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Britney In Deep S***

12/12/2007 3:56 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ Britney Spears is defying the legal process and has decided not to attend her deposition.

One source directly in contact with Britney tells us, "There's a million people outside of her house. She can see all the other madness (presumably she's looking at our live streaming video). The anxiety is making her sick. It's just too crazy."

That ain't gonna fly with the court.

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I agree, leave her alone. I would like to see how great of a person you'd be perceived as with cameras following EVERY SINGLE move you make.

2472 days ago

If they take her kids away - she can always have more.

Dont temp her.

2472 days ago


She can kiss full custody of those kids goodbye. Not that I thought she actually gives a crap.

2472 days ago

Britney Supporter    

Unfortunatly I have backed Britney on a lot of things and I certainly do not approve of the way the paps hound is absolutley insane! But she has shown that they can't stop her from going out everyday to get starbucks, shopping, tanning or whatever so why does it stop her from a deposition???? Brit, I am sorry, as a mother of three small toddlers, I can no longer understand your behavior!!!!!! I can't stand K-Fed, but you should be ashamed of your self! You are suppose to be a mother to those two boys, when are you going to start acting like you give a damn about them!?

2472 days ago

just wondering    

.......the stress this GIRL is going thru must be thing when she doesn things her way, when she wants ...but be forced to do a depo and at 10 am and probably no sleep....she must be absolutely freaking...what a mess she has herself in!!!!!!....she must feel like she is caught in the middle of circling sharks and can't figure how to get out!!!!

2472 days ago


For all those people who want poor, defenseless Britney to be "Just Left Alone!"....

The paps didn't make Britney famous, SHE made herself famous. SHE made a reality show about her relationship with Kevin. SHE made a song/video about how much she wants a baby and showed it to the world. Now SHE goes partying at the most high-profile clubs, goes shopping at the most high-profile stores, and eats at the most high-profile restaurants. Wearing a hot-pink wig, no less.

I'm sure she just wishes everybody would stop paying attention to her... "Wait! Where is everybody going!?!? Why isn't anybody paying attention to me anymore!!! I'd better make a video! I'd better do something craaaaaaazy! I'd better release a new song! I'd better get pregnant again and get a cuter dog!!! I mean..... Pleeeeeeeease don't pay attention to me anymore!"

2472 days ago

Ding Dang Y'all    

Maybe she is coked up at the house with Osama Lufti....
I hope they hold her in contempt.

2472 days ago


If she can figure out how to get to the nightspots or to Starbucks with huge throngs of people camped in front of her home, then there is no excuse for her missing a court ordered deposition.

2472 days ago

cat b    

Brit seems on a chosen path NOT to raise her children but to merely be a part time half there visitor..Fed Ex seems to give the appearance of wanting to be a father while positioning for more child support so he wont have to work and can collect a check while nannies and house staff raise these poor little rich babies ...There is ignorance and then there is stupid....There is no heart of a mother here or she would know by instinct keep yer arse from behind the wheel ,stay at home, make your own coffee, keep yer ding dang panties on and think of the children first and not her selffish self centered needs...Ive seen low income trailer trash Mothers look like Mother Teresa compaired to Brit..

2472 days ago


Anxiety from all the drugs. I hope Kaplan grills her for hours.

2472 days ago


Britney is completely used to the media gathering around her house and following her. She courts it! She encourages it! She tells them where she's going! She let's them pump her gas! She lets them open the door for her! She spends day after day driving around LA doing meaningless things like buying coffee so she can get their attention. She wears shocking pink wigs and changes clothes all the time to feed their appetite for new pictures, since staying in the same outfit would appear to be the same photo and therefore not of as much value. For her to use the frenzy outside of her house as a reason not to show up for court to maintain time with HER CHILDREN is ridiculous. At this point, can't the court see that hiring a lawyer to maintain a good image is not the same as doing the work? Clearly she does not want the kids. The lawyer is just PR. Probably her other attorneys figured this out when they moved on.

2472 days ago


She's probably sleeping.

2472 days ago

Bet he smells    

Hey Britney,,,,,Just do us a favor...and JUMP!! I hear the golden gate bridge is beautiful this time of year!

2472 days ago


She drives around LA all night long, feeding her whereabouts to paparazzi who follow her around in a herd constantly taking pictures by the thousand. And today is different how?

2472 days ago


They can't issue a warrant this time because today's appearance was simply a 'request' from the lawyers to appear. NOW Kaplan can get a court order, set a new date and if she doesn't show then, it WILL be contempt.

Same as with Sam, who bailed on his scheduled deposition...he will be ordered by the court to appear and a new date for him will be set too.

2472 days ago
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