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Sheen Has Holiday Spirit Comin' Out His Rear

12/12/2007 4:48 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

While we all know that Charlie Sheen once loved the ho, ho, hos -- turns out he loves Christmas, too!

A festive Sheen and his fiancee, Brooke Mueller, transformed their Mulholland Estates mansion into the perfect winter wonderland. Santa can spot the Sheen residence from space!


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take dat betches    

who says you gotta have good taste to live on mulholland

2476 days ago


Yea and Denise decided to move in on Heather Locklear 's husband. Afterwards, she claimed Heather and I were really friends in the first place. What a wonderful person couldn't keep her home happy so she wanted to make sure someone else’s home was broken too. So, please don't fault me, if I won't vote for Denise in the Ms Brady Bunch mother of the year contest. Oh, misery is the lover of a companion.

2476 days ago


It's because of people like this in LA that the power on my street keeps going out! Seriously, every other day. Save some energy, people! Your house is huge and you don't need to waste all that power.


2476 days ago


Hasn't he ever heard of global warming? This may help speed up the ice melt and the rising of the sea level which will eventually flood out his Malibu Beach House. Karma is a bitch!

2476 days ago


Im on team Charlie!!! I think Denise is a bitch who hooked up with Charlie thinking he will take care of her and everything she wants or needs (like a career, yes!) Charlie might like ho's, but what free-wheeling, successful guy with power doesn't? Most guys would have the relationships he did in the past to keep little "I want to be an actress" bitches at bay. They can pay a ho to do what they want, or they can pay for dinner and see their entire evening in the National Enquirer!!! Those who judge him on his past are mostly ignorant to his environment. Denise though, couldn't be Ms. Moviestar with Charlie, so she did what? Said a whole lot of stuff to the press that her kids will read later in life!?! Screwed her best friend, (Oh, wait, that was her best friends husband she was screwing!), tried to get him back by making his new girlfriend jelous by suggesting they have another kid together!?!?! This is a sick bitch! If he did all the stuff she says he did, why would she even joke about having another of his kids!?! She will have to answer to her children when they are older. Thank god Charlie has talant and a good career, because someone will need to pay for the head doctor when these kids grow up and start to learn of the lies thrown around during this divorce! He is in a stable relationship, celebrating Christmas, and we are knocking him for spending his money on electricity!?!!? Someone is a grinch and his name doesn't end in Sheen!!

2476 days ago

Miss Behave    

LOL-Al Gore uses HUNDREDS of times as much precious energy as Charlie does--EVERY SINGLE DAY?

Have you seen Gore's many HUGE, heated and lit houses that are burning through fossil fuels like crazy while sitting empty? Without inviting ONE homeless person in to one of them to get warm?

Have you seen Gore's SUVs and private jets?

Have you seen Al Gore's CHRISTMAS LIGHTS?


2476 days ago


and you have disengenuous?

2476 days ago


Looks normal for a house that size. What's the big deal? It's a big house..needs lots of lights.

2476 days ago

Miss Behave    

Exactly right, #21.

SO many "environmentalists" are THE biggest polluters themselves. Charlie is NOTHING compared to most of them. At least he isn't wagging his finger at everyone else while he does the exact opposite of what he says he believes.

2476 days ago


And Katy, if your electric keeps going out, it is because you choose to live in a little city, or a newly built city , that hasn't enough pawer to go around. It isn't like CA has "X" amount of power and they send it whereever. Each area has a certain amount of power, each power plant. This is a big complaint from folks in new cities because they keep getting more people in town, without the city building more power for them. People move there anyways because the houses are cheap in a new area. The houses are checp because the city has not developed yet and you deal with things like light power, state police instead of city ones, etc... Oh, and did I mention most new cities in CA are built in HOT areas that get COLD as sin at night? Do you happen to live in the high desert. Could your power be going out because you and all your neighbors are using AC in the day and heaters all night? Could it be some of you are using electric space heaters instead of the furnace to save money on gas to heat your new 2400 sq ft homes? Sorry you can;'t afford a home as nice as his (I can't either!), but don't player hate on those who have on the holidays!! Jerk!

2476 days ago


Hmmmm, interesting, grand display. Wonder for what are they overcompensating?

2476 days ago


It looks nice :)

2476 days ago

I'm Back Biatches    

Hey The lost, white, and green is not tacky you idiot. No blow ups or snow globes thank goodness. No moving what's up? Several lights is festive and beautiful. Your obviously too broke to afford this so it's tacky to you.

2476 days ago


He's got nothing on my old neighbor. It was sunglasses at night in December.

2476 days ago

Tara Tennent    

Beautiful..Can you guys come over and do my house too?

2476 days ago
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