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Benjamin Bratt's Nephew Dies in Police Chase

12/12/2007 8:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Benjamin BrattKristopher Bratt, nephew of actor Benjamin Bratt, was killed early Tuesday morning when a stolen car being pursued by police in San Francisco ran a red light and plowed into Kristopher's car. Bratt died immediately, while his passenger died a short time later. He was 20.

The two men driving the stolen Saturn are currently behind bars. The driver, Richard Gosnell, is facing numerous charges, including two counts of gross vehicular manslaughter, one count of felony hit and run, one count of evading police causing death, one count of stolen vehicle, one count of possession of stolen property, one count of speeding and one count of running a red light, according to San Francisco Police Sgt. Steve Mannina.

Gosnell and his passenger, Joshua Wilson, were treated for minor injuries before taken into custody. Wilson faces one count of stolen vehicle and one count of possessing stolen property.

Kristopher is the son of Bratt's oldest brother.

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This kind of thing happens too often...Hey police! Leave the chase scenes on the movie screens...innocent people shouldn't be dying over stolen cars.

So sorry for the Bratt family and the family of the passenger.

2443 days ago


One day this world will think more about the innocent victims in this tradgedy and there famlies. Not more about making racists comments and arguing with each other. Though I believe in freedom of speech. I believe that people tend not to look at the true victims. Who cares what nationality the drivers were, if the president of the CFO is transgender and sex store owner. None of that matters what matters is 2 young men lost there lives over a dilberate senless selfish act made by 2 individuals who should be punished. Maybe crimes would be deterred if there was "an eye for an eye". RIP boys and I will continue to pray for those families.

2443 days ago


Yes, FIBIKER I suppose if it were your bike you would feel different if the police didn't recover it. Cause we all know that criminals never run from the police and they will just turn themselves in if the police stop the chase.

2443 days ago



You're right, the measly premium you pay for your used volvo is worth the lifes of the 2 innocent guys killed by the police chase. Good call, brainiac.

2443 days ago


Your husband is a lying, cheating, thieving low life piece of shi t. That's what cops are, and they will have sex with anything with a pulse. Hopefully you will enjoy the generous widows benifits one day.

Posted at 8:17PM on Dec 12th 2007 by whatmannerofsociety

ok, well you're obviously quite the whackjob. you're probably just an average crackhead criminal freaking out because you need your next fix. LOSER

2443 days ago


god bless the Bratt family in this hard time!
to be honest i find some of the comment a little out of line and harsh!

2443 days ago


#79 Angela
I would be happy to wave good bye to an automobile or bike if it meant somebody would get hurt from the inept police recovering it.
Remember, the car in question here was destroyed by the accident the police chase caused. It is only a car, hardly worth the life of 2 humans.

2443 days ago


Hey wife of a cop

My Hubby isn't a cop but I feel for you I know it must be hard to sleep at night not knowing if your hubby will come home because of some whacked out pinhead like FIBIKER hope your hubby well and yes I agree cops are the least like people but the first to be called when someone gets assaulted or ripped off.

Guess why some of these posters don't get their cars and possesions back because they aren't so well protected cause cops want to bring down your meth lab jerk offs.

Happy holidays to all cops afterall all firemen get glory cops get spit on. Law abiding citizens love cops!

2443 days ago


i knew kris, he was the nicest guy and always had a smile on his face. the world lost a great person.

2443 days ago


Its just an unfortunate case of being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Its such a shame when someone so young, that hasnt lived out his/her life fully dies so suddenly. Its even worse when they shouldnt have died. Bless his and his family. You have to tell yourself that everything happens for a reason, if you dont youll never cope.

2443 days ago


My sincerest condolences to the Bratt family. This will be one sad Christmas for them. It is so sad and tragic.

2443 days ago


My deepest symptathy to the Bratt family. May you find peace, comfort & reconciliation during this difficult time. God Bless

(regarding those who keep mentioning illegal does that correlate with this tragedy? This is soley about an irresponsible driver (who doesn't appear to be of hispanic descent in this case) it doesn't matter if they're legal, or illegal, nor black, brown or white, gay or straight. It's about the individuals disregard of what they can can cause to innocent people and pain to their families. The law should be extremely harsh for persons caught with a stolen vehicle, and/or failing to stop for an officer.

2443 days ago

common sence    

My prayers are for real going out to the family,god forbid I lose one of my family members this time of year,,or any,stay strong,mr.Bratt god speed his peace

2443 days ago

Shitney, please drop of the face of the planet.    

High speed chases are so dangerous. These guys should have their as*** beaten to a pulp.

2443 days ago


Are you kidding me? You blame the police? So we should let people run around stealing cars and not try to stop them? Makes alot of sense. It is tragic and an accident where an innocent life was taken. Would you think the police should not have persued this if it was your car? My prayers go out to the Bratt family and to all the officers who risk their lives every day to get disrespected and blamed for tragedies out of their control.

2443 days ago
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