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Britney Terrorizes the Road ... Again!

12/10/2007 12:56 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Someone teach this girl how to drive -- before someone else sacrifices their foot, or worse. Steer clear!

Britney Spears was caught pulling yet another -- yes, another -- dangerous maneuver on the road this weekend -- driving on the wrong side of the road into oncoming traffic! Paging Nicole Richie!

Brit wasn't alone in her blatant violation of the rules of the road though, as at least two SUVs of frenemies the paparazzi pulled the exact same move. Perhaps it was peer pressure.


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Someone is going to end up dead if it's allowed to go on.

No big deal if it's BS or a pap but c'mon get it together.

2511 days ago


Why hasn't she killed herself already??? Just do it Brit! Get it over with. Make us all happy!

2511 days ago


Take that skank and put her out of her misery. She belongs locked up in the looney bin.

2511 days ago


She should at least spend all the money before she dies.

2511 days ago


Most everyone here is to blame for the paps doing what they do. You keep coming here and to places like this - dlisted etc., or buy into reading the tabloids. That's money to them. Places like this, is where they sell their pics/video to.

Stop putting money into their pockets, and they will stop doing what they do and go back taking pictures of babies at Sears photo studio for a living.

Besides, TMZ has lost its edge....... National Enquirer much?

2511 days ago


For all of you blaming paps for her behavior,

This bimbo would drive just as bad and pull off all these moves even if no one was around. She's not only clueless but appears to think it doesn't concern her.

Deport her, quick!!!

2511 days ago


15. Maybe if she were left alone and didn't have to dodge ever pap in the country she would be able to drive. I would like to see anybody drive under the same conditions she does.
Paps spend a little more time on GayFed since he is "one of the most influential young men in America." I'm still laughing over that one.........................

Posted at 11:49AM on Dec 10th 2007 by LuvUBrit
Hmmmmmmmmm ,maybe if she didn't tell them where she is going to be they (paps)couldn't eff with her ?Hmmmmmmm ,thats a thought .

2511 days ago


Jesus, she really is a dumbass; there's mental problems with this tw*t.. She has to know that her actions create more problems for herself, yet she continues to drive illegally (and very dangerously) and now she steals from a gas station. Doesn't this awkward inbred trailer trash dork have a brain? I guess not. Ol' fed-ex & his lawyers must be drooling over this; she's so blatantly stupid that she keeps helping their case of obtaining Full Custody. She's already lost 1/2 custody and the ability to drive with the kids in her car; soon, she'll have no overnight rights, and then no visitation at all. Since she thinks her kids were mistakes & she doesn't want them, maybe that's what she's shooting for...

2511 days ago


Brittany should go somewhere and try to be normal. There are a lot of celebrities that do this, it's not hard. When bad things happen to her she should not complain. People can't do to you what you don't let them. With all that money, but a car unde someone else's name, live in a house that no one knows where it is and have other people do your day to day running around until you can get some peace. I hate to see some terrible happen you.

2511 days ago

What are you that Stupid?    

If the stupid Paps would leave her the hell alone maybe, just maybe she can get the helps she needs.

2511 days ago


I hope that the paps will accept responsibility for their part when brit hurt or kills someone getting away from them.

2511 days ago


28. give her a break. she makes the best choices she knows how to make. if everybody tried to help her as much as they try to put her down then maybe she could pull through this difficult time. i have always relied on my parents and friends for guidence and she seems to have no one who cares unless she is giving them money. please someone reach out to her before it is to late. someone show her what it is like to be a good mom and friend. i think she is a good person at heart . lets help her and stop hurting her.

Posted at 12:09PM on Dec 10th 2007 by michelle
The problem is, she's caused any problems that afflict her now. She's driven away anyone who cares about her. She cheated on her boyfriend, has told her parents to stay away from her & her kids, has turned her back on her friends, and continutally shows an extreme level of bizarre behavior & mental problems that push away anyone who could be a true friend. She contantly courts the media (she calls the papps to let them know where she's going & when), then curses at them when they follow her to where she told them she was going. She lies, she steals, she constanly breaks the law, she hates & denegrates her kids, she is mentally erratic. The only people who are around her now, who can stand being around her, are people who are paid to be around her. She's made her bed, and now she's lying in it; she can't complain it's not her fault.

2511 days ago


STALKING !! To me this ain't news but proof of stalkin.

2511 days ago


Her dumb teenybopper fans will find some way of defending this worthless whore

2511 days ago


Why will she not move away from the paps and try to have some what of a normal life.

2511 days ago
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