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Gary Coleman Selling Car -- and Dignity -- on eBay

12/11/2007 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Last month, it was an autographed GameCube. Now, Gary Coleman is auctioning off his ride, a Saturn Sky droptop! (He's throwin' in some autographed photos for free, with the $25,000 pricetag.) Whatchu need that money for, Arnold?

The former child star has hit rock bottom before, but he appeared to be above water after doing some spots for, yes, a cash-advance loan company. Ironically, Coleman's tag line for those ads was, "Pay your bills on time and everyone will love you." Lil' help here, Willis?


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Baby Countdown    

His parents - the ones who spent all of his money - should be sorely ashamed of what they have doomed this man to. He's never going to break out of having been Arnold on Different Strokes, but he should have at least had the money he earned to fall back on.

There's a special place in hell for greedy as$ people who would do this to their own child.

2476 days ago


#16 is so write. Gary Coleman was totally ripped off by his PARENTS. But his OWN PARENTS put him to work on TV and then rip him off of everything. I can't think of anything more horrible. I admire this man for pushing forward and tryng to do whatever he can to get by. How heartbreaking could it be to work so hard as a kid, and being ripped of totally by your parents and managers????? The people who were supposed to take care of you??

I agree with #16, I wish Hollywood would find a place for this guy. It's like--he got used up and thrown out, and he was just a kid. All of Hollywood should be ashamed. Who produced that show??? What are they doing with THEIR money???

Hollywood, stand up and be fair. This man is one of your own.

2476 days ago


Boo Hoo! I'm all choked up. Did you see what the interest was that "loan company" (the one he was doing the commercial for) was charging? I wonder how many people got sucked into a "loan" because of his association? This guy is a puke.

2476 days ago


I guess Gary can take some solace that he is was adopted and his actual biological parents were not the ones who looted his funds. The sad part about his career, Gary was labeled as a problem star. His management constantly held out for more money(that he never saw) in negotiations thus, causing production delays. This is why Different Strokes season would start and Gary would not appear until 3 -5 shows later. The industry has never forgiven him for it and Gary has probably been blackballed. I find it hard to beleve, that there isn't any type of position within the industry for Gary, besides a security guard in a toy store.

2476 days ago


If he'd just embrace 4 words. 4 WORDS! He could capitalise on his former fame.


that's what I'M talkin about!

2476 days ago

Reality dose    

Maybe he should try getting a real job.

2476 days ago


Lay off of him. His own parents stole all his money. Pretty low.

2476 days ago


This nasty little man has priors for assault & battery and a bunch of other things. He made a 'living' in the porn industry and did everything except look for a REAL job. I don't care about him on bit. He is responsible for his own life.

2476 days ago


#20 What a great idea! WHA-CHOO TALK'N BOUT WILLIS? is a very famous line. Could he use it in commercials? Or would the people who own the show say THEY own the line?

Has he been on Oprah? She should have him on, talking about the old show, etc. That would give him more public exposure.

I wish the Hollywood Powers that be would pay attention and realize how fond many of us still are of this man. I would suggest Gary write a memoir, but I think he should wait until he can write it with an upbeat ending--and I think one of these days, it WILL have an upbeat ending!

2476 days ago


I live in Utah not far from him. I have witnessed him being EXTREMELY belligerent to a checker at a local grocery store for telling him her grandchildren were fans. It was embarrassing for all within hearing distance. He treated this woman so rude she was ready to cry. He was in a huge cowboy hat with a huge belt buckle. Looked ridiculous. He left in a jacked up Dodge. I have no idea how he even got into the thing. After seeing how he treats others, he deserves what he gets.

2476 days ago


#14 There is no such thing as an ex drug addict. Once an addict, always an addict, just controlled.

2476 days ago


He Must Be On The Pipe

2476 days ago


How many circus clowns can you fit in that car?

2476 days ago


Maybe he can get a job selling cars with suge knight?

2476 days ago


It is a sad fact that Coleman's own parents ripped him off for millions of dollars but it is not a new story in the entertainment business. Why anyone would want their child in the business is stupid and I firmly believe most of the parents do it for one reason...they are greedy. Apparently after he took his parents to court he did get back some of his money but not near what he should have and then he got involved with another family of leeches who cleaned him out. I am sure he has been an angry young man for a very long time and sadly his taking it out on the people who loved him as a child actor is so wrong of him. Show business is a dirty business....and child actors have been ripped off for ever. Jackie Coogan made millions and his mother and step-father took every cent and he ended up with a measly $14,000. He worked from a very young age and at 21 found out he had nothing to show for it. Because of him the Coogan Child Act law was enacted but sadly it doesn't do enough. Shirley Temple saved 20th Century Fox from bankruptcy and when she was fired more or less at 13 she was glad until she turned 21 and found out she had less than $50,000. She worked 6 days a week beginning at 3 years of age until she was 12 or 13. The stories go on and on...still want you kid to be famous? As for Coleman, he needs to get over it...go to school and get an is time he do it on his own and stop taking his anger out on the public.

2476 days ago
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