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Britney Gets a Lighter with Five Finger Discount!

12/8/2007 6:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Though she certainly has the ability to buy whatever she wants, for some reason, Britney Spears decided to steal a disposable lighter from a gas station last night -- and brag about it to the cameras!

The popwreck spent most of her day driving the paparazzi around in circles. When she decided to stop at a Van Nuys gas station for some gum, she doubled back for a lighter -- and just snatched it off a display. Gimme dis lighter!

We'd like to say Britney "forgot" to pay for it, but then she turned to the cameras and yelled, "I stole something. Oh, I'm bad. Ohhhhh!"


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Party 'till you die!    

What a cunning stunt!

2490 days ago


It wasn't stolen always these stories get blown all out of proportion...she was just having fun with the paps............You got to love her.........

2490 days ago


Is it really necessary to write about this douche bag? How about you stop writing about her and maybe, just maybe, she'll go crawl into the hole she came out of.

2490 days ago


Why are people so interested in her????

What's the big deal? She is playing everyone.

All the much does a pic of her get these days, $5??

Most of the stuff on this site is entertaining, but bubblehead is not.

Trailer trash to the max.

Just ignore her for a while. Then she will have to stop living in lala land.

2490 days ago


wack the bitch and get it over with.

2490 days ago


Why can't something be done to get this crazy drugged out person??? I cannot believe she can still see her babies!!! She has broken the law time and again and nothing is done to stop her. Shall we wait til she kills someone, or permanently maims someone??? The paparazzi should turn all photos over to Kevin's attorneys and to the judge and let the chips fall where they may. She is to be pitied, I guess.

2490 days ago


Brit is a wonderful lady - just a bit crazy for 1-2 years unlike the hated rap & hip hop lifetime deviant low IQ boys.

2490 days ago


she has a real problem

2490 days ago

she smiled    

She looks like a tweaker.

2490 days ago


Fabulous - though if you look carefully you'll see me slip in behind & pay hard earned jack for that lighter - for the fabulous Brit.

She is a multi talent unlike the nefarious radical liberal crowd of Obama & Oprah.

2490 days ago

d to the izzle    

I don't care if it's a lighter or a diamond ring. Shoplifting is shoplifting!

2490 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

And even if it was just a big joke, it really doesn't make too much of a difference. She's a sick, messed up person and deserves to be locked away and FORCED to get help! And I don't understand why any business owner would allow her to even step on their premises. Granted, a convenience clerk may not be as able to do this as easily, but what about restaurants, hotels, and stores in general. Hell, it would be the right thing to do and would (sickly) make a name for that store. If I owned a place and saw her coming, I'd bar her entrance in a heartbeat! Other celebs have had this done to them, why not this idiot?

2490 days ago


Obviously a bit crazy, no morals, trailer trash material. There are alot of other "worthy" celebrities to cover. Get busy TMZ. She's just not worth the trouble anymore.

2490 days ago


Lindsay - how is she doing - any new topless photos of her perhaps - hopefully I shall soon get custody of LiLo for safe keeping.

2490 days ago


I agree that Brit is too wild now - but she is much cooler than the radical dem fem neoliberal Hillary in these election times - vote GOP early & often - thanks TMZ.

2490 days ago
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