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Jessica Alba is Preggers!

12/12/2007 10:39 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

No wonder Jessica Alba's been trying to elude the cameras so aggressively lately - she's been hiding some big news, it seems.

People magazine reports this morning that Jess is pregnant, and longtime boytoy Cash Warren is the dad, according to her rep, Brad Cafarelli. The couple are expecting their joy-bundle in late spring, early summer next year. They met back in 2004 on the set of "The Fantastic Four."

They were spotted at a Lakers game kissing last Sunday, and shopping for mattresses last Saturday. Cash, meanwhile, is smiling. No more PA jobs for Mr. Alba!


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Bushwacker, thanks! I'm now changing my name on this site to KKK!

2406 days ago


Heard Paula Abdul is pregnant too. What's in the water out there? haha. Good for them. At least they have the money to be mamas. Paula and Jessica look alike, except for Jess is a lot younger. Is she middle Eastern as well?

2406 days ago


Children are a blessing, these people have been blessed. I think she will be a great Mom, she seems to stay out of trouble unlike Spears, Lohan, ect. She is beautiful, and seems responsible, if she loves him, she loves him, and I wish them the best. All babies are cute, black, white, hispanic, whatever , and a blessing, what is wrong with you people ??

2406 days ago


What is with the out of wedlock pregnancies? I just don't get it.

2406 days ago


What ever happened to role models? Married, then have babies. I guess the new generation forgot about love and marriage and went straight for lust and baby!!

2406 days ago

Jennifer Scott    

Okay then #44 I think you are taking my comment out of context. I am simply saying that I think it's sad that our children's "role models" ie; the actors, models etc are having kids without marrying. Just to let you know, my oldest daughter is an unmarried woman with a new baby & we love our daughter & grand baby with all of our hearts. I do wish she had been married, but such is life. My kids had both my husband & myself as their real role models but kids do look to the celbs as well. Hope you have a great day Hon!

2406 days ago


Worst mistake ever! I hope she can get her body in shape after this baby's born. Her career could be over.

2406 days ago


#41 - Shawna says from T M Z post

She’s not that talented to be back in the spotlight after the baby.She screwed her career from not taking a birth controll pill and god forbid she take depo and gain 4 lbs. She should have waited to have a child until she was established more and actually proved to us she is a good actress.She did NOT do that so we are moving on now without her.We will see tons of pics of her prego ass out of interest but after that downhill.

2406 days ago


Gee, great another Hollywood kid who will be xxxked up and
raised by Columbian nannies. That's just great.

2406 days ago


Cash can say he is a producer, but so can anybody. In reality, he was Tim Story's personal assistant on FANTASTIC FOUR. Which means he fetches Pepsi's and hangs on to Tim's script. And, oh yeah, impregnates the female lead too. She would have been better off dating a grip.

2406 days ago


Does anyone get married anymore BEFORE they bring children into the world??!! I'm not in my twenties so I just may be out of touch with what the "cool" people are doing.

2406 days ago

What took so long    

There's nothing wrong with chosing to have a child with out marriage. I certificate will not make a couple get along better, be better parents,or love a child (or eachother for that matter) more. When the day comes for me to make that choice I will choose what is best for everyone involved, I may not follow these antiquated traditions that robbed our grandmother's of certain freedoms.

2406 days ago


sandra, I don't get why a 26 year old extremely popular and hot moviestar would want to get pregnant so young. She has her whole career ahead of her. She could've waited until she was in her mid 30s or so. It had to be an unplanned pregnancy. She should've been smarter with her birth control.

2406 days ago


So what if Cash is a personal asistant or producer. It makes no difference. You people live in a material world where status matters. We are all equal. Celebs are just lucky that they have bigger pay checks. I am sure Cash is a decent and honorable person. And with a degree from Yale University, probably very intelligent.

2406 days ago


Poor "Don't Call Me Latina" Jessica. I hope she doesn't end up like unfitney.


2406 days ago
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