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PETA to Olsens: Pelt You!

12/11/2007 2:31 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

PETA has come out swinging against Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen for ignoring their pleas to stop wearing and promoting fur. We'd pre-fur you don't!

A new campaign launched this week features the "Trollsen Twins" (Hairy Kate and Trashley) learning about the evils of harming animals in a graphic video parody of "Full House".

The organization also plans to unveil a poster of the Starbucks-swilling celebutwins with the tagline: "Fur Is Worn By Beautiful Animals and Ugly People" next to their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this afternoon.

Where's Danny Tanner when they need him?


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anmail lover    

all you guys making fun of peta are sick and twisted how the hell can you say this we have to stand up for animals cause they have no voice to speak up wearing fur is sad. how the hell would you like it if someone skined you alive just to make a coat. if they did kill you youd be batered to death or shot did yous even watch the part of the video where the animal is getting hurt. i would t i rather help a sick seal than a kid cauuse thier is always some else thier to help the kid. peta is an organission that gives a voice to the animals. this is one organission how many surrport children.

2507 days ago


Wow, a lot of ignorant people here.

Terrorists use violence and killing for political gain. PETA is not using violence-- it is the fur-wearers who are. ALF has been argued to be a terrorist organization, and if you called them one I would say "OK," but PETA is not a terrorist group.

The argument "because it's a tradition, we should continue" makes no sense. We should continue living like caveman? Well, you should stop using your computer. We've only been using the internet for about 10 years. It's not "tradition," so you should chuck yours.

The argument about "if their kid was dying" is also ridiculous. It's not like running a test on another animal is gonna suddenly cure cancer. You know that many drugs were originally found NOT to work because they were tested on animals? They actually had different effects on people. (I'm not sure WHY they were used on people if they didn't work on animals, but it ended up working out...)

Also, just because you hate PETA, doesn't mean you have to harm animals because of it. You're no better than someone who, because he hates UNICEF, decides to kill children.

2507 days ago


Wow, I am really saddened by the coldness of people responding to this story. Where is the compassion for ALL? I've never understood the argument that matters affecting humans should take precedence over everything, even if it's simply pure vanity. Suffering is suffering whether it's a human baby or dog or mink. It's wrong and we should do everthing we can to stop it and allow all to live in peace. Peace on earth and goodwill to ALL!

2507 days ago


There are two petas, peta2, and just peta, peta2 is more of a club or cult of people that share the same beliefs, peta is an actual animal wefare society that isnt just spamming and shoving stuff down peoples throats, i agree the thing with the olsens is just plain retarted. Peta is tyring to make people aware of the different situations animals are in and what is true about what goes on in facilities with animals ei.slaughterhouses, zoos, circuses. I my self think fur is cruel, yes we have been wearing it for many years but now its not nescessay to stay warm, we have alternative fabrics so there is really no need for fur, and its mostly used for fashion. So before you hate on activists you should know about the different ones first.

If anyone would like to talk to me add me on myspace/chasethemouse

2506 days ago


i really don't like them because there so much more fashion choose then fur were a dead animal that was still alive in the first place.

772 days ago
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