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Hurricane Paris Strikes Miami Boutique

12/10/2007 7:31 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Despite clear skies, Miami was hit with a whirlwind storm in the form of shopping powerhouse Paris Hilton. Run for cover, betches!

Clad in a leopard print dress, TMZ has learned the ex-con/heiress dropped $20K in about 30 minutes at Miami's Atrium boutique in South Beach. TMZ spies tell us Paris picked up over ten dresses, six pairs of jeans, 30 tops -- but no underwear. Before charging up the trinkets, we're told P tried on a total of zero point zero items. Must be nice!

Who needs fitting rooms when everything comes in your size -- spoiled!


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After reading the lack of intelligence in your posts, one can only assume that you are what, pushing 13, maybe 14. Funny that you think that all people who don't share your adoration for your idol are uneducated, talentless fools. What's even funnier, is that it describes your idol to a T. You Parisite ass-kissers always like to pull the jealousy card when it comes to the haters, but it would seem to me that it is the ass-kissers that are jealous of the haters, because the haters are smart enough to see thru Parisite's fasaud. Or, at the very least, they are smart enough.

2455 days ago

just me    

her protruding collar bones look almost as gross as her hair

2455 days ago


Bismillah, does Spurs tell us from where they draw their negativity, we can acknowledge Canadians are proud to be Canadians and do not like to be thought of US Americans, Whilst we all strive for individuality from time to time and like travellers in the Beduin infested deserts of Arabia feel it necessary to invoke the name of the shaykh of some tribe and claim protection hoping we may escape the attentions of bandits and obtain our requirments there are those that are filled with arrogance and suffer indesribable disasters throughout their journey. They tremble in constant fear and are obliged to beg for everything. They become vile and abject.

Does Spurs really see trough the facade or only see their own refection. How does the "Proud hater" recognise the sounds that make up their volcabulary. Descriptions of "an unfortunate jealous world full of talentless idols, ass-kissers, morons, losers, idiots and parasites" Can your maturity and intelligence save you from such an inhospitalable multiverse ? Could the Navy offer you sanctuary. Oh spurs embrace the Green.

2455 days ago


Paris fans kill me...

Are YOUR lives so empty and desperate that all you have is a zero like P?

2455 days ago

Thats One Ugly Skanky Hoe    

Paris is a skank and a clown that people laugh at.
Let the non-celebrity go away and never return.
She has no talent and has zero class.

2455 days ago


I love her... she helps the american economy!! spend spend spend!! at least she can afford what ever she wants!! so dont hate.. its all paid for.

2455 days ago


Yes, she has too much money. LOL

2455 days ago


Spend it's no one's business what you buy....afterall it is helping out the economy............but if you wanted to help more put on some underwear and then sell them on Ebay......

2455 days ago



Man, are you ever an idiot. Your posts make absolutely no sense. You ramble on like you are on steroids. Get a life loser.

2455 days ago

800 Pound Gorilla    

Dear Paris,

You are so beautiful, cute and cuddly and wonderful.
You need lots of new outfits. You can't wear the same thing twice.
Every day you are photographed over and over and over for pictures for your
millions of adoring fans.
I am always glad to see more pictures of you on TMZ.COM
800 Pound Gorilla

2455 days ago


I think that all of you woman are just jealous. I ran into her at Atrium Boutique, not knowing she had just finished shopping. She was sweet, nice and agreed to take a photo with me and my boyfriend. Yeah, she has money, but she still has the same problems as you and me. As far as a hair brush, it was already the evening in Miami, and she probaly had a long day at Bazil, as well as running from the press. Which by the way, was staked out at the Atruim, and how I ran into her.

2455 days ago


I get such a kick out of those ignorant comments about how people are jealous of Hilton. It's fun to read those ridiculous comments, although they are few in number. As if laughter and ridicule can be interpreted as jealousy. It's sad that these "fans" have such empty lives.

Spurs -- don't let Derek bait you. He's obviously "out there," and not worth your time.

2455 days ago


Oh Spurs, the world at times can seem desperate and hostile. What is it you are so desperate to win during this transient life, bitterness and rejection can only bring you everlasting pain. Your rage and anger lay the foundations of your future, each step blindly crushing any hope offered. In the dark place your soul live does fear of acceptance leave you stranded and cold clinging to the past like damp moss on a stone. Open your eyes Spurs as each morning the sun rises, its warmth can be felt upon your cheek. it caresses and says, "You have a tongue what good does it seek."

2455 days ago


Just want to know the designer of the silver boots- Anyone?

2454 days ago


Paris your neck is far more gracious than those boots that is where the great design lies.

2454 days ago
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