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Watch the Spice Girls Get Dressed

12/9/2007 1:59 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

What do you get when you mix a pound of makeup, maayjah cleavage and some high end couture? You get the fabulous Spice Girls! Holler!

TMZ has obtained exclusive backstage pics of the reunited girl power troop at the recent Victoria's Secret runway show. Check out America's favorite British soccer moms, in WWII costumes by tee shirt designer/stylist Cory Savage, as Posh, Baby, Ginger, Sporty and Scary, get primped, prodded and poked.


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The Spice

@ Tinainvt: I think that since she's "Posh Spice" she has to have that fashion look to her where she looks all.....Hollywood.....or whatever. I'm sure she does have a very pretty smile though. Who knows?

2427 days ago

Posh, I'd bang u in a second    

Posh is the sexiest Spice Girl out there. They should definitely get more pics of her. She should definitely be in magazines where she could show off her body. Pretty much the whole thing!

2427 days ago


Ah, nothing like a woman in uniform :drool:

2427 days ago


people don't be so mean, the fact they each win 14 millons E doesn't mean they don't have feelings, even talent, i think they're cute ...

2427 days ago


omg this women luk amazing 4 there age. they almost look young.Posh doesn't use botox n her smile is beautiful. ya'll saying dat she ain't got talents should compare ur self to her who's famous n whos not. the women juat hates da papprotza unlike most celebritys we know. dats why she doen't smile n the only person she neeeds 2 inpress is her hot hubby david beckham.

2427 days ago

Listening to the Spices right now    

I'm listening to them right now.
Though they obviously don't look as good as they used to, I admit I love their music. I'm also a huge fan of the Clash and the Ramones, so don't even start.
I always thought their music was upbeat and catchy. They're good singers, and have awesome stage presence. They were the epitome of bubblegum pop music in the 90s. None of the Lindsay Lohan or the recent Britney Spears crap compares at all. Sure, not the most respected genre, but these girls rock at what they do--or did.
And shut up about Posh, that's her gimmick.

2427 days ago


Why do all of the ladies look as if they are having a marvelous time except Posh? I have oftened wondered if someone once told her she had a horrible smile. When she does smile a genuine smile, it lights the room up. I only wish that she would do it more often.

2449 days ago


Irrelevant and old, welcome to the oldspice tour. A group of middle aged women trying to recapture a bit of their faded youth and appeal, almost sad.

2449 days ago


They all look like female impersonators. Victoria Beckham looks like a very angry Bela Lugosi in drag, nothing new there, but all these "girls" need to hang it up.

2449 days ago


They did not have mini skirts in the 40's.

So it is a mashup look

2449 days ago

Mad as Hell    

Nothing worse than people trying to recapture the 'glory days' of their youth.

Especially when they never had any talent, or looks, in the first place. Go away, ladies. Your 15 seconds are over.

2449 days ago


TMZ ...they're old has-beens. Get over it!

2449 days ago


Posh always looks like she is pissed off. I don't think I have ever seen a picture of her smiling.

2449 days ago


Yes, Posh always seems sad. Did you know I just read barbra Walters asked her if she would ever eat a cookie or a slice of cake and she said " No ... never." she only eats Heatlhy and thats great.... I could never have well power like that. ( Hey, you only go around once). Posh .. Hope your enjoying your chothes and how you look .

2449 days ago


Tinainvt, I have actually seen Stick-Woman smile, and it is definitely NOT a pretty sight. Her face pinches up into a tight, rat-like grimace and her smile ALWAYS looks uncomfortable and chilly. Maybe it's the Botox, but Stick-Woman's smile is just too frigid to look appealing. So, if you saw the room light up when she smiled (ROTFLMAO at this) just means someone turned on a light at the same time, just a coincidence. At least Stick-Woman knows this and spares us that hideous sneer as much as she can. They all look ridiculous and that much narcissism makes them look pathetic. On the plus side, they said this was it, time will tell if they are a bunch of liars.

2449 days ago
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