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Benjamin Bratt's Nephew Dies in Police Chase

12/12/2007 8:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Benjamin BrattKristopher Bratt, nephew of actor Benjamin Bratt, was killed early Tuesday morning when a stolen car being pursued by police in San Francisco ran a red light and plowed into Kristopher's car. Bratt died immediately, while his passenger died a short time later. He was 20.

The two men driving the stolen Saturn are currently behind bars. The driver, Richard Gosnell, is facing numerous charges, including two counts of gross vehicular manslaughter, one count of felony hit and run, one count of evading police causing death, one count of stolen vehicle, one count of possession of stolen property, one count of speeding and one count of running a red light, according to San Francisco Police Sgt. Steve Mannina.

Gosnell and his passenger, Joshua Wilson, were treated for minor injuries before taken into custody. Wilson faces one count of stolen vehicle and one count of possessing stolen property.

Kristopher is the son of Bratt's oldest brother.

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crooks are a-holes, but cops should know better than to risk innocent lives for a stolen car, they have other means at their disposal

2504 days ago


Stolen or not it was just a car...two young people died over a car, I think a high speed chase in the city is reckless of police over something so trivial.

2504 days ago

Lenn K.    

WOW, after reading some of these comments I couldn't help but think maybe the cops should just go get donuts instead. Liberals will always blame the cops and conservatives will see things through the eyes of law enforcement. This will always be a hard thing if the car drives off and the cops pursue it and if there a kidnapped child in the vehicle, a murderer or rapist what do you do?????

2504 days ago


My thoughts and prayers are this young man's family at this time.

2504 days ago

Larry Fan    

How Very, Very Sad for All concerned....yet I do smell a Law Suit in the Works...Rightly so...IMHO

2504 days ago

Junie T.    

This is so sad. My condolences are truly with the family and friends at this time. I am also sorry for all those that had to deal with this tragedy...including the police. RIP.

2504 days ago


Of course the criminals prompted the chase, but I feel that the police have a duty to do what is best for the public. If the crime they are chasing these people for is not one that will continuously put the public in danger if they pursue them quietly and slowly, then that is what they should do.

Taking an already impaired driver (drunk, high, or scared) and making them go even faster and more recklessly is not safe. Get the plate, wait til an unmarked car can catch up and follow them passively until they stop and get out. Then nail their butts to the wall! Too many people are dying as a result of chases where the crime started out minimal, and ended up costing lives.

2504 days ago


What a tragedy, especially this time of year when families gather together for the holiday season, and one family member, who should be at the gathering, is gone. I know the loss of several loved ones and my prayers go out to Benjamin's family and their friends.

2504 days ago

Jack Schitt    

I blame the police for this. There is no need for high speed chases THey all end killing the innocent and the cops do not even care. Congrats Cops you killed 2 kids to get a stolen car. YOU ARE PATHETIC

2504 days ago


I agree that the police should not have chased these idiots just to recover a stolen car. While the total blame lies with the theives, the police should know better. Is a stolen car really worth two peoples lives. This happens all of the time, but it never stops police from killing innocent bystanders/drivers while chasing two bit criminals.

2504 days ago


#87 fay
I agree, nicely worded.

2504 days ago


And the cops are getting ????????????? I thought they got a tag number and then take up with them later, now look what happened. Some cops never learn either. They played a big part in this. This story is so sad for the young lives that were lost. Family should sue those officers.

2504 days ago


2. I blame the police, no need to chase a stolen car.

Posted at 7:03PM on Dec 12th 2007 by FlBiker

???? Holy Crap! What a doooofus. I think the cops should be able to shoot them because they are driving a deadly weapon at that point. At minimum beat the living poop out of them when they catch them. As a family member of a victim of a criminal on a joy ride in a stolen car not being chased by the cops, I say SHOOT THEM.

2504 days ago


How very sad for the family. What a tragedy.

Apparently TMZ allows kkk and nazis to spread their hatred on these boards. The Iraq war is a mess so lets pick on the Mexicans now. All the businesses who use illegal immigrants would go out of business or pass the increase in labor pay on to you. Cost of home repairs such as, roofing, construction, heating and cooling, plumbing etc, roadwork, agriculture, and service industry would go ski high without these workers. I would rather have a hard working, respectable Mexican do work on my home then a lazy, felon any day! Besides, this case has nothing to do with mexicans in the first place.

2504 days ago


The police need some sophisticated ways to stop cars safely or abandon the chase.
I agree that vehicular manslaughter needs to be upgraded to capital murder in a case like this. Anyone knows running red lights at any speed puts other people's lives at risk as well as their own. Prayers to the Bratt family and the family of the passenger. Such a
terribly sad story for all involved.

2504 days ago
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