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Geeks Gripe Over "Guitar Hero lll" Sound Snafu

12/13/2007 2:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hardcore gamers are squealing in a new lawsuit that the hugely popular "Guitar Hero lll" video game doesn't pump out surround sound while being played on Nintendo Wii. Beat it nerd!
Guitar Hero
TMZ has obtained the class action suit filed by one distraught player in Federal Court alleging that Activision, who makes the highly addictive guitar game, claims that when it's played on the Wii, the audio is in Dolby Pro Logic II surround sound. The addicts say it just ain't so! The suit claims the game actually "only permits mono sound."

The true miracle -- that this player could rip himself away from the game long enough to actually file a lawsuit.


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Wow, who the hell still thinks somebody playing a video game is a geek. Whoever wrote this article is just perpetuating tired, old, flawed stereotypes.

Then again, I expect whoever wrote this has the iq of a piece of paper. A piece of paper that's considered stupid by its peers.

And anyone who thinks people playing guitar hero are losers and should play a real guitar should take a look at a) How much of their life they've spent learning that, and that not everyone wants to b) Guitar Hero is a rhythm game, and isnt much like playing an actual guitar. They're very different experiences. But I guess I cant expect the idiots here to comprehend such a logical state of mind.

2416 days ago


Yay! I love libel over the Internet!
Almost as much as I love an ad hominem argument, which is what this doesn't stray to far from!

2416 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Me likey thump on chest! Me likey games that work! Me likey TMZ!

2416 days ago


This is about false advertising. The back of the box clearly states that the game runs Dolby Pro Logic II, and it doesn't. It doesn't even run in stereo. This is kind of a big deal when A) the product costs $90.00, and B) when we're talking about a music game, where sound is the most important aspect.

If you were to actually read the lawsuit, you'd see that the majority of the problem lies in the fact that Activision has known about this problem for over a month now and has neither recalled the units on store shelves or replaced the faulty discs already purchased by customers.

It's funny that, were this any other type of product, you wouldn't care about it. You're just using the fact that it's a videogame to draw hits.

2416 days ago



I've likely dated more girls than that have looked at you and not seen a disgusting pig with a primordial intelligence (Sorry, big words, I'd best tone it down for your idiocy). Well, unless you count the girls you've probably drugged and raped.

And in response to what WE should be doing, shouldn't you be applying for a job at a gas station or fast food restaurant? Because that's obviously what you'll be doing for your entire life.

2416 days ago


Gamers are "nerds" yet you guys stalk people for a living.


2416 days ago


Hey falco nerd boy, sorry i was busy in at my office, not sitting in my parent's basement playing video games, and as for that you "dated more girls then i've looked at", logging on to star trek babes and rubbing one out does not count as a 'date'...have a good time delivering your pizzas tonight and good luck getting your money back..loser!!!

2416 days ago


Activision already acknowledged this problem, and has decided to ship free replacement discs early next year. This lawsuit is frivolous and won't go anywhere, as they are already rectifying their mistake. They didn't intentionally defraud anyone.

2416 days ago


Hey guess what? I like video games. I can play a real guitar. I love playing guitar hero. I have dated, in fact I'm married with a kid. I also own my own home, where I play guitar hero on a nice big flat screen with killer surround sound, but I'd also be pissed if I paid a big chunk of money for something that doesn't do what it's supposed to do.

Hey Jim, I did wait in line once for a Star Wars movie. I waited in line with my wife. I like reading these posts while I'm killing a few minutes at work, rather than douches like Jim who don nothing OTHER than come here and read the posts and then reply to them while I pretend to actually have a life. Perhaps Jim should try unclenching his left hand from around his teeny-tiny Jim and try a little dating himself.

I like being able to enjoy things like Star Wars and Guitar Hero, while also being a husband/father/home owner. As opposed to just being Douchebag Jim....

2416 days ago


Wow you guys run such a professional website! Simply ridiculous.

2416 days ago


Hey father/loser/dad whatever i am sure you were dressed up like your favorite action hero or whatever you dorks dress up as while waiting in line, sounds like a blast!!

2416 days ago


Jim -

Hey, fill-up on number 12, please.

2416 days ago


This just in: Approximately 66% of America are nerds; some of which are 50 Years Old and above.

A True Miracle would be this Bottom-of-the-barrel Journalism Site getting some class and get away from Stereotypes that have been clearly dissipated in the past few years. I would have mentioned something like not following Celebrities with a camera like crazed maniacs, but you know, might as well ask for Iraq and Afghanistan Terrorists to start wearing Pink Turbans and trade in their bombs for Bananas.

2416 days ago


TMZ, your writer's immaturity astounds me. You guys and gals are so professional!

2416 days ago


You TMZ people act like you're authorities on every got damned thing. Who the hell wants to listen to anything in mono that should be in surround sound? Jeeze!

2416 days ago
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