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Lohan Kicking Another Habit? Not Quite!

12/7/2007 12:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan isn't quite ready to quit smoking -- she's just getting sneaky about it!

TMZ caught La Smokehan at Koi, proudly displaying a box of Ariva lozenges on the dashboard of her ride. At first glance, they look like something to help someone quit smoking, but the mint flavored product is actually "dissolvable tobacco."

The non-FDA regulated item makes it possible for cig addicts to get their nic fix in places where smoking is not permitted. Of course, if smoking cigarettes is the worst thing Lohan's been doing (other than Riley Giles), it's a vast improvement.


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Nicotine is one of the hardest habits in the world to break. Been there, done that after several attempts over many years.. Give her a break...

2459 days ago

horrified by #28    

to # 28, that is absolutely the most disgusting and cruel thing i have ever heard. how could you wish something like being molested by her dad or an uncle on her or ANYONE, for that matter? you are sick and probably need help. if you're wishing things like that on celebrities or other people you don't even know, i think you have a bigger problem than lindsay lohan. freak.

2459 days ago


Lindsay can smoke all she wants and still be preferable to all the anti-smoker types who think they have some mandate from God to make the world a better place for them alone. Not a single study has ever proven any of the asinine claims made on TV about second hand smoke, and obesity is a far worse health problem than smoking, and there is absolute proof that fat people are inspiration for others to get fat, which constitutes second hand obesity. When I see people using their brains about this issure rather than their anal vanity, then I might take some time to spit on such idiots, which would be a compliment to their real level of intelligence.

2459 days ago


Stanley Livingstone I presume?

FOCK YOU, you pomus conceited a-hole!

2459 days ago

kitty cat    

If everyone is soooo grossed out at Lindsey,why are we talking about her, why have we made her rich by watching her movies?

2459 days ago

John F. C. Taylor    

Sad that such a young person feels the need to polute her body.

2459 days ago


and so what if Justin Timberlake is gay. I still don't like his music. Gay people are people too, not a disease. This is 2007, not 1967.

2459 days ago


BFD cigarettes ARE legal.Is it SO wrong to drink a Coke? Both are legal. Can all you busybodies, just shut the H. up on people smoking??? I quit 8 years ago, don't crave them and don"t feel justified in assailing AYONE else, who uses a LEGAL ( for the Loma Linda crowd, that means lawful-OK-as in not against the law) form of self indulgnce, If you don't like it, don't smoke. See how easy it is to stay the Hell out of other people's business?

2459 days ago


So let me get this straight: its "wrong" to comment and chastise hollywood types about sleeping around, having kids before (or without) getting married, living together before marriage because its THEIR personal lives and they have rights to do that. BUT..when it comes to politically correct (but perfectly LEGAL) things like smoking its ok to chastise them about it nationally?

2459 days ago


Who cares? Let the dumd bitch smoke herself to death.

2459 days ago


Lindsay sniffs jock straps too. At least she hasnt sunk to piercings in her ears or face. THATS sick.

2459 days ago


Smoked for over 40 have COPD and can hardly walk up the stairs. This girl is a loser. I do not understand why the public is so in love with her. No one could tell to stop smoking...except Mother Nature and time.

2459 days ago


About the smoking thing I alluded called "second hand" smoke is thousands of times LESS dangerous than the hypcritical, bed to bed behaviour of most hollywood types. The "second hand smoke" is simply a nuisance (no studies show it to be a health hazard), while kids being brought up by a parent that refuses to marry the biological mother or father only perpetuate those attitudes in their lives.

2459 days ago

Donitta Childers    

Come give her a break. It must be tough living the life these young girls live. Money to do with what you want, when you want. It's hard being a young star and having a camera in your face everytime you walk out the door.

2459 days ago


I am so shocked to see young people take up smoking.People like Lindsey Lohan as long as they continue to smoke will always have smoking and other addictions.Beleive me if you cant stop smoking all the other addictions will become worse as life goes on.The key to stop smoking is never to start.I grew up in a smoking household and it can go both ways,but with education and caring about other people (second hand smoke) I chose not to take up this nasty habit.Smoking is a selfish act ,if you want to ruin your own health ,thats up to you,but when you have an addiction that can effect other health,smoking is just careless and disrespectful.
As for people like Lindsey Lohan,I will never be a fan of hers as long as she puts forth this image and will not support anything she does.Basic princecipal is straighten up or you will pay for it later on in life,if you live that long..

2459 days ago
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