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Brit Banned from Hollywood Hotspot?

12/6/2007 9:34 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Here's a sign of human progress: At least one Hollywood club is giving the ol' 86 to Britney Spears, according to a new report.

Life & Style says that Winston's has banned BritBrit, after a disastrous visit on Oct. 29, in which she kept ordering the bartender to switch clothes with her, which the woman didn't want to do, but there's no denying Spears. The mag also says that Brit was "obsessed" with the manager there, but that he got "sick" of her attention.

One regular laments, "It was exciting when she was there. The whole bar would revolve around her."

"Dancing's" Maksim – I'm Not Leaving!

The guy who waltzed Mel B to her second-place finish in this season's "Dancing with the Stars" says he's not tangoing off the show, as he suggested recently.

Maksim Chmerkovskiy set the record straight to People, saying that he's not quitting the huge dancefest. Maks added that his comments last week saying he wanted to bail on "DWTS" were made "at a time when I was very stressed out" and that he "regrets" speaking out. "I am not turning my back on the show. I don't want people to feel betrayed. I love this show," says Maks. Sounds like contract time.

Scott Stapp – Assault Charges Tossed?

Former Creed frontman Scott Stapp could have domestic assault charges against him thrown out -- because he and his wife are hot 'n' heavy once again.

As Jose Lambiet of the Palm Beach Post reports, the rocker was popped last May for felony assault for throwing a bottle of Orangina at wife Jaclyn's head (which missed). But now, says the couple, they are "passionately in love, blessed with two beautiful children." And sources say that the charge, now a misdemeanor, will be dismissed early next month.

Party Favors: "Top Chef's" Dale and "Runway's" Jack – Bravo Incest? ... Eva Mendes is PETA's Latest Naked Babe ... Osmonds Hitting the Flamingo?

Who doesn't love it when love blooms across Bravo reality shows? reports that "Top Chef's" Mohawk-ed Dale Levitski is dating "Project Runway's" Jack Mackenroth after meeting on MySpace. (So glad Dale found a guy!) ... Eva Mendes is the latest specimen of wonder to grace the PETA "Fur? I'd Rather Go Naked" campaign in an ad shot by Don Flood. She'll be in Rockefeller Center unveiling herself today -- fully clothed, of course. ... Could the Osmonds be playing the Flamingo in Vegas for a regular gig? KVBC-TV (via Vegas Confidential) says that a deal is in the works. No word if the rag doll disaster will be banned.


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Banning Brit is just a publicity stunt.

2512 days ago


#2: If you're gonna puke, puke on #14.

2512 days ago

TrimSpa Baby    

I cannot stand Maksim Chmerkovskiy on DWTS. Regardless who the star he is teamed with when they perform that's when I usually go outside for a smoke break. He is the most arrogant one on the show. He tries to overshadow the star he dances with. If he wasn't on DWTS, nobody would know or care who he was. I could care less if he stays with the show. I think some of the other male dancers on the show are much more talented than he is. He dances like he has an affliction.

2512 days ago


The reason "hotspots" don't want Brit and a few other celebrities is this. They are tired of those creepy paparazzi trashing up the entrances, doorways, and the street outside. Who could stand very much of that. I wish the paparazzi could be put away for years for their intrusions of the privacy of those young people they are making miserable.

2512 days ago

Mary Jane    

15. Nothing is more sickening than two f.ags and Britney in one TMZ article. No one wants to see those two abominations and their diseased selves in a photo and that includes Britney too. No one wants to see two men breaking God's law. Disgusting, how anyone thinks that people who push genitals into a poop hole is normal is beyond me. Freaks of nature.

Posted at 9:34AM on Dec 6th 2007 by Gross People onTMZ

And yet, here you are.

2512 days ago

a guy    

Mary Jane, if it was two lesbians, would you still be saying the same thing?
And have you ever been sexually attracted to another girl, I BET THE ANSWER IS YES. you are a hypocrite
Lesbians are breaking GOD's law too you know.

2512 days ago


To # 26 Spurs

I wasn't trying to be an ass when I asked if TMZ was reporting "old"
news. From reading their blurb I wasn't able to tell whether they
were talking about something that occurred this October or whether
they were reporting the clothes-changing incidents with
strippers/bartenders/everyone else that happened last year.

If the incident occurred last year, I merely wondered why it took the
club so long to ban her and TMZ to report it.

If it happened this October, I was curious why the woman is
apparently continuing her clothes-changing with strangers obsession.

It's not a big deal to me one way or the other. I was just curious.

2512 days ago


To " Gross People",
Maybe you should put a hood over your head and march the streets with your family. You sound like the type that sleeps with your cousins. Go shack up in your special church and rot you retard.

2512 days ago


#19. Life & Style and Intouch have to be two of the worst researched tabloids ever and we know tabloids aren't known for their investigative skills. Posted at 10:05AM on Dec 6th 2007 by MusicisourHigh

So true MusicisourHigh, these magazines can not be trusted, it's a rat mag just like The Star & Enquire. Heck, that's why 3 stars are suing this magazine & InTouch for defamination of character & the magazine insiting their source was never wrong. I would take everything that is printed in those mags with a grain of salt, it's all hear say. Odd, I thougth she was @ Winstons a few weeks ago with some friends. If she was banned, why was she allowed in? Strange, nothing new going on with Brit but yet she gets bashed except for DCFS, which was brought on by her ex-bodyguard, who by the way is being investigated by DCFS too. Heard on CNN & Showbiz Tonight - last night, he has a shady past. Plus he re-tracted his story to Matt Lauer & Larry King. He admitted to them, he never actually saw Brit drink or do drugs in front of her kids or when her kids were not around or verbally abuse her kids, as the report claims. This guys has alot of explaining to do because none of it adds up. DCFS were to Brit's home several times & there NO signs of abuse, the case was closed till the bodyguard & his lawyer Gloria Alroid (sorry for spelling) brought up the charges in the custody hearing.

As for Maks, he a a great dancer but does have an attitude problem.

2512 days ago


Lionel and Gross,
God's law was written by MAN you idiot!!
You rail and everthing and everyone who doesn't follow YOUR rules.
Oh yeah, you are the only ones going to heaven. Get a grip on reality you losers.
You are the hypocrites!!!

2512 days ago


Seriously ppl I would have to hear this from the manager himself,tmz has posted BS in the past that "was not" true...

2512 days ago


Actually, Maks isn't up for contract talks. He signed a 5 year contract when he first came on the show. And I'm THRILLED he's coming back.:-)

2512 days ago


Annoyed...I knew something was up with that bodyguard...Couldn't Britney's lawyer file a suit against him and his old lawyer ?(can't remember her name) And he has a shady past as well ? oh this is going to be good if she files suit on these tabloids and blogs,lol...she has been toooooo quiet ...

2512 days ago


#37 No one would ever come up to you and ask you to exchange clothes. Dont ever worry about that. They may put more around you.

2512 days ago


Maks is be far the most talented dancer and creative choreographer on DWTS and I'm really glad he's coming back. To say that he overshadow's his partner is ridiculous. It's not his fault that he's so amazing that you watch him most of the time instead of his partner. If you don't watch him, how can you say that about him? Unlike Julianne, who actually dances circles around her partner, Maks teaches his celeb partner to become a dancer. Oh, but that's right, she's American and that's ok. BTW, she doesn't do her own choreography and I know that for a fact.

2512 days ago
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