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Shaken, Not Stirred

12/12/2007 4:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The 71-year-old Swiss beauty resurfaced at an awards show in Paris on Sunday, looking fantastic!
Ursula Andress
As the first Bond girl, Ursula established the standard to which all others have been held. Halle Berry paid tribute to Ursula in the 2002 Bond film "Die Another Day."

In 1980, Ursula had a son with Harry Hamlin -- her "Clash of the Titans" co-star.


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Loros Saladino    

Gadzooks!! She's absolutely hideous!!! What's wrong with you people who thinks she looks good??? You must be monsterous!

2508 days ago


Ok I do know for a fact that one bond girl was a man who lived as a woman, or was a transvestite (post op? Pre?) Just let me guess-is it her??? Seriously if any Bond Babe buffs are still alive and online will you please tell me-irony is awsome & wouldn't it be a kick if Ursula is the one!

2507 days ago


Does anyone have her e-mail address?......I want her now.....I'll bet she is hot in the sack with all the years of experience under her ........belt. Please post. Thank you.

2507 days ago

C. Dennis Brown    

She looks great for her age. Its very nice to see someone her age that is not all cut up and put back together by a Plastic Surgeon. She is the epitome of a beautiful woman that has aged to perfection.

2507 days ago


I can remember constantly pleasuring myself to her in the bathroom.

2507 days ago


Ursala looks horrible. If I were her, I wouldn't show my face. It looks like she had a rough life, anyway white people break much faster than people of color.

2507 days ago


Age is a natural, if sometimes unkind process that effects all of us. The shallow person who made comments about wrinkles under the arm is probably in his/her early 20's or even younger. My friend, you, too, if you're lucky enough, will get old, and you will hope that people see you for who you are and what you've been to them; NOT the fact that you now have wrinkles, and therefore, no use to anyone. I"ll take wrinkles over such a stupid shallow mind any day.

2507 days ago


Hey kids, getting old isn't really that bad. The problem with Ms. Ursella is that she hasn't accepted her age and adjusted her style. She should be wearing a hair style appropriate to her age as well as clothing suited to a mature woman. She would look a lot younger if she would do that.

2507 days ago

Nellie Evans    

SHE LOOKS 71-SO WHAT? thats her age

2507 days ago

Betty Maxwell    

She aged beautifully and I believe she had no work done anywhere on herself including the lips. I'm puzzle about the Harry Hamlin,Hoping to see on here if it's the one and the same Harry? :}

2507 days ago


She looks great for 71 and doesn't look fake. To the blogger who commented about her arm wrinkle, I bet you'll have one by 35.

She was always hot, but a little mean looking.

2507 days ago


There's nothing wrong with her hair. It looks appropriate and flatters her.

2507 days ago


There are plenty of non-white people who don't age well. I think saying that white people don't age well is prejudiced.

2507 days ago

joel Weinberg    

If u look at her she still is 'very pretty'. She looks somewhat
younger then her 71 years.

For any jokes on HERE who make fun of her looks now. Do u think for
a moment she would have ever be interested in you back in 1962 or NOW for that matter? Not h a p p e n i n g !

I would love to see the photos of some of these negative bloggers,
really I would !

2507 days ago


By the way, she has had plastic surgery. You can tell by how the rest of her body has aged like any other person's with wrinkles and age spots (look at the arms). Her face is shiny, smooth to a certain extent (forehead, nose, and cheeks.) The lower part of her neck and onto her body shows her real age. She is still beautiful for 71 and I hope I'll be alive to see that age even with 3 times as many wrinkles.

2507 days ago
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