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Britney In Deep S***

12/12/2007 3:56 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ Britney Spears is defying the legal process and has decided not to attend her deposition.

One source directly in contact with Britney tells us, "There's a million people outside of her house. She can see all the other madness (presumably she's looking at our live streaming video). The anxiety is making her sick. It's just too crazy."

That ain't gonna fly with the court.

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What the hell is wrong with you??!! Why aren't you take responsibility for your actions? You get out there girl and owe up to your responsibilities!!! Don't be afraid. Life would be much better for you. You are just making things worse on yourself, your family, your fans and the rest of the world. Don't you have a concern about your reputation?

2446 days ago

Ding Dang Y'all    

Can't you get some kind of order to throw this girl in the looney bin or rehab?
She is either drugged out of her mind, or a complete bi-polar mess....

If you get her committed, you can get even more money out of her too.

2446 days ago


You know guy's you keep saying she doesn't follow the rule's we have to follow First of all there wouldn't be a live feed of our custody battle, We wouldn't see our neighbor's trip to the gas station for a beer every single day broadcast everywhere, Camera wouldn't be stuck under our skirt's because we have normal body's and supposedly normal live's. My point is none of you are in the position to judge!!!!!!!! For me I would be livid if everytime I left my house 100 men where chasing me with camera's telling my whole life to the whole world. You guy's should all smoke a joint or have a drink and thinki long and hard about that. And don't act like Britney Spears is some kind of freak alien you don't understand. Harvey Levin should be ashamed seeing that he is a lawyer by the way I like you better on PEOPLES COURT..........

2446 days ago

head games    

This ugly skank ho, calls the paps and tells them where she is going & when, cause that is the only way for her ass to get any attention. She is a poor excuse for a human being and thw world would be a better place without her. She has no talent, and all she does is drive around hollywood going to gas stations and starbucks. No one should feel sorry for her because she alerts the paps to her every move. What a piece of crap she is!!!

2446 days ago


I'd still do her.......

2446 days ago


She's just going to lie anyway. She'll get away with it too because she's famous.

2446 days ago


Anxiety over the Paps???? You MUST be joking. Throw the stupid peice of crap in jail and be done with it!!!!! Just get her off the streets and make her STOP SINGING!!!! Just make her go away PLEASE PLEASE PLEASEPLEASE For the sake of all humanity!!!!!!

2446 days ago


When is someone going to put her away? If anyone gives her custody of her kids ... they should be put away too.

2446 days ago


re comment #29

the bitch has brought all this on herself. she calls the paps to let them know where she is going and when she will be there. can't expect little miss brit to pump her own gas now can you? she is an addict to all the attention, good or bad. obviously, there is nothing good about brit tho. too bad for the kids that she lives in her own little world and cares about noone but herself!

2446 days ago


Oh I live for this. This is so much fun to watch this slow moving trainwreck go on and on. Keep defying the law Brit -- I'm loving every minute of it. Can wait to see where you finally land (hopefully in jail).

2446 days ago


Anxiety ?Wow shes usually so focused and together .Hope she gets over herself real soon .....ahhh whatever ...

2446 days ago

C'mon, Lets be real here....    

For anyone who says leave britney alone, this isnt her fault ,is insane. there are too many people outside waiting for her to come out???she's having anxiety about going to her deposition??? thats because she knows she's done such a lousy job of mothering her children. she has no problem getting police escorts to and from starbucks, while she sucks down those frapps....but its impossible for her to get to her deposition??? please, the only time this girl ever stays home is when she has to and should be somewhere. and if your children are taken away from you, should you want to try and get them back no matter what it takes, come hell or high water. if she cared about them at all, she would have gotten it right the first time.

2446 days ago


I wish everyone would leave her alone. Let her deal with her problems. She is human and she is going to make mistakes. Everyone is so critical. You have no idea what its like with a million people following you with these problems. god for bid she cant even think straight with everyone critisizing and judging her. Shes wonderful............. Get that

2446 days ago


What a waste of human flesh and limited talent. She's pathetic.

2446 days ago


Stop and Think...... Girl

2446 days ago
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