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Tina: Haven't Talked to Ike in 35 Years

12/12/2007 8:04 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tina Turner's rep issued the following statement about the death of the music legend's former husband Ike.

"Tina is aware that Ike passed away earlier today," the rep told TMZ. "She has not had any contact with him in 35 years. No further comment will be made."

Simply the best.


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She's probably happy in a way and sad in another his death is gonna bring her back to the times they shared some good, some bad. Her leaving him was the best thing she EVER did. The Lord Gave him a beautiful flower and he tried his best to DESTROY that beautiful flower, but the lord said Not So Satan. Not So.

2443 days ago


"whats love got to do with this?"

haha screw that guy.

2443 days ago

kim suck    

that what she do!

2443 days ago

kim suck    

the beast IS dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2443 days ago


35 Years? I seem to recall in "What's Love Got To Do With It" there was a scene where he came to her dressing room before her first performance. That was sometime around 1985 if I recall.

2443 days ago


if it wasnt for Ike we never would have heard of Tina, she stuck around long enuff to get famous. Ass whuppings must not have been that bad. Ike was an Original OG. I'm not condoning domestic violence but what went on between him and his wife only they know the rest of us are only speculating.

2443 days ago

Mr. "P"    

Have gone to many concerts here in Florida to see the Diva known as Tina, however, I think that 35 years is totally wrong. That would have been 1972....They were booked in February 1976 at the Americana on Miami Beach. Tina performed that nite without Ike...Yes, she was hurtin"...There was a stand-in...She back more than full throttle, revelations, chanting, acceptance, does bring 'total being" which eminates from this energetic voracious singer. We must remember 'our roots' no matter where they have taken us, good and the, children....Sometimes we all have problems learning "Our Nut Bush City Limits" Lay the dead to rest and may the remainder of the living continue in Righteous Paths!

2443 days ago

miriam pierre    

Ike was a loser who cares about him anyway

2443 days ago


I'm having a hard time with some of these comments. Glad that Ike Turner is dead? My goodness....what did the man ever do to you. I wouldn't wish death on anybody I don't know and haven't met. Whatever else Ike Turner was....he was a damn good musician and that's what I'll be remembering him for. He and Tina put out some great music.

2443 days ago

Roger D.    

Let's set this straight......Tina left Ike in 1976 (31 years) and it took 2 years to finalize the divorce. Tina has acknowledged that Ike gave her her start, but come on, she had undeniable talent and possibly could have had a career without ever meeting Ike. They do have 1 child together and she did raise two of his children, but that does not imply that she is expected to give a statement on someone she has not spoken to in 31 years. I would not even know what to say of anyone I have not talked to in that amount of time. She did the right thing!

2443 days ago


It very sad that he die i not going to talk bad about that man cause we all have done bad things in our life so for the crazy-ass people that don"t have anything nice to say dont say nothing at all also if it was not for IKE Tina will be a nobody so chew on that bic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also you hater u might need to pray so u all dont BUST HELL WIDE OPEN!

2443 days ago

Hanford Searl Jr.    

Always gave Tina good reviews when I wrote for "Billboard" in Vegas. She was with Ike then, performing at the LV Hilton & we ALL knew she's be a BIG star on-her-own. Tina's STILL-a-STAR. & Ike? Oh well!

2443 days ago

Ms. B    

Some of you are ILL raised and HELL bound heathens. We may not like all that he did. He was in the spotight. One could only imagine the things you do in the dark of your life. And based on your commets... Your parents did a poor job but then again I'd bet you created yourself. Accept the lesson! REPECT THE MANS FAMILY!!!!!!! FOOLS!

2443 days ago


To SumGirl, they may have divorced in '78 but not spoken since '72. Now you do the math, again. Also, the story is above NOT below.

2443 days ago


Well that cold lady! Why aren't they best buds? Could it be because Ike beat the hell out of Tina on a regular basis for many, many years? No biggie, right?

2443 days ago
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