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Shauna Sand Is a Mother of Three

12/6/2007 1:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Shauna Sand, putting the ho in holidays since 1996.

Cameras caught the Playboy model shopping for Christmas decorations with her daughters -- in an outfit ideally suited for a soccer mom ... or anyone whose work uniform involves a G-string and acrylic heels. On a positive note: Thank heaven she finally took off those whore-iffic Lucite platforms!


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Right. Couldn't go out in a comfy pair of jeans and sneakers. Gotta show the little one's how to get the attention!

Attention whoring skank.

2516 days ago


The shoes are unfortunate. They are acrylic or lucite platforms and she apparently wears them everywhere and has forever.

Actually, I don't think the photo is photoshopped.

And they really do look like hooves from the angle of the shot. It's kinda creepy.

2516 days ago

Justin is Calling    

I'll bet she used to be really cute back in high school.

2516 days ago


She dresses like a hooker!!!!

2516 days ago

TMZ Fraternity    

hahahahaha that is too funny..My buddy used to date her, and let me tell you she is craaazy. LOL. She is super insecure, and the dumbest thing alive, and really doesnt do anything. All she would ever do is get her hair an nails done an then go tan..LOL She also wont let anyone see her without make up.

2516 days ago


She was hot then and she's hot now. Ok so her choice in clothing sucks, but hey....

2516 days ago


Really people, can't she give the "hooker" look a rest for a day to go on an outing with her kids? Some nice fitting jeans tucked into some boots and button down top would have been a great look for this type of outing. Heck, she could have just left the shirt half unbuttoned if she still wanted to keep a touch of the "hooker" look.

GET REAL SHAUNA. You look RIDICULOUS. Nothing SEXY about you here!!! You just look stupid and TRASHY!

2516 days ago


Oh give me a break, Dorothy, if you actually believe what you posted, you must believe in the Easter Bunny, too. Shauna is a trashy sl#t, and trashy sl#ts are the worst possible role models for their children. As for Pamela Anderson, she is the queen of sl#ts, and she, too, is the worst possible role model for her sons. Shauna makes a living posing for porn type photos, or at least she did, since it would take way too much "help" with photoshop now, probably too much of a challenge even for photoshop magicians like Playboy! If it acts like a slut , dresses like a sl#t, and lives like a sl#t, it is a sl#t. As for her kids living with her, that is too bad, they will probably grow up just like their trashy attention-wh#re sl#tty mother. And the photo here is not altered, LOL, must be Shauna posting these lame accusations trying to convince everyone she looks better than she does. Those ARE Shauna's bird-legs, that is what they really look like without Playboy working on her photos, without the airbrushing and photoshop Shauna uses for her internet photos. She's been rode hard and put away wet too many times and it shows in her hard look. And Shauna, you might want to touch up those dark roots, but they really complete your "look," LOL.

2516 days ago

just wondering    

...#8 monkey!!...hahahahahahhahahha

2516 days ago


I'd still do her!

2516 days ago


"Children....this is why your mommy told you not to get tats."

"You get a little older and those tribal armbands start to flap and flop and that cute little dolphin you want on your belly will look like Shamu in time."

2516 days ago

Justin is Calling    

She would be much hotter is she let her hair go back to her natural color.

The Iranian woman should have dark hair.

2516 days ago

Boston Kate    

Her face is beautiful and she has a good shape. She'd get plenty attention if she was in jeans and a tanktop. I feel bad for women who need validation from the outside world to feel good. It's too bad that she's setting such a bad example for her daughters.

2516 days ago


Her children are adorable...she looks like a whore.

2516 days ago


Give her a break!!

Maybe short hooker dresses are the only clothes she owns!!!!

2516 days ago
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