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Store Owner to Brit: You Can Steal From Me Anytime!

12/9/2007 4:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney makes over $700,000 a month, and she's out jacking lighters from blue collar workers! Regular people have bills to pay!

TMZ talked with the owner of the gas station where Britney stole a lighter Friday night, and maybe it's the holiday season, because apparently there're no hard feelings. As a matter of fact, he talks about wanting Brit to come by more often. Be careful what you wish for!

Even though she's in the owner's good graces, Britney might want to cough up the change for the lighter next time -- after all, she is a role model. Well -- to her own kids anyway.


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Britney has the voice of an angel, if angels sound like duck farts.

2479 days ago

Julie G.    

Cynic- you made me laugh! If that true with angels sounds like duck farts, then It make me feel better not able to hear it since I am deaf!

2479 days ago

brainless britt    

The damage is already done. This video will be used in the custody battle.
More very poor judgment. She is so pathetic. She never thinks about her
kids and how her behavior effects them.

2479 days ago


Why is this stupid chick not in jail for stealing! she was caught on tape. She needs to be put in an institution seriously. Those poor kids have no chance.

2479 days ago

The Simple Facts    

I dunno what it's called if someone is 20 steps past delusional, but that's definitely where this strange creature is. BS is gonna crash & burn, already at least 1/2 way there.

2479 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

At least we can all agree that Britney will probably use the lighter to set her house on fire. We also can agree that hopefully she will die in the fire, so the world will be a better place without her. I'm so glad we all agree on something, finally.

2479 days ago

the lost    

Ah, I'm bored with this story. Someone tell Britney to steal something else. From Kitson this time.

2479 days ago

the lost    

Parking in the handicap spot would be a ticket that cost far more than the lighter, that is if Britney actually had to obey the law like regular people. But she's not regular people. She's Britney.

2479 days ago

brainless britt    

I guess all the delusional fans that think Brit Twit paid for the lighter has left the building.
God luv em!

2479 days ago


Britney followers - if you watch the video for what it's worth, you will see that the clerk was telling her that she didn't pay enough for what she was purchasing. THOSE TWO BILLS HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE LIGHTER. The girl is an all around loser and does anything for attention. Let's quit feeding her ego and move on!

2479 days ago


The store owner was waiting Britney picks him to home but Britney chose the lighter , Sorry , man . ............... waiting the next time .

2479 days ago


Hey Harvey -- The holiday season has begun. Many organizations are donating toys n treats to impoverished kids. Tell us if Britney donates warm slippers and robes to impoverished senior citizens. In fact, tell us if any celebrities open up their 'spirit of christmas' to the segment of society most often neglected and forgotten about around this time of year.

2479 days ago


She left money on the counter for the gum, not the lighter. I've never seen her without smaking gum like a cow. Her mom has no class not to have taught her you don't dress yourself in a formal gown and have a wad of gum in your mouth. Britney is on speed and alcohol. Why does't anyone who stalks her call the cops when she is clearly under the influcence driving? Provigil--remember her "narcolepsy" medication--is nothing more than legal speed. Speeders take it because you can get it with a prescription, and it's legal. She's also bipolar.

2479 days ago

Amy Silverman    

Damn I hate this bitch!

2479 days ago

love little people :)    

Time to grab the kids kevin , even though your an a hole, anything is better than this bitch having one second with those poor kids ...................DAMN

2479 days ago
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