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The Glamour of a Gown and an Exposed Tattoo

12/10/2007 3:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

There's no denying "Transformers" star Megan Fox is gorgeous, but her exposed tattoo is not!
Megan Fox
As Melanie Griffith, Eve and Angelina Jolie can attest, nothing wrecks a classy outfit quite like some exposed ink. We will all laugh at gilded butterflies -- and trashy ensembles! Basura!

From little black dress to little black mess in seven words or less!


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how was that hypocritical?

2404 days ago


Can you believe this chick played a TEENAGE daughter on the TV show Hope & Faith? She looks years older than Faith Ford or Kelly Ripa. Totally bad casting. It brought the show down and made it trashier - now it's cancelled! The brains of Hollywood.

2404 days ago


FTWilliams, reread my words, try to absorb the true meaning of what they say, instead of your twist on them. I don't dislike tattoos. in some cases, i love them. i expressed curiosity in how they may look on old women down the road. i have yet to see that, therefore, have no opinion about it. you said you like them if you find them "tasteful". i don't think it's anyone's place to judge if someone else's tattoo is "tasteful". now, go fight with a female who has to put up with your rantings. this female doesn't have to. peace out, dude.

2404 days ago


M..........whatever !!!!! you were obviously high or didn't proofread when you posted you're confused and pointless hypocritical rambling.You don't get the point and never will so I refuse to reply to any more of your Jibber Peace out dude !!!!

2404 days ago


oh please! like having a tattoo makes you trashy. this is 2007, not all people with tattoos are badass bikers.

2404 days ago

Reality dose    

What difference does it make? She has a tat, so the hell what? Why do you people care so much? There's nothing wrong with someone having ink, for God's sake. She obviously likes it, & I'm sure that's all she cares about, not all you whiny bitches carrying on about how it's "trashy" or "tasteless". Wow, if having a tat makes you a two-bit whore, then I'd hate to see how you feel about a REAL whore. Most of you idiots need to learn how to use contractions & how to spell. If you're going to try & make a valid point, at least try to use English correctly because otherwise you only show just how pathetic & stupid you truly are. Grow up & try to get it through your narrow-minded little hard heads that not everyone has to look the same. It's OK, I promise.

2404 days ago

Reality dose    

And to number 217, YES, finally someone with a good comment.

2403 days ago
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