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The Munsters 2.0

12/10/2007 6:58 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

After exhausting London's supply of black eyeliner, Scientolostars Priscilla Presley, Lisa Marie Presley, her daughter Riley Keough and borefriend Ryan Cabrera (yes, the same Ryan Cabrera who dated Ashlee Simpson!) -- in wannabe Johnny Depp drag -- came to life and hit up the Led Zeppelin concert in London on Monday. Stairway from heaven!
Priscilla, Lisa Marie Presley, Riley Keough, Ryan Cabrera
It takes a lot of Elvis money to look like this! A lot!


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uh oh    

Look closely, This is what plastic surgery does to ur face. It makes you look like the joker. Priscilla use to be one of the most beautful women around. Now she looks like Jack Nicholson. Her and Lisa both are trying to stay young. I'm sure Elvis has rolled over quite a few times after seeing what this crew has been into. Scientology, Wacko Jacko, Oh God...He was just a good ole Mississippi boy that rocked our world and made us proud. He was too good for his own good. He's probably better off not being face to face with The Munsters, R.I.P. KING! You are eternal in our souls 4 eva.

2507 days ago


Priscilla has a son out of wed-lock named "Navarone Garibaldi". The father of Navarone is named Marco Garibaldi and he is no Director and/or writer. I saw Marco's birth certificate. He was born in Mexico. Priscilla has told alot of lies in the past and re-invented Marco's image after she became pregnant. For example, she released information to the media that Marco was born in Italy until the mexican birth certificate turned up. After staying low-key about it for a while, she said he was born in Brazil. Also, Marco couldn't hold a job (a la Kevin Federline), Priscilla paid off his debts, moved him into her home, and invented the Director-writer title back when she worked on the television series "Dallas" ..... or perhaps it was the movie "Top Gun."

I agree that Priscilla used to have a striking-looking face. Her looks today just goes to prove that beauty is skin-deep. She looks ghastly in that burgandy-color hair. She's like about 62 but, trying to look 26. Grow up Priscilla!

2507 days ago

looks like being with one of these women is like a man drinking snake venom. man that guy riley is dating looks alot differant.

2507 days ago


if Pricilla has soooo much money to fix her face - why, oh why does she neglect her hair?


2507 days ago

Susan B    

The Presleys are telling the paps they DO NOT want their pictures taken........I would not like a camera in my face all the time. Rot in hell, Harvey!!!!

2507 days ago


How many face lifts has Priscilla had? She looks creepy. With all the money Elvis left them, you would think they could have hired a better make up artist.

2507 days ago


Is it me or are they a 2007 rendition of The Munsters? And what an unhappy looking bunch to be so rich. Guess it is doesn't buy happiness.

2507 days ago


Priscilla was never in the movie Top Gun. She was in the movie Naked Gun and Naked Gun 33 1/3. And while I have never seen Marco's birth certificate, IMDB, lists him as a writer, director, from Brazil. The name Garibaldi is not Mexican or Brazilian. Maybe that is made up also, and he is just trailer trash from East LA. Who knows any of this crap you read is on the up and up. But like they say, pictures don't lie, and these folks don't know how to spend all the money they have made off of "The King", cuz if they did, I am sure they would not run around looking like zombies. It amazes me that so many celebrities with so much money, always look like dog poop.

2507 days ago


Wash your face. Use soap. They look like the offspring of Gomez and Morticia.

2507 days ago


Who's the dork behind them??

2507 days ago

I'm Just Sayin'    

They look a hot DAMN mess!

2507 days ago


This is your family..... THIS is your family on Scientology.

2507 days ago

his fav brunette i the ONLY one who sees a proplem with Ryan being in this picture?!?!?! he used to be gorgeous!!!!!! now he looks like a skeeze bag!!!!!

2507 days ago


I think Priscilla looks very good for her age. Isn't she like 72 or something? I don't think their life have been easy living in the shadow of American royalty. The King of Music is Elvis! .Also, I don't think Elvis is rolling over in his grave in disgust for his family past indiscretions because I have a very reliable source that Elvis was seen shopping inside of the Mall of America!

2507 days ago


Wish people that have money would put it to use & make their selves presentable.
My GAWD they look horrible. Long stringy hair(WASH YOUR HAIR & BRUSH IT)
Wear clothes that fit & not wrinkled (PLEASE)
Ladies you look like RACCOONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Lighten up onthe make~up.
Be the Queen & Princesses of the King Elvis would hang his head in shame. YOUR

2507 days ago
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