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Kiefer Cleans Up in the Clink

12/12/2007 5:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kiefer Sutherland is airing a ton of dirty laundry behind bars -- but it's not what you think.

TMZ has learned that Sutherland is doing heavy laundry duty -- folding sheets, washing pillowcases, drying blankets, and so on. "He is still assigned to laundry duty and is now doing it on his own," Glendale PD PIO Officer John Balian tells us. Jack Bauer's got some new skills!

And it looks like that's how things are going to be for Kiefer during the next few weeks. Officer Balian says that Sutherland has not yet been assigned to kitchen duty, which means he is not serving jail food to fellow inmates.

One last note: Kiefer hasn't yet received any visitors, except for his attorney. According to the rules, Sutherland is entitled to a max of two visitors a day for a 15-minute video conference chat each. So all the ladies looking to cash in Sutherland's latest talents, get in line!




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Leave the guy alone. He's doing his time and isn't complaining. TMZ find someone else to pick on. Love you Kiefer!!!!

2505 days ago

"24" KICKS ASS ...I'm a fan of Keifer and Jack Baur.

Keifer is an awesome actor... AND he can also afford to hire a driver for when he's been drinking-so he doesn't accidently KILL ONE OR MORE OF HIS FANS on the road.

and another thing...if it was one of us- ...average Joe or Jane Schmoe on our 2nd, 3rd or 4th DUI.........we'd be out of our job, house or worse.

Perhaps while he's sorting the laundry he can count his blessings.

2505 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Doing industrial laundry is hard, sweaty work. Think of it as the old fashioned resistance training, at a gym named 'The Joint'.
Kiefer will tone those biceps and triceps and come out lean and mean. OK, maybe just lean.
Unless he's getting a shotglass or two inside, the alcohol will be long sweated out too.

2505 days ago


First of all KenMatthews, we are talking over period of 19 years that this happened. The first time was in 1989 when he was 22 years old. The second in 1993, Then after a period of over eleven years was the 2004 arrest. Which brings us to the present. From what I have read the reason he was in the car this time was because he was asked to move it across the street. Hence the u-turn. He had called for a ride that night but was asked to move his car before leaving . Also in he video of that night two uniform cops escorted him to his car. They were working security. He didn't go around whinning and saying it's not fair. He's taking his punishment, so let's just leave him alone.

2505 days ago


I got this on tallmeet a few days ago... but still funny.

2505 days ago

Angela Burns    

I have no respect for him. Opposite the young Hilton, he has paid for better conditions. Is that justice?

It cost him 88 dollars every night to be treated somewhat humane.

Just think about what amount the public in L.A could have saved if the judge had allowed her to pay also.

What was the price in the sick unit? 1000 dollars per night to be paid by the taxpayers!

2504 days ago


It amazes me that people are still giving him a hard time, even though he is in jail and serving his time. (How many hours did ki-lo aka 'lindsey lohan' do?
And I had no idea that 'Rebecca Gayheart' was dead. HMMMMMMM.
Leave him alone, let him fold his laundry...hell, he can fold me in his laundry!


2504 days ago

El Paulo    

I agree he deserves the sentence, but what I find surprising is the fact that none of his "24 hours" partners comes to visit him.
This says a lot about Hollywood friendship.
Also, I hope Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, or Lindsay Loan will serve the same way next time they are caught by the police.
At least, mister Sutherland has talent.

2504 days ago

Fed up In Indiana    

Any fan out there know the address to the jail?

2504 days ago


I don't understand why stuff like this has to be reported

2504 days ago


First of all #19 he isn't paying anything to stay there. The reason he's there is because of overcrowding in the county jail. He isn't getting out early. Unlike the bimbos he has to do all of his 48 days. Hence glendale city jail.. Get your facts straight before you open your big mouth.

2504 days ago


People can be very cinic......COME ON! He is in jail, he will not be free before Jan.21, he is not complaining, whining or making stupid actions. ....Why sick people needs bash, and bash, and bash again to Kiefer?

Everyone knows he drove drink, he was taking responsabilities and he is not Paris, Britney, Nicole or Lindsay. Stop the whining, morons.

I love Kiefer and my support for him.

2504 days ago

Barbara L.    

Kiefer Sutherland disappointed himself, his family, friends and fans with his lack of good judgment. However he is taking his punishment like the intelligent and decent guy I believe him to be, which is more than I can say for all those in the media and otherwise, who are making stupid cheap shots at his expense. Don’t get me wrong, I loath people who drive while intoxicated. They put themselves and everyone else at risk. But being human, people make mistakes. They may not be able to make a clear judgment after drinking so the time to do it is before they even start. Just leave your car at home. I’m certain Kiefer has learned his lesson and will never do this again. Now it’s time for all the hacks out there to grow up too. And what about all those people who are stoned cold sober but still think driving a car is a right rather than a privilege. We all pay for their mistakes one way or another.

2503 days ago


I imagine he doesn't want people to visit him in jail as they'll be hassled if they have a famous face. But surely, someone will visit him for his birthday. And the video visitation is stupid anyway. He'll be fine and I doubt he'll do this again. Love 24 and him. Leave him alone. He's a great actor........

2503 days ago


i absolutly love kiefer sutherland & 24! tis da best show eva! its great 2 finally see a celebrity who doesnt moan about having to pay for the crime theyve done. i think Kiefer is a fantastic role model by keeping his head done and taking responsibilty for the things he's done. im proud of you Kiefer!! xxx

2503 days ago
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