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That French Chick

Clooney Dated in the '90s Resurfaces

12/7/2007 7:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Celine Balitran -- the French law student who became famous for dating George Clooney around ten years ago and then disappeared back into obscurity -- was spotted alive and well on Thursday. Who the hell breaks up with Clooney?!

Celine Balitran
The 33-year-old beauty was snapped at a holiday event in Paris, looking tres magnifique. By George, I think she's still got it!

Before Sarah Larson, Lisa Snowdon and Krista Allen, Celine was the first of Clooney's girlfriends to garner fame by association. Since her breakup with the The George in '99, Celine, like many celebudates, went on to star in a reality show; Celine's was a French one called "La Ferme Celebrites."


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If yu call this beautiful man I don't think so. Brit is a princess compare to this hair do. I don't see the beauty.

2489 days ago


I agree she looks older than 33. Also agree that the photos TMZ puts up are sometimes not that flattering. Did she dump George or did he dump her? He tends to dump them. Love George but he does have issues with committment.

2489 days ago


She does not look tres whatever; she looks haggard. Stay out of the sun, Celine! Reaffirms my belief that even I could get George Clooney. lol

2489 days ago


She has the confidence to go out in public with blender hair and not a stitch of makeup, then knowingly faces the paparazzi head-on. How many 33 year old starlets in Hollyweird can say... or would actually DO... the same thing? She has a look of confidence and serenity - you can't buy THAT in a jar! George Clooney is unworthy of HER. Let him have his Barbie dolls - Celines' the real deal.

2489 days ago


I guess she didn't age well, but she did always look like a class act when she was with Clooney.

George's current chick looks like a bit of a streetwalker.

2489 days ago


"Tres Magnifique"? Is the person who wrote the commentary BLIND? My cat has dragged in better looking stuff!

2489 days ago

Thats One Ugly Skanky Hoe    

A hairbrush, and a little makeup would help things out.
Looks like she got Clooneized!

2489 days ago



She looks like a street walker from Jack The Ripper days.

2489 days ago

Shitney, please drop of the face of the planet.    

Do you ppl really think that looking like that at 33 yrs old is "still having it"????? uggggg

2489 days ago

Shitney, please drop of the face of the planet.    

George Clooneys looks are gone. He's old.

2489 days ago


I hope she got a good "compensation package" from Cloony because he was the last celebrity or wealthy man this chick is going to land.
I hope she learned a skill or trade because her looks are almost gone.

2489 days ago


Are you people blind? No makeup? Of course she's got makeup on! Just no EYE makeup. Geez.

2489 days ago



His momma was not a "low rent torch singer."

His aunt, to whom I believe you are trying to refer, was Rosemary Clooney and in the early 50's was one of THE top female singers of the time. She was also an actress, a wonderful wife and mother. She just had the misfortune of being a singer when the music biz changed radically with rock and roll. She died several years ago.

His father IS a respected journalist who continues to write a newspaper column and has been married to George's mother for over 45 years - a feat to be truly admired in this day and age of throw-away marriages.

So I guess we have to agree - why do you bother commenting here?

Celine is showing what happens to the facial skin of smokers. We won't even go into what she's doing to her internal organs with all the chemicals that smoke deposit in your body.

All of us age. No one stays as fresh and young as they did in their early years. I have to agree with the posters who have said we should look in the mirror. I'll bet too many commenting here could use a wakeup call on their own looks. As so many have said before me, youth is wasted on the young.

I hope Celine will stop or has stopped smoking. It won't matter what she looks like when she's dead from lung disease.

2489 days ago


She's 33? Either she's lying or she's had a hard life. IMO she looks to be 53 or even 63.

2489 days ago

Shitney, please drop of the face of the planet.    

They should have done a before and after on this chick.

2489 days ago
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