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Tina: Haven't Talked to Ike in 35 Years

12/12/2007 8:04 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tina Turner's rep issued the following statement about the death of the music legend's former husband Ike.

"Tina is aware that Ike passed away earlier today," the rep told TMZ. "She has not had any contact with him in 35 years. No further comment will be made."

Simply the best.


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i dont think tina is still holding a grudge after 35 years,,,i think till 2days ago they were both at peace...

2415 days ago


who cares if the period of time didnt add to 35? she meant a very long time,,,stop nit picking you jackasses...

2415 days ago

B Wilson    

Tina, we all are going the same way one day, but not the same place for some of us. I did not believe Ike did all the things Tina claimed. I never liked Tina, nor her music.

2415 days ago


I'm so glad Tina Turner did not say anything phony about Ike's Turner's death.
Ike's bad treatment of Tina doesn't warrent her condolences for such a horrible person.
I'm glad to see Tina is STILL keeping it real!

2415 days ago

He's Boring now    

I saw them perform together in 1973. Yeah they had Proud Mary as their big hit around than but the real draw at the time was Tina and the Ikettes Dancing.

So either they didnt talk with one another during or after the show or Tina is off by at least one year.

Seems like a tacky way for her to address the passing of someone she once loved, even if there were problems. Guess she has carried the hate and anger all this time, 35, or is it 34 years worth?

2415 days ago

Shitney, please drop of the face of the planet.    

She made her point. That's all that matters.

2415 days ago


We LOVE you Tina !!! You're a classy lady, the greatest entertainer and singing voice ever, and man would we LOVE to see you come out with another amazing hit song! Go for it girl, you ARE the queen, the princess and everything wonderful all rolled into one! Oh, and let us just say one mo' time: WE LOVE YOU TINA !!! --- xoxox, t &a

2415 days ago


Tina is a class act all the way ,maybe we should all take a page from her book ?

2415 days ago


dont care for ike..but if it wasnt for him, there wouldnt be no tina turner.

2415 days ago

You can be apart but not divorced. I didn't speak with my x for 4 or 5 years but didn't divorce his sorry butt because he wanted the divorce but wouldn't pay for it. I got the divorce papers in the mail & signed them & still didn't talk to him. Doesn't matter how many years they were divorced to when she spoke with him.

2415 days ago

Vinyl Cat    

I think they were physically and emotionally separated for a few years before their actual divorce. In any event, I really liked her press statement and found it tasteful. I mean, what else was she supposed to say? Anything else would have been contradictory or it would have indicated that she still held a grudge. No, Tina moved onward a long, long time ago and never looked back...nor should she EVER look over her shoulder because she did the right thing by leaving him. As for Ike, I don't care if he wanted to dodge the abuse rap and pat himself on the back. Whatever. He damn well reaped the karma that he'd sown after never, ever enjoying the fruits of success after the seventies. Everyone knows that he regularly beat Tina and nearly killed her; this was NOT a nice, upstanding guy. Talented? Sure...but I can think of a dozen musicians who kicked his arse six ways from Sunday. Hope you enjoyed your life review, Ike. It must have been sucked. Now you can do some additional time in a very warm place...and it won't be Barbados.

2415 days ago


Some of yall truly need Jesus, RIP Ike regardless of your mistakes and disappointment i pray you got it all together.

2415 days ago


To Sum Girl: People are usually separated a few years before they officially divorce. So, maybe they were separated 6 years prior to their actual divorce became final.

2415 days ago


In spite of Ike's abuse of Tina when they were together, he was a great talent, and if not for him, she never would have been in the music spotlight -- and we would have been deprived of her talents. He opened the door for many performers. One of the most memorable concerts I ever saw was Ike and Tina Turner in the 60's. They were so impressive, the memory haunts me still -- and makes me smile. Tina has shown considerable grace and dignity - he is the father of her son, after all -- I admire her talent, her music, and her strength to get away from an abusive situation which just about destroyed her. What transpired between them was their business. But Ike's contributions and what good he did shouldn't be overshadowed by the bad things he did. He did a lot of good things and deserves recognition for them. He was a great musical talent in his own right.

2415 days ago

Vinyl Cat    

Uh, Furby...I guess you've never been physically, emotionally and verbally abused? Why in the hell would Tina acknowledge what a great man he'd been when he was NEVER good to her? Like I said earlier he nearly killed her! Yes, I know that Ike put her on the stage but who's to say that it wouldn't have happened, anyway? Destiny is destiny, and Tina was born gifted. As for the time element, the movie played with the facts. That is referred to as artistic license. The two of them were not on speaking terms in the eighties.

2415 days ago
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