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Paris Hilton: She's Not a Lion, She's a Cheatah!

12/8/2007 11:32 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Alex Vaggo who?! Paris Hilton and Stavros Niarchos got reacquainted with each other in Miami Beach Thursday night. Looks like the two are back to their slobbering-all-over each other ways!

Paris, who was thought to be dating pizza boy-turned-model Alex Vaggo, may have forgotten to mention to Sexy Lexy that she was still into her shipping heir ex.

This picture should do the talking for her!


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Thats One Ugly Skanky Hoe    

I wonder how much Parass charged him for the evening?
She is a tramp no-talent celebrity wannabe.
Everyone should stop doing any news/photos etc on her and she will fade away fast.

2478 days ago

F Paris    


Her father sold his last remaining shares in Hilton brands to an international holding company (Blackstone) back in JULY. Google it. The Hilton family no longer has ANY VESTED INTEREST or OWNERSHIP in the Hilton hotel franchise. Paris has as much of a chance "inheriting" the hotel empire, as the guy working in the mail room. Stop it.

2478 days ago

boob bot    

Here is a sex ed question for you.

If Paris has herpes, and herpes is permanent, then anyone who kisses her or has sex with her is at risk for herpes.

Does this mean Stavros has herpes too so he doesn't care?

2478 days ago

d to the izzle    

They then proceeded to her hotel where they began to have sex. Within seconds of penetration, she promptly got up to answer her cell phone and disappeared.

2478 days ago

Go away!!    

#38 f paris, so you are saying we should just stick to calling her a herpes infected, racist whore?

2478 days ago

Cmew-young, cute, and curvy    

I don't it me or does it look like her head is turned away?

2478 days ago

Really, really sad    

#14. Agree and will go a step further

He is sitting, so he can't move. She is leaning into him and yet he is pulling his hand away. I sort of feel sorry for this woman. Her life is so empty that she has nothing better to do than try to chase men around. At least Nicole Richie grew up, fixed her wrongs and settled down. If Paris hasn't learned by now (jail, Larry King broken promise, etc) she will never learn. She will be one of those 40 year old skanks (Shana Sands, Pamela Sue Anderson) that spend their lives bouncing from one bed/scandal to the next.

No class.

2478 days ago


What a gross photo. Even more so when you realize that she knew the photog was right there to snap this shot. No class whatsoever.

Btw, the size of her hands is not due to the angle of the photo. She really does have huge hands and feet.

2478 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

The only 'fans' screaming 'jealous' are her relatives trolling the sites.

2478 days ago


Isn't Stavro's goin out with Lindsey I could b wrong
Wht a whore Paris is

2478 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Why the hell doesn't she get some integrity and tell spoiled silver
spoon shipping boy to take a permanent hike? Now if HE had worked for
and earned all that dough he might have earned some cachet. As is, he
was simply born into it, and his legacy seems to be partying as much
as the Davis brothers in between schooling. His family will ensure
that he doesn't marry her, as he is not allowed to have his own mind
if he wants to inherit. She needs to blow him off and find someone
who has actually worked for and earned his kudos. Stavros reminds me
of just another (Greek) use and discard frat boy.

2478 days ago


Did you see britneys new love, this guy michael fredo

2478 days ago

Go away!!    

#46, because NO ONE with any integrity will have anything to do with her.

She should realize her time in the limelight is over here, she should f off, move to Korea and host a game show or something.

2478 days ago



2478 days ago


She is still a complete piece of trash and always will be.

2478 days ago
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