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Kat's Tat Record Stab

Nearly Nixed by Truck

12/8/2007 5:18 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kat Von DVixen tattoo artist Kat Von D is trying to break a world record -- and needs the help of 400 ink lovin' Angelenos to get it done! Hopefully, some wayward truck won't interfere!

The "L.A. Ink" star posted a blog on her MySpace, pleading to her fans to help her break the Guinness World Record for number of tattoos completed in 24 hours. She'll hold the mass-inking on December 14 at her shop in L.A. To save time, everyone who shows up gets the same tat (inset) -- no minors allowed.

The tat costs $20 a person, with all proceeds going to the Vitamin Angels, an organization that raises money for children in Africa.

Last night, Kat's pigment parlor was almost tattooed by a truck that plowed into the Edible Arrangement store next door. Reality Bites!

A few more feet in the other direction could have put a serious damper on Kat's run for the record.


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HATERS.......You all aint gotta cry about it.

2457 days ago


A friend got a huge tatoo of a Rams Football Helmet on his shoulder... no it looks really lame!

Chicks look so desprite trying to look sexy with a tat... when then tats start to get blurry they look like bruises and dirt. Especialy the fat chicks with the tramp stamp on the back... nasty!

Im glad I do not need to put ink in my skin to get attention. Its funny how fake people will do anything to get a second look from people. Its like rappers and thier bling! Wannabee Nation!

This Cat skank looks like a Tranny Sailor!

2457 days ago


Yeah like I want Kat's hands on me. I think not. Never.

2457 days ago

omg omg omg

2457 days ago

Posh is nasty    

9inch: Not everyone who gets tattoos get them to attract attention, I know I sure don't. I personally love tattoos. I find them to be very artistic and the ones that I have all mean something to me.

2457 days ago


the point is tatoos were something for bad asses and outcasts,,,nowadays every dork or book worm bitch have some sort of tat...if its mean something cool,,,but its really funny when you see someone with a giant woodywoodperker on his torso...

2457 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

My dad was in the Navy and they all got drunk somewhere oversees. One guy was kind of a jerk and said he wanted a tat. He woke up with a massive hang over and a pain Around his ass. Hard to see for him, but there was a devil leaning on a shovel, next to a pile of coal, with flames coming out of the outhole! Really happened! I wonder what Kat has around hers? Maybe I don't want to know

2457 days ago


you ever think people get tattoos to not be associated with close minded people as yourselves

2457 days ago

White Trash Ho Family    

Tattoos are voluntary scarring, and indicative of TRASH. Unless you're POPEYE, that is.

2457 days ago


Seriously people, the stunt is stupid but not everyone that has
tattoos is trash or a criminal. A lot of people get stupid drunk tattoos and then there are people who get tattoos that are great art and for a personal reason. It amazes me that y'all have nothing better to do w/ your time than to sit around bad mouthing people you
don't even know, GET A F**KING LIFE!!!!!!

2457 days ago


TATTOO WARS blows this show away

2457 days ago


How about, live and let live? If you don't like Kat, don't watch her show. If you don't like tattoos, don't get one. But whatever you do, don't hate people that you don't know just to make yourself feel better. Tattoos can be, for most, a form of expression and used to mark certain period in their lives that they want to celebrate. Just because a person gets a tattoo does not mean that they are trash or even seeking attention. By the way, to those that don't know, Kat is a very talented artist and also Von is not her middle name. It is part of her last name.

2457 days ago


Von is not her middle name. The Von D part comes from her last name, she just shortened it.

2457 days ago


Shoot...I don't want to be associated with closed minded individuals........I had better get a tattoo!

2457 days ago


People get tattoos to be unique like every other special snowflake that has a tattoo.


2457 days ago
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