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Britney Drops the F-Bomb

12/10/2007 10:16 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears turned on her paparazzi buddies this weekend -- cussing them out for getting too close to her car!

Spears was doing some shopping at Beverly Glen market in Los Angeles, where she was once again completely surrounded by snappers. After screaming "I love people!" at the throng and getting her Starbucks fix, Spears suddenly went from bubbly to bitchy with one pap and snapped, "Don't touch my f***ing car!"

Probably wise to listen to her, y'all -- girlfriend's car does have a tendency to runneth people over.


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I think that at first the attention/love form the paps was seen by Brit to me a good thing, and she enjoyed it since that was her only limelight....

seems that maybe finally she is realizing that it isn't love-they are blood suckers hounding her, hoping that they will be the one who is there when the worst happens and that the photo will get them tons of cash

they are not/have never been fans or friends

they are opportunistic vultures that she unfortunatley encouraged and now they have become a curse on her

hopefully she will give them nothing to photograph and they will finally leave her alone

if they stop feeding into the problem then maybe the whirlwind will settle down a bit and she'll focus on getting the proper help to get her life on track

getting her career on track should be her last concern right now-her life and the lives of her children needs to become her priority

call Dr Phil girl-get SOMEONE qualified to help you
and get a really good coffee/latte machine for your home so you don't have to keep running out

ask yourself why it is that you can't seem to stay still -there might be a place to start self reflection

2506 days ago


dont bite the hand that feeds you brit

2506 days ago


Mary Jane, that is totally correct. This mess-of-a-female makes damn sure that anyone with a camera knows her slightest move. This "ohhhh, how the evil paps are stalking me" thing is totally fabricated by her and her little camp of odd hanger-ons. If she really wanted to be left alone, she wouldn't make these ridiculously transparent "look at me" photo-ops. She's addicted to attention, and she'll get it any way she can.

2506 days ago

this is absurd    

So a friend of mine just showed me this site, and I am completely appalled by the way that this poor girl is treated. Can you honestly blame her for having all of the problems that she has? If any non-celebrity was followed by a single uninvited photographer for a whole day, he or she would be not only justly upset but probably granted a restraining order. Brittany seems to be constantly followed by a slew of photographers whose sole goal is to get her to do something stupid. I hear people talk about how she is in court again, or she was involved in another traffic violation--how can anyone act like this is all her fault. Yes, she is a celebrity, but why does that take away her humanity? The men and women who call themselves photographers don't deserve to have their pictures published, and if they had any real talent they would not make a career of getting a reaction from famous people so trashy magazines can have a new story to publish every twenty minutes. They should be ashamed of themselves, abetting the degradation of someone's reputation just so they have an excuse to publish stories that defame and humiliate. I know she is a public figure, but why can't people respect that there is a difference between someone's personal and public life?

2506 days ago


The real story here is how the press have drove this girl to her current actions. She needs you all to GIVVER MORE space (that is). The lies, deception and money groveling ways of this industry has been her problem - to include friends and family deception.

I feel sorry for her and her family!

Some say she is a human too but what i have found is that this by far the truth. Yes she is just as everybody else - that is a (Body) with a life. One in which everyone else's nose is in or attempting to get their hand in. One in which betrayal has become some unbearable that one would not know who to trust. Could you only imagine what life would be like if you felt you could trust no one? Could you imagine every time you went to the bathroom someone or something (camera) was up your *ss.

All any one would want is some kind of normal life. Peace Tranquility

What has she done to anyone to deserve this? Not a darn thing! Only provide the public with music to their ears. So what is with her being treated like this for giving many enjoyment?.

People need to realize that this is her life and should give her the respect you would want. Just because she is rich and famous STOP making such a fuss and go about other things. I sure would not want anothers life or style in my hands. Life has too many other things to offer!

We are what we make of it!

2506 days ago


"Tendency to runneth people over"? Good for her. The paparazzi not only should
be run over but put in jail. These so called photographers are group stalkers who
break the law with impunity and are egged on by those who buy their photographs.

2506 days ago


Bi-Polar Bear Biatch!!!!!!

2506 days ago


Brits had it with the paps? Thats the most normal behavior she displayed in a while. Good for you Brit.

2506 days ago


to #32 Meagan

welcome to TMZ

nice to seee an intelligent , compassionate person here

try not to get too upset or discouraged from some of the posts you read on this site

the "silent majority" don't post here as much as some others do, so it's nice to have another person with common sense and empathy here who does not want this gal to sefl-destruct for their entertainment

2506 days ago

Just Me    

SHOCKING!!!!!!!!!! she dropped the F bomb... do you idiots blame her??? I can't imagine all those morons snapping cameras in anyone's face and having them ok with it.

back off and let her get her life back on track... geeez

I feel bad for her

2506 days ago


I love Britney, I really do. Watching her slowly disintegrate in front of the entire world makes me smile because I know that no matter what happens in MY life, I'll never be the screwed-up, washed-up, has-been mess that she is.


Don't you love Moday? :P

2506 days ago


Well, that certainly wasn't something that I would want to say, but the paps really are always laying on her car to get a photo. Paps are idiots.

Then again, she's always rolling up the fenders on surrounding cars.....

2506 days ago


I love the people who post claming that they LOVE her and are her BIGGEST fans...

... and then spell her name "Brittany."


2506 days ago


Finial she does/says the right thing. She should carry a big can of Pepper spray. I carry one in case I get attached. These photogs sure look like they’re attacking her to me.

2506 days ago


TMZ is so funny !

2506 days ago
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