is emaciated. Turned sideways she's nothing but clothes...must be tough married to a lunatic. Once such a natural cute girl she's developed into a not too attactive, artificial and much older looking woman. Since hooking up with this guy she's aged 10 years.

She had her nose done and her adorable face is no more. Go figure why she would change so drastically for a really short creepy, creep.

2515 days ago

you think everyone is a fatty    

Please eat something Katie! You're starting to get freakishly thin!!!!

2515 days ago


One more thing I would like to add regarding Kate being so pathetically skinny. Anyone notice since the worlds turned against Cruise how fat he has become. I guess he eats and eats since he's #1 on the hate list and she starves scared she'll begin to look like him.

2515 days ago


Suri is adorable - it just seems like Katy has changed so much........

2515 days ago


Ever notice how you never see cruise's other children.....

They really do look like parental units.. cruise is just plain creepy.

2515 days ago


I don't know but the green grass is just soooo weird. What is up with that?

2515 days ago


There is the geekiest family in the world.

2515 days ago


First of all someone in the name of Jesus feed Katie Holmes. Secondly, the child is half Asian and adopted.

2515 days ago


OK, What the hell did they do to the other 2 kids? They are never with Nicole and they are never ever with Tom's new family! What iz up with this?

2515 days ago


There is something really spooky about Suri. She's been flashed by cameras so much she's probably a fruitloop. If this were really their child, they would PROTECT her, not pimp her out for publicity. This alone tells me these two freaks are definitely unfit to be parents. Connor and Isabella probably ran away. I wouldn't blame them. Neither their mom (Nicole)or dad will put the kids where they belong....before their careers. Sad! In about ten to fifteen years, the "mommie/daddy dearest" books will be selling like hotcakes.

2515 days ago


Katie's trying to look Asian so that people will believe that Suri is hers. Katie's not the brightest crayon in the box.

2515 days ago


I don't think Nicole is a glory hound like Tom "look at me play Father of the Year because I go to soccer games". When she has the kids she keeps them out of the spotlight. But I get the feeling she doesn't have them that often. And post 69 was right. They are homeschooled by Scientologists. That is common knowledge. Doesn't anyone remember how emaciated Nicole looked when married to Tom? And hey always made her look like the Ice Princess. She didn't smile much (or the paps always had to catch her not smiling--probably to not outshine her husband). It was after the divorce she was all smiles and personality. Katie needs to get the hell out of dodge!

As an adoptee myself, I can't stand it when people say "When will Suri get a sibling?". She already has TWO! Talk about a complex the other two will have. Granted, the oldest is almost 14 believe it or not. I bet she's counting down the next four years like there is NO tomorrow.

2515 days ago


#76-- to the first part.

Right on!!! Is it just me or does Katie look like she's morphing into 'Posh' ...a.k.a. TOO DAMN THIN! This is CAN find a burger joint in this town, let alone a personal chef that will cook a decent meal (to eat, not look at). Perhaps I'm just jealous that Us Weekly named her "best makeover". Duh. With Tom's cash one can find some decent outfits.

Suri. What a cute kid. The others? Are they on the spaceship with Hubbard? One never knows. Best of luck to ' ya, Suri.

2515 days ago


Right on, Scary. Though I think Suri is very cute. I can't fault the poor child. She can't control who she was born to. I do have to say oddly in defense of Tom, I don't believe he was the reason for no biologicals with Nicole. It has been said by Nicole herself very recently that she has suffered at least 2 miscarriages while with Tom. Sounds like the problem may be on her end of it.

2515 days ago

water crotch    

hmm is it just me or does Katie always look like she's wearing a costume- she used to be such a nice looking kid- now she looks like a thick ankled irish girl with too much money.

Bring it on.

2514 days ago
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