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PETA to Olsens: Pelt You!

12/11/2007 2:31 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

PETA has come out swinging against Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen for ignoring their pleas to stop wearing and promoting fur. We'd pre-fur you don't!

A new campaign launched this week features the "Trollsen Twins" (Hairy Kate and Trashley) learning about the evils of harming animals in a graphic video parody of "Full House".

The organization also plans to unveil a poster of the Starbucks-swilling celebutwins with the tagline: "Fur Is Worn By Beautiful Animals and Ugly People" next to their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this afternoon.

Where's Danny Tanner when they need him?


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Bottom line:
If a PETA member had a child dying from a disease and the cure was found in the spinal fluid of baby seals, they'd be in the arctic with a kayak and a club faster than you could say Michael Vick.

Nobility is easy for the uncompromised.

2473 days ago


This has really turned nasty folks! I guess these PETA people can be more than obnoxious but when I watched a show on the butchering of these animals, it made me sick. I couldn't get through the whole torturous thing. But I think the point is that the Olsen twins walk around looking like freaks no matter what they have on. I don't even think the fur they wear is real. And who cares that they OD on Starbucks? They are sad looking little creatures.

2473 days ago


"Fur is worn by beautiful animals and ugly people". How true. Yes, fur has been worn for centuries because there was nothing else to wear for warmth. That is not the case now. There are many wonderful new fabrics that provide warmth and protection at much more reasonable prices than fur. Also, nothing has to die, and yes it is a horrific death, for someone's vanity. I am not a vegetarian or a nut, but I do think that fur farms are cruel and not necessary. We do not need animal fur for warmth, people buy it to flaunt their wealth, supposed good taste and to soothe their vanity. Buy good jewelry instead.

2473 days ago


I think this is funny as hell. How would a person like to be killed and have their fur ripped off to sell a coat. or another piece of merchandise. I know a guy who kills raccoons and skins them and sells their fur. It is sick, THis isnt the old west days where you had to kill animals for food. to survive, . Every time i see cute raccoons runing around the countryside where I live, i think about this guy I know and his horrible actions. Mary Kay and Ashley need their spoiled butts kicked.

2473 days ago


Did anybody that commented here take the time to watch the video? Maybe people wearing fur is not an important priority to you, but if you have love for animals at all, there is no way you could condone something like that. They were skinning those poor animals while still alive!!!! I'm not usually one to be an activist, but really, if you watch that movie, there's just no question how horrific that is. I am not sure I support PETA, as I disagree with their tactics completely (this whole new campaign for example, couldn't think of a more childish way to get your message across), but god how terrible that animals suffer like that for the sake of "beauty".

2473 days ago


Way to go PETA, trash two young women who together probably don't even weigh 150
pounds. They need the fur to keep their tiny bodies warm (and the Starbucks).

Pick on somebody your own size. I hope the Olsens sue!

And Lilarose, that is incorrect. You have a computer, do some research not just from
the PETA propoganda.

2473 days ago


Sheesh! Who does PETA think they are, trying to tell or humiliate people about what they wear?
I don't wear fur my self, even though I do own a beautiful vintage fur coat . But if someone, or a group tried to dictate what I wear or not, I probably would, just to slap them upside the head for their attempt at being so flippin' bossy!

2473 days ago


Wow, #7 (PETA ARE BULLIES), I couldn't have said it better myself! PETA are nothing but a bunch of bullies. When they can't get what they want, they resort to using REALLY nasty tactics to try to FORCE people to do what they want. Demonizing fur-wearers isn't going to get them anywhere, it's just going to turn more people away and make them realize what a corrupted organization PETA truly is. Everyone would have a lot more respect for them and for their cause if they first tried showing some respect for other people's rights to have their own opinions about THEIR OWN lifestyle choices. Let's just hope that none of these dictators run for office!

And although I'm no fan of the twins, I do hope they sue the hell out of PETA for this. Somebody should stand up to these bullies and show them that these fear tactics of theirs have GOT to stop.

2473 days ago

just my input    

Who in the hell does peta think they are....I think they are so arrogant and crazy !! I wonder, are Scientology and PETA are sorta "sister" religons!!!???

2473 days ago


Hey if they wear fur they can look like lemurs even more!

2473 days ago


Personally, I think it's a choice. I don't wear fur, but I'll fight for the right of others to do so. Last time I checked I lived in the United States of America, and the government (or anybody else) was not allowed to dictate what I wear.

2473 days ago


I wonder if any of the PETA folks are PRO CHOICE?

2473 days ago


I think my first angry comment was censored, so I'll try to tone this one down: PETA has a right and an obligation to speak out for those (the animals) who obviously can't speak for themselves. If you watch slaughterhouse or fur farm videos and DON'T have a gut reaction along the lines of "god, this is horrible and shouldn't be allowed," then I think you either lack a conscience or are just kind of screwed up. PETA is doing what the abolitionists did and what those opposed to torture are doing. Yeah, their campaigns may be extreme, but it's really the only way to get people talking about the issues. Would we even be talking about it if they had a campaign with no star power or shock value? Of course not.

2473 days ago


College Grad, I find it rather strange that you are concerned with slander and vandalism, yet have nothing to say about the fact that animals (including domestic dogs and cats) are skinned alive, clubbed to death, and anally electrocuted, a slaughter method which forces the animal to undergo a full blown and unbelievably painful myocardial infarction without the benefit of anesthesia, all in the name of people exercising their choice to wear fur. There are more humane methods of slaughtering animals raised for the fur industry, but they are slightly more expensive and therefore not considered in the name of the bottom line.

To the one claiming Native descent, animal cruelty and industrial production of fur is not your heritage. Native people used every part of the animals they killed, and it was done primarily for survival, not just for vanity. They also respected the animals and considered themselves all part of a greater whole. The fur industry is the antithesis of your heritage, and people living in industrial countries do not need fur to survive or stay warm.

The argument that people have been wearing fur for thousands of years is specious and irrelevant when it comes to the methods of slaughter. People have also been keeping other people as slaves for thousands of years and have been raping each other for thousands of years. Should we then embrace these parts of our thousands of years heritage as human beings, as well? Of course not. It's a meaningless argument.

To the one who claimed that the anal electrocution method isn't true, how is it that NY just recently pass legislation outlawing that method of slaughter? Laws aren't passed based on fantasies. It was happening there, and it is still happening in other parts of the US. You should do more thorough research, yourself.

I disagree with a lot of the methods of PETA, and I get annoyed with them when they do lie and exaggerate to make a point. It damages the cause of those asking for more humane treatment of animals. You absolutely have the right to wear fur. Others have the right to try to educate you about the price the animals pay for your vanity. If you can't stomach the facts, perhaps you should rethink your position. Don't blame the messengers for the unpalatability of the message.

2473 days ago


The Olsons are the trash of Hollywood.

Who would buy any "clothing" they put their namjes oin?

There is no reason to use fur. The fakes are great now!

2473 days ago
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