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Kiefer Cleans Up in the Clink

12/12/2007 5:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kiefer Sutherland is airing a ton of dirty laundry behind bars -- but it's not what you think.

TMZ has learned that Sutherland is doing heavy laundry duty -- folding sheets, washing pillowcases, drying blankets, and so on. "He is still assigned to laundry duty and is now doing it on his own," Glendale PD PIO Officer John Balian tells us. Jack Bauer's got some new skills!

And it looks like that's how things are going to be for Kiefer during the next few weeks. Officer Balian says that Sutherland has not yet been assigned to kitchen duty, which means he is not serving jail food to fellow inmates.

One last note: Kiefer hasn't yet received any visitors, except for his attorney. According to the rules, Sutherland is entitled to a max of two visitors a day for a 15-minute video conference chat each. So all the ladies looking to cash in Sutherland's latest talents, get in line!




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A lot of people drink alcohol but nobody knows it why they are not Vips or Police can't stop them when they drive a car in DUI.
Why has Kiefer to pay for everybody?

2415 days ago


Panther, this is the address of the jail if you wish to write to Kiefer. A big hello.

Kiefer Sutherland
c/o Glendale City Jail
131 North Isabel Street
Glendale, CA 91206

2415 days ago


someone should torture him

2446 days ago

Nikki M    

1. This isn't news, he's doing laundry just like he was a few days ago.
2. Good for Keifer for stepping up admitting he screwed up and doing his time.

2446 days ago


PROPS to the bro for cowboying up. Hopefully he won't jeopardize the lives of others again. Maybe all the celebs should do full time. Man, I'm sounding like a conservative. I betta go smoke some crack.

2446 days ago


Yeah, we heard this already, why is it news?

But I don't give him credit for "stepping up" - he faked the same sorry attitude on all of his previous three convictions, but that didn't stop him from driving drunk, over and over again. He talked the talk but he didn't walk the walk.

When he gets out he'll do it all over again. Hope he doesn't kill anybody a la Rebecca Gayheart. Unless he hit Rebecca Gayheart herself. Then all would be forgiven as far as I'm concerned.

2446 days ago

the lost    

It's ok, Keif. My Christmas is gonna suck too because of some dumb decisions I've made. So... well let's have at it.

2446 days ago


He should be locked up in solitary confinement and water-boarded for what he's done.

2446 days ago

NuKiNg FuTz    

Hey you all need to stop bashing him! At least he's not trying to get out in under "24" hours!!!!!! lol


2446 days ago


Give the guy a break! He is doing his time just like the rest of us would have. I am a HUGE Sutherland fan. And 24 is the best show on TV. Too Bad it is not going to happen this season.

And ....

Can't everyone just leave the guy alone? Yes TMZ I am talking to YOU!

2446 days ago


If he wants us to stop bashing him, he needs to stop driving drunk, beat his addictions (all of them) and start acting like a responsible human being.

I think we're all sick of spoiled, selfish celebutards who never grow up because they're surrounded by hangers-on and enablers who never tell them "NO".

2446 days ago


He Made Mistakes And Now He's Paying For Them. It's Justice At Work.
Instantly Turn your Computer into a Super TV!

2446 days ago


at least he is taking responsibility for his bad choice! let him do his time peacefully! every one that is bashing him acts like they have never done anything wrong to break the law! mr. roc!

2446 days ago


Everyone should stop bashing Keifer. He made a mistake and is accepting the responsibility of that mistake. I can respect that. What I don't understand is why this keeps happening to all the celebs...they make more money in a month than I will make in years- why can't they just hire a driver when they go out?

I love 24 and am also sad that it won't be airing this season Kenny!

2446 days ago

sara anne    

give him a break....i love him...he is a great actor who has made mistakes how many of you could stand up to this kinda of scrunity....he is doing the time with no complaint....and thnk god in all of his 3 times no one was hurt....i would love to visit him!!!
all of you who get so much glee in going after these celbs are just jealous..of there and in kiefer case talent....go back to attacking britney...tmz leave him the way he is getting about 1oo letters a day according to people mag site....and they are not attack letters! kiefer rocks!

2446 days ago
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